Technical service and our clients.

15 Jul

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We all work to build up a loyal clientele.We build this on the service we offer. Our skill. Our talent and reputation.

Is it alright to say no? Refuse to take on a client? To refuse to do a chemical service or application if not considered appropriate ? I believe it is. Being a professional with high standards, does sometimes create issues around the choices and decision that we make. As long as we always have the best interest of the client at heart.

My thinking on these questions are based on. My own experience of building up a strong loyal clientele. Many years of experience. Knowing that we have to be true to what we believe in. That being offering the highest standards of service.


We all have responsibilities to our clients to be honest and direct. The consultation and communication being one of the most important supported by delivering exceptional service. Every client deserves an in depth consultation. This should be carried out with every appointment.

Having said this. A consultation is not an obligation to proceed with any given service. Building up a relationships with a client, is built on, mutual trust and respect. Having the same vision, jointly deciding on the best course of action, be it Chemical or another service.



I have on many occasion stated just how important consultation are. How this is your time, to learn a great deal about your client and put them at ease. It’s about your skill and knowledge. The key to this consultation time is honesty from both parties. Not always easy. Many clients forget or don’t share openly. A full colour history of their hair is essential for, successful outcome and service.


The last business I built up was. Established totally on recommendation and word of mouth, no advertising or promotion. I would have a consultation with every potential client .To address their colour needs prior to an appointment. time to see if the goals vision commitment are the same.

This Consultation time I would charge for.  Why you ask?  It shows commitment. Creates respect. This fee i would deduct from the 1st appointment or refund, if we did not decide to move forward together.

My business was built on the service i offered, my technical skills and knowledge. I would sit and talk, ask questions. Look. Feel. Talk about goals and aspirations.



Commitment and knowing all past history, is so important, prior to taking on a colour client. Deciding whether to take a journey together. A journey that in many case can last a long time.

So given that my business was built on, service my skill and reputation. If after a consultation and meeting i did not feel that. The potential client was committed to, taking a journey together, then I would not take them on.

I do not get involved with the one off quick fix repair’s. My choice. My business mandate. My reputation was one of being very honest, quite blunt. But I was thought of as being. Knowledgeable and passionate, Some one who, gets the job done to the highest of standards. I can live with that as a reputation.This may sounds harsh, but it worked.

To this day I still keep in touch with many wonderful women.Women who started of as clients ended up as friends, we took a journey of correction together with a goal of better colour, healthy manageable hair.

Given that our business is built on recommendation.Why would we take on a client who. Is not going to be a fully committed. A true representation of our skill and talent. An envoy for our talent.



There are many members of the public, who bounce between salons. Self medicating with home colour, black to red to bleach to highlights, back to home colour. All fine this is personal choice. But life is after all about choice and consequences. Mine would be not to be apart of this hair abuse. These quick fix 10

minute colour kits that blast the hair.


I think accelorated development of colours is a trend that won’t hang around because actually (in the salon) having that tint development time enables you to do another client. Its a bigger false economy to have to stay free for that 10 minutes. In the home consumers are


I totally agree with. Ones freedom to choice. But as a stylist if i take on a client,with a history of over processing and damage. As soon as i agree and indeed embark on colouring this head, I assume responsibility for everything that has been done to that head,why would i do that?

This being the case,why would i take a risk unless. The potential client wants to commit to, a journey that could take up to a year and may well involve. Working on condition, before embarking on any chemical service. So unless we work, the miracle of miracles, it will not be a good representation of our work. In fact it could do us damage.  [I would always suggest having a client wavier form in this situation]


It is a fact. That a client leaving the salon happy, will recommend you to as many as five friends. The same applies to unhappy client, they can and will damage your reputation. At the end of the day if, a colour service or any service when finished is not. Going to be a true representation of your work why would you take it on, unless driven by Ego.

The challenge here is. Having started on this path sticking to it, not to compromise your standards. Whilst working toward building the business you are trying to create. One built on the service you offer. The skill and knowledge you have.

Your thoughts comments Mike B2MR

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