The hair salon. That extra service.

19 Sep

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A true story relayed to me of an experience. One that we ere about oh to often.But why? As stated a true event but no name and the model shot although needing fixing is different out of respect.

If you have any views or  a tale to share please do.

A friend was growing out her hair but like so may women new that part of this process was regular maintenance a trim.  although the model in the picture is not the one in the case example provided the issue was the same and addressed to correct.



Having booked an appointment at the salon a well known and much respected establishment the day arrive she arrived at the salon and met her stylist . Explaining that she was growing out her her and layer and only wanted trim.

The stylist in question went ahead and started cutting quite large amount seemed to be coming off . In-fact way to much So much for the requested trim! up on completion the result was a re layered much to short cut .

What to do leaving the salon trying to put on a brave face not wishing to make a fuss! This happens oh so often.

Before I carry on. I raise the question Consultation listening to the clients wants. Maybe doing what they request!  Is it that hard?

Upon getting home and seeking advise from a friend. It was decided to call the salon and ask to speak to the manager A call was put through to the receptionist  who although helpful said the manager is out today But here is her home number!  Odd thinks i does this happen a lot?

At the friend rather loathed to call and bother manager home but then thinking hey they gave me the number. So full of courage and still upset the call is made.



The out come.

The Manager could not have been more helpful and concerned. Offering full refund instantly but also wanting an opportunity to right this wrong! Suggesting a different salon with a very experienced stylist to try and sort this out.

A new appointment booked this new stylist went out of his way to resolve the issues a re cut and change of style was the only way forward.But very attentive and professional and caring .the out come armed with a new look not planned, but so much happier with some complimentary products she left much happier. So the salon refunded. Re did and offered token of products.

Out come wil she go back ,to the first stylist no never the the second stylist and the salon chain yes.

I client served and saved .This is a fine example of customer service and great salon policyIt should not have happened in the first place but it did but so more importantly they took responsibility and sort to resolve the issue.

Well done the salon and the manager who are they AXIS Vancouver BC Canada.

We can all learn a great deal from this example of addressing a situation taking control and putting the clients needs and interests first.  Service. Consultation.Communication. skill. Taking responsibility

Mike B2MR

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