Toxic fumes in the hair salon!

29 Nov

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We should now all be aware of the press given to many of the keratin based hair relaxers and the possible health issues from Formaldehyde. Atopic over the past months i have written and warned about.

Not that we in our industry are ever safe from. The fumes we breath and expose our client to. The dyes on our skin if we don’t wear gloves, health and safety should be key first and foremost to us all.

Through net working in a linked in group i have come across this product that might be of interest to many.

We have to in our daily lives protect both our selves and our clients from harmful chemicals and fumes. I have stated many times we have to stay informed and educated sharing this link is just that sharing some information with everyone.

Here it is


As you know i have tried over the months to write in an informed manner about some of the issues around the keratin relaxers and have tried not to target any specific company or manufacturer my hope is that this will be helpful to many.

The fumes create from some products have proved to be harmful in some places certain products have been banned . My goal here is not to scare of point blame but promote a  safe healthy working environment  for us all. Some times we have to look at the big picture and think! maybe i should look in to that.Maybe this is one such product

Promoting this link in not an advert! As always I have not been paid or given any consideration to promote this product.

Mike B2MR


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