Thoughts and reflection on hairdressing standards:

20 May

Welcome to  BACK2MYROOTS! B2MR

I hope to create a platform that over time will become a place to share thoughts review hair colour and products.

I am working on a new topic for next week understanding of tone pigment the colour wheel and law of color as they relate to hair colouring techniques.

So for today i though I would share some thoughts on the hair salon , clients consultation,general standards.

I don’t know about you but as a stylist and some one who i like to think cares about my profession and more importantly the standard of what i produce the finished product that look that i am sending out into the world as an advert fro my skill.

As I walk down the street or go into public places i notice hair i notice style why do i notice so much bad hair.

Anything from really badly done Highlights to banding hot roots over processing faded washed out colour. Why is this?

Surely we cannot blame all this on home hair colour as misleading as the adverts are as poor quality as  some of the products might be as misrepresenting as the information is we cannot solely point all the blame on the saturated home colour business.

We have to take responsibility as well to step up and be honest about our own knowledge expertise  and more importantly what is acceptable to us as our personal standard. Yes standard it’s not all about

££££££ or $$$$$$$  its about being honest it’s about building trust it’s about doing a good job being a professional.

Its having the skills the techniques the training the knowledge the passion.

It’s about know the difference between Ammonia and MEA  about Herbal and Organic colours.

its about colour balancing, it’s knowing your Profession. its about your Client.

How can we expect to win clients back into the salon how can we wean clients away from home colour with honesty knowledge and education with great service and communication skills.

The consultation your time to shine to sell your self and your knowledge your time to be honest to advise, Its not just about hair its time taken to understand this person how they dress life style not every one is a stylista!  so we have to be able to advise at all levels know and understand fashion but also cater for everyone.

People skills are not taught they come with experience, techniques can be taught but at the end of the day application applying what you have learned  creating that look is down to you,

We all have a responsibility to be informed educated and up to date with both products and techniques!

Are You ? want help advise want to up date improve your skills.

By sharing we can all learn by learning we can all grow take a step towards  personal growth and higher level of skill and knowledge.

Contact me lets see if we can work together to reach that higher level.


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2 responses to “Thoughts and reflection on hairdressing standards:

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    June 9, 2011 at 11:52 pm

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  2. mikeb2mr

    June 10, 2011 at 6:14 am

    Thank you i try to respond to all comments even the negative ones lucky for me most are positive and polite.

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