Hairdressing standards. Who sets them?

28 Oct

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Who set them? We all do each and every one of us! 

Some thoughts on Standards

Hairdressing standards are they so different. Whether you are in the salon or out side the salon. The standards we live bye, what is acceptable to us is a very personal thing and yet these standards have a knock on effect both in your hair career and life in general.

Are these standards that are taught to us? If so is some one else responsible ‘CAN WE LAY BLAME’ some where else. ! No.

Yes whilst we are training standards of qualification are set and level’s have to be reached. A certified level of achievement reached be it from a College. Academy. Apprenticeship.  Having attained the certification this recognised standard then what?  Do you sit back thinking thats’ it i’m qualified or do you carry on training and learning .Thus raising your standard. Or over time do you lapse into taking short cuts, not staying current and so lowering or allowing your standards to drop?

This scenario can happen so easily as you allow your standards to drop so it will reflect in the work you produce. This will lead to loss of client’s, this will lead to resentment at work, Loss of earnings so loss of self esteem. You may then start to not take care of your appearance start coming into work late. Resenting those around who have ‘Higher Standards’. This can happen so easily. Avery dangerous road to go down and not  a journey i would recommend.

We are all responsible for. Who we are. What we do. The standards that are acceptable to us the choices we make. The consequences we then have to live with. We cannot blame other’s for poor choices made

nor can we let or allow negativity to take over this can be so disruptive that and unhealthy’ Ego’. or self will run riot!

Be it the work we produce the way we act and project ourselves aim high to be the best you can!

The same chain of events can happen in the salon if the owner or manager is not fully focused and leading by example.

I say leading and not managing a wise friend quoted ‘A manager has staff, a leader has followers’ [thanks Karen] .

To lead by example is to show the way for other like minded team members to follow. This way you grow together you set and raise the standard together thus supporting each other moving forward in a direction together. Allowing standards to drop getting complacent in the salon, not having education up dates and training for ‘ALL’  staying current keeping up appearances.  Not maintaining a professional team can lead to staff team member dissatisfaction and so business disruption or breakdown.

The key here comes back to Image. Communication.Vision. Goals and yes Standards.

We have so many tools to help and assist us now from the ground up mentor’s tutors at college. In the work place the doors of communication should always be open and swing both ways.

Then we have professional help. This we can seek out on line so easily discussion groups. Industry support groups such as HABIA here in the Uk. If in college you head of dept. It’s ok for any of us to ask for help and advise.

Professionals willing to share there experience and knowledge committed to raising Industry standards.

A few links to check out.

In Australia if your reading this want some help and advise.

Contact Karen at                                        

In the United states Kathy.                         

HABIA uk                                                  

Here in the Uk Mike.                                  

You see so many ways for us all to raise standards both for ourselves and those around us. We all without exception need to be honest with our selves about our standards of what is acceptable to us both in the work lace an din our lives for the two are so connected.

Mike B2MR


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