Investing in you self. Your hair salon.

04 Aug

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As a salon owner are you and your staff trained to a high enough level. Do you have the skills and training. The knowledge and qualification to give you that edge.

As a stylist are you challenging your self to stay current. Stay at the top of your creative game. With all the new techniques and products coming to the market we cannot afford to sit back on what we know. It’s not enough.

stage work

Succeeding in any. Cosmetology Endeavor demands quality. Professional skill. Creative talent and technical knowledge. In the hairdressing profession many individuals have good artistic skills. But fail to acquire the technical knowledge needed to make those skills truly great.

Would you like to gain more experience in other aspects of the hairdressing Industry. Maybe your goal is to own your own salon. Have your own freelance business. Maybe Become an Educator for a international hair colour company. A platform artist. Artistic team member. College Tutor. Climb that ladder to Salon Management.

Model set for stage presentation

A world of possibilities some not even mentioned here. What ever your goal your dream you have to stay current and up to date challenge yourself have goals.

Deciding on what path to take, where your true vocation lies is not easy, reaping the rewards from hard work and commitment . Constantly pushing your self striving to be the very best you can.

The hurdle and obstacles can seem immense one has to stay committed and focused. Be prepared to face rejection deal with the emotion of how daunting the journey the adventure can be.

Well you don’t have to do it unaided we are here to help. With so many talented drive focused stylist. Industry professional how can you get and keep that edge. Become the chosen one in your field or a business success.

Multi toned highlights.

The interview process.The testing. The practical skills. The live presentation in front of ones peers can all seem so daunting and yet  such a worth while challenge.

What ever your choice. To be top salon stylist. Own your own business become a Platform Artist.

There are no short cuts to success. But understanding what works and why, this can really help you over the hurdles to make the right choice to reach your career destination.

Apart from having the right up to date qualifications. Show a history of commitment through education up dates, prove creativity, show service and consultation skills. Have an interest in business management a willingness and wanting to learn.

Let me share with you my experience to help you get ahead reach your goals.

Most professional product companies and organisations. Hair salons. Training facilities have a clear and defined idea about the quality of skill knowledge and expertise they are looking for.

taking a break!

* How will they interview you.

*What might they ask? How will you respond?

*How can you show you have what they need and are looking for?

* How to demonstrate you have the skills. You have the Knowledge.

                                              It’s all Possible

Allow me to  offer some help and advise you share our experience our skills and knowledge. lets remove any surprises lets enlighten you and arm you with the tools needed for success.

We can supply the tools are you ready to do the work take up the challenge to take the next stage in your career journey.

avantgarde looks

So how do we get started?

  • Give you an inside look into the world of hairdressing the skills the knowledge the tools required to succeed.
  • Reveal what Salon owners, Professional hair companies are looking for are looking for
  • Show you how to improve your skills and technical ability Knowledge
  • Provide you with real life experience to draw from
  • Arm you with the tools you need to succeed

These step by step guides are a must for anyone who’s facing and wants to dramatically improve their chances of success of a career growth within the hairdressing world and all the wonderful opportunities it can offer.

Websters defines the word skill as” the ability to use one’s skills effectively’ Today’s Hairdressers must have a strong working knowledge of hair, chemistry, hair structure before you can effectively show your artistic skill through colouring. Sadly there are no short-cuts to knowledge–the more you understand how hair colour works and reacts on human hair fibers, the better prepared you will be to face the challenges that can will and do arise.

Put aside preconceived idea’s and lets explore a world of hair colour possibilities together!

So lets get down to business are you ready to get on the colour bus take a journey with us? You can get on and off at your will but the final destination is Correction control!

Investing in oneself!

What does investing in oneself really mean?  Is it costly?  Is it worth while?  Let me tell you, investing in oneself does not have to be financial –  it could simply be time well spent!  We must all look in the mirror and be honest about what needs attention or adjusting, but the real key is knowing, from the bottom of your heart, what you truly want and where you want to go.  Your vision. your dream,your quest.

This of course does not mean that financial expense is not part of this. Sometimes parting with hard earned cash is the driver and the motivator. to seek help, do the work, reap the rewards.

This help comes in many forms. It could be helpful books, seminars, courses, presentations, demonstrations. The key is to have a vision of what you want, where you want your career to go.

Think of your career as a bus journey. Lots of people on board with you, but hey, you’re the driver, take your eyes off the road and oops.

We are all in charge of our own destiny we have to make choices live with the consequences challenge ourselves. Share. net work. use professional training bodies her in the Uk HABIA are such  a key part of our industry ,But they too need the support of stylists and professionals.

so be active have and share your voice.Mike B2MR

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