Hair salon- up selling or sound advise.

30 Jun

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How many Salon owners managers and stylist’s struggle with the concept of up selling to a client. So many fear the ‘S’ word sales. Be it the recommendation of take home hair care products or the suggestion of chemical service.Why is this an issue? A client comes to us for change.They come to us either recommended or as a returning client.This shows trust. So is it not our obligation to suggest services that we feel will improve the look and style.

Is it not the case that. We are not offering that full service if we don’t offer. Advise on other services available and options to improve both look and style and self esteem.

The thing to consider and the way to look at things is it’s not selling. It’s sharing with your client options and possibilities. If  you are doing it from a place of caring and sharing .That place that has your clients best interest at heart it’s not heavy selling it called‘ Service’ If you genuinely think this will improve your clients look and style and so how they feel about themselves job done.

How do you time and introduce this suggested change without your client feeling obligated or without creating that uncomfortable unease caused by the suggestion. Simple yes Simple! Do you know how?

Its called a.                                                             ‘Consultation’ 

Maybe by looking at the consultation process we can get past any fears around the sales pitch.

what should this experience for our client be this person who we want to build a relationship with this person the we hope will recommend us and the salon for the service and skill we provide and offer.

The Service the consultation: The keys to success.

From the moment a client enters into a salon the experience begins those first impressions the look the feel of the place the atmosphere.

That first greeting. That welcome normally carried out by receptionist or a salon staff member who job is to meet and greet. This is a hugely important role if given this role. Don’t turn it down it’s a way to hone your people skills.

With new clients some salon will have a questionnaire. This is great for both stylist and client it show the salon cares it puts the client at ease whilst waiting for her appointment maybe whilst having a coffee or tea.

From a stylist point of view it gives us back ground information so we can ask the right questions during our consultation. Without information how can we give sound advise. this opens the door for us to see past history of hair services and the possibility of offering new service.

Once this has been filled out as a stylist I think it’s important to come a meet your client introduce your self to the client you should already know your clients name this should be on your personal day agenda sheet. if this is not the case in your salon introduce it! ‘Now’

[Yes a list of clients for the day. The service they are hoping for and whether they are new or return or recommend clients]  Because with out having a consultation all the facts how can we decide what is possible !! we cannot.

Trust me when I say this. I have seen many stylist work out their days take {£ $ } before the day starts.

I have worked with one stylist. Who would get into work look at the day sheet and get all the tubes of colour out for that day putting them aside.  god help any one who touched this colour I made a point of using it !!! well no ones perfect ! How could you possible know what a client wants in advance of them coming in? much less taking the time to talk with them. How boring ! well this stylist was really very boring. Personality of a  dead nat !!!

So back to the plot 

First impression count how you look and present your self says who you are its all about the image you project your dress hair makeup! That look that says this is me! what can I do for you?

We have introduced our self. Escort our client though to our work station. This area is represents who you are. How you work. Untidy dirty chaos does not work!

With the clip board on your lap sit next to your client. Remember  eye level. eye contact. Remember you have some information to hand so use it.

Not! what are we doing today ! ‘How about’

I see from the information you have kindly filled you you had a hair cut 6 weeks ago. How has that been working out for you. How manageable have you found it as it’s grown out. That leads into what brings you here today how can I help all leading open ended questions.

This now leaves the door open for easy conversation you have relaxed your client you are starting to build trust.

Personal routine, products used, if chemical service has been carried out on the hair even if not being re done on this occasion it still needs to be touched on for future booking and for advice and comment

Never ever! Put a colour chart on a clients lap and say. What colour do you want today! It’s your job our job as professionals to advise on colour that can work and look stunning.

This is the up sell without the hard sell!

Having established History and indeed wish list we can move on the recommendations.

Style . Look . Length . Colour . Products styling tips maintenance. Be honest  at all times. I like to refer to a relationship as taking a journey together that with patients honesty open the doors to endless possibilities.

There is such a difference between a quick pre shampoo chat and a real genuine caring consultation?

Of course there will always be slight differences in the process and peoples expectation and what they demand .That is why we chose to be in the service industry. The question being are you are you ready for the challenge to make some changes to how you do your consultation advise your client? To seek out some help advise and guidance if required. Do you want to gain the skills to really succeed and reach new levels of success.

In closing having a fully booked day is what most stylist long for strive for. Consistently busy. But consider this. When fully booked or over booked we lose clients ! Why however good we are the standard of service drops.

 Your fault no one else to blame ! You took short cuts kept clients waiting. You sacrificed your standards for a few extra £££ or $$$$.

Do this and you do more damage a dissatisfied  client will go else where taking her friends with her! it’s Service, reliability, Service consultation, Service, skill oh and More Service!!!.

It’s all about Balancing your day so you have the time to suggest and offer these new services. work with your team mates. Colour technician space your appointments so you have time to offer and perform new services. Don’t worry or think about the £££££ or $$$$$ this will follow concentrate on the job in hand your client and the service you offer.

The up sell is not an up sell it’s offering your professional skill and knowledge to your clients to enhance and improve their look! That’s what they come to you for!   Having suggested change if they don’t fancy it . no big deal make a note on file discussed with client . Maybe they want time to think about it you have planted a seed for next time! hence the note’s.

Product sales home after care. How can it not be right to suggest the products required to maintain both condition and a look? How can it not be right to suggest product that will help keep a colour from fading? Think of it as a prescription for healthy hair .maybe even go so far as to write down what they need and require!

We are in the service industry sales through education and skill is not direct selling it’s part of the service it ‘s part of what we do.

Practice all of the above and watch. Your sales improve. Your client base grow your client retention be solid. Your wage packet ! Well that’s in your hands

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