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10 Jun


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change can happen

                                           long drab very unflattering !

In Colour we trust:  In stylist we trust! do we deserve this trust?

Quite a Topic and one that both hairdressers and clients.The public we serve can think on. A topic we can review and chat about!

Above and below before make over below  after shot, Two days later this client had her baby! feeling much better about herself.She had been to three salons wanting a change but none of them wanted to risk upsetting a 9 month pregnant women ! why they did not talk the time to listen!

Quite the change

                                  Razor cut no scissors used!

As a client who has decided to go into a salon for a technical colour  service your hope your thinking has brought you to this place because you have decided to pay for the service knowledge expertise of a professional hairdresser colour expert technician.

You have made this choice rather than enter into the world of home hair colour, 

Quite frankly another area that needs so much more attention spent on it, for the consumer with regard to knowledge and honesty about the products how and why they work, what they do, realistic and true expectations transparency with home hair colour.

As a stylist working in a salon offering your skill and service just by being in the salon environment you are making the statement that you are a true professional educated and knowledgeable, or at least one would hope so.

Bored unprofessional what does this say?

Then my question is why do so many women turn to Home hair colour? lets be honest it’s not all about saving money, and if it is about money then we as stylist have that challenge to prove that you get what you pay for to justify the salon experience.

The Experience starts with image first impressions of both the salon and the staff appearance you only ever get one chance for a first impression. secondly its the time you have for consultation your time to shine sell you self your skill knowledge, listen advise be honest ask question your in control or you should be, by being in control the client should feel comfortable she is in good hands.

Things like this still happen

Easy ha!

Then why so many disillusioned clients why do we still see over processed hair drab dull colours, why so many articles from women unhappy with their hair, why so many reviews written about a bad experience.

That’s not me i hear you say, who does this guy think he is! great that’s the reaction i  want,

But oh so much of the time it’s seems all about the money get them in get them out, under skilled under qualified people colouring hair lacking in knowledge and skill but with a Ego the size of a salon.

Why where does it come from?

Is it something instilled at college at the academy fake it till you make it. an attitude that once you have qualified you have made it you know all their is to know. you can go into a salon or go mobile calling your self a true professional.

When we have some many young people in college doing hairdressing and 14 year old students doing basic hairdressing as part of their school lessons, who decides on standards NVQ what does that mean when so many have it and yet are un-skilled! over half the students in one college i had experience with were wasting their time and that of the tutors, of the 14 year old students it was a way of getting out of other subjects but getting a qualification or accreditation upon leaving school what does this say!

Understanding your colour line:

understand shade, tone, pigment,deposit.

When it comes to professional hair colour salons and stylist it’s a fact that salon change colour lines because the one they have does not work for them. it does not lift, the reds don’t hold, the ash shades to green, the pigment cannot control the lift! sound familiar, then why?

Professional colour companies know that hairdressers salons change colour lines through dissatisfaction this is why they constantly bring out new repackaged lines. there are differences between in quality but with the top names they pretty much work the same way pigments vary but quality and chemistry quite standard so why change?


As a former educator for a colour company i have seen so many salon owners bow to pressure from staff to change a colour line through dissatisfaction lack of skill and knowledge.

Different formulation different effects.

It is so hard for a manager or owner to suggest the issues lies in the mirror! If we take the time to read the education material in a manual part of a shade chart {yes the black stuff next to the pictures}To go on the education up dates to do in salon training model fun nights to play experiment, get to understand your colour line.

Simple things: this is all true when toning at the basin on pre lightened hair that is still tad yellow using ash toner! then blaming the product because it’s sludge green ha ha you laugh it happens.

natural level 6 Demi application level 6 no lift required

or mixing a colour up but because you have chosen possible to higher volume of peroxide to counter act this you squeeze in a little ash then oh maybe that was to much so in goes some gold! yipee green again! guys this goes on!

So for the client who has been part of one of these salon situations these case of poor quality of work how are they supposed to respond? having wanted that salon experience, having wanted to feel pampered and a million dollars..but having left feeling nothing but resentful of the whole experience!

They want to trust know they are in good hands, as stylist we have to go so much further with the service we offer, but we owe it to our selves and the client to invest in our skill get the knowledge get the education learn our trade.

become experts in every aspect of our field this does not happen over night i don’t think we ever know everything thing but the goal the motivation should be to know as much as possible keep pushing your self to be better and share this this knowledge with Clients and work mates

blondes with multi shades and formulations.

For the client who has had a bad experience i say do not give up on a professional service just research find the good ones do not settle for second best.

Build a relationship built on trust and understanding and honesty about goal and expectations solving problems finding solutions

At the end of the day you should be able to put more trust in the salon the experience than you can that small box on the shelf at the supermarket that covers Grey makes you look younger healthier all in 10 minutes and for under a fiver!!!!!

I have written this to push buttons ask questions get reaction!

here is my web site this also links into my blog comments can be left good or bad.

Mike B2MR


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