Make over Cut with Colour correction

17 Oct

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Whist on the topic of make overs thought maybe we should look at a Cut and colour . A case of some one needing wanting asking to help.

Correction to some degree and a new look taking onto account condition colour wanted and long term goal all of this was established in the consultation prior to the chemical service.

This above model as you can see has very over processed all one colour hair. In-fact i would describe this as really no colour Just lots of damaging lift exposing any pigment left in the hair.

But so damaged that it cannot hold any pigment when you try and deposit it .The hair looks metallic and has a shine about that say’s damaged over processed very porous.

The clients wish to have better condition hair and a better colour. Long term would like to grow it But fully understands that it is beyond saving the length at this point in time!

Very realistic view and a good place to start from .Over time working together we can get this long healthy and a colour that you like for now we have to work on condition and getting some tone back into the hair. Creating a new shape and look will get rid of a great deal of the over damaged hair and will make you look and feel better.

Above same day same head:

Working using the over lifted Blonde and using deposit only formulation those being Demi no lift required . Low lighting section and panels  of shades back in to the hair to create depth and tone thus giving us dimension . Allowing it to look healthy with shine.

As you can see shape wise quite a lot of length was removed  but we still retained a soft line and the shape has lots of movement and texture to it.

Cut with razor so no blunt or harsh lines overall a greta effect and puts us well on the road to working together for a longer blonder look over time but with a more natural tones.

The key here was to work on the condition and get some shade and tone back into the hair.Pigment retention is always an issue with over processed hair . Do always try and use the least chemistry possible that being little or know peroxide lifting the hair more.In some case enough peroxide to activate the colour molecule but thats all.

The Make over. they challenge us to be creative and yet fix the broken, repair the damaged, make happy the unhappy.  Make the bad look good. put right the wrong restore balance .

We are all perfectly skilled to do all these things with and for our clients.

one more make over tomorrow then we move on Mike B2MR


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