Our hairdressing career. Time for reflection:

28 Jul

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How often as stylist do we take the time to look in the mirror?  Do a personal inventory on ourselves this  is the time to honest reflect on where we are at where we want to get to.

Are we reaching our full potential? Are we offering the best service possible? Do we need a refresher a little update maybe learn or improve on a skill.

Products tools techniques constantly change so must we.  Staying in the safety of zone of what we know never pushing the envelope can and will lead to stagnation boredom!

Sometimes we need to remind our selves of our dreams our goals. What  was it we really wanted to do?  What were the heights we wanted to reach? All easy to forget pushed to the side as other things come into our lives and take president.

The skills we have to have for. Success in our industry to maintain our profession image. We are in the service industry first and foremost make no mistake about this one.

Service. Our communication skills. Our listening skills. Our attention to detail. How we project and represent our selves. Honesty. Humility. Style all key assets to success.

Skills: Product knowledge. Hands on techniques .Creative vision.

All of these skills and talents are. Who we are. What we do! From time to time we forget. That to stay at the top of our game we need to invest in our selves.

A little maintenance are we offering the highest standard of service possible are we getting a little complacent {it takes a big person to say yes!}  are our skills up to date product knowledge!

is it time to seek a little professional help.


Maybe a colour refresher class maybe learn a new razor cutting technique. Want to improve on those up do looks. Maybe just talk about ways to improve the salon day to day running the client experience sales!

How can you find help?  Days can be structured to suit what ever you want to cover. A fresh set of eyes and new perspective on things can open up a whole new exciting era of change.

If reading this you think hey this is me then send that e-mail pick up the phone lets chat let take a journey together.

My web site has all my contact information and full bio on me anything is possible all you have to be is willing!


Thank you Mike B2MR

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