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06 Jan


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Salon service. Client retention. Technical skills.

What better way to start the new year than with a little reflection and honesty.Honesty about where we are. How we can change and improve things. How we can make change and embrace it. Turn this negative economy into a positive out look for the coming year.

We all have the power to make and embrace change and challenges sometime s it can and will seem very daunting.

I have decided to share with you some of my thoughts on the hair industry for it has played such a huge part in my journey. I hope you find it interesting and that evokes both thought and questions.

It is my firm belief that in this day and age and in such competitive times the only way to increase and expand your client base is through referral and recommendation it is so important to retain both new and existing clients. This is achieved through excellence in. Service, communication and technical ability, Knowledge. with a degree of humility and honesty.

This can only be done through High standards of Service, communication and consultation skills. education, team work and effective leadership by those who are training new stylists. I know that many who follow or read my postings might find that i keep to many specific topics . But they are all so relevant it’s so easy for us to forget get complacent. From young trainee to senior stylist we have to stay focused on the job and tasks at hand.Our clients and the service we offer!

                                       Service and Communication

                                     So let’s take a look into a salon!

One of the main reason for client loss from a salon is dissatisfaction from either the service or the final result. It is a fact that 50% of clients visiting a salon for the first time do not return! Why? That’s a huge loss of client’s and repeat business

Taking short cuts and compromising one’s standards and professional ethics leads to client dissatisfaction.

When a client leaves a salon unhappy! How much damage can they do to your reputation?

When a client leaves happy they will recommend you to others.They will get stopped in the street. Potentially a happy client will recommend you to 5 friends who in turn have 5 friends.

You are building your business on your communication skills. creativity. knowledge.The best way to build a loyal clientele is by being. Sympathetic to a clients needs, listening, professional consultation and by giving honest advise. Making the experience exceptional from start to the finish of your time together.

Did you know that the experience is as important as the than the service performed! clients remember. The service. The attention paid to them. they are paying to me made to feel wanted and special. [ Sound advise shared by a fellow professional and friend ]

Guess what an unhappy client can and will do? You got it – 5 friends will leave with them.

We have to be on top of products new techniques. We cannot only trust in what the sales rep or Manufacturer tells us.

These days we have to know and understand more than ever. The chemistry of our products the effects that they can have, how they will interact with other products.The client who wants to switch from home colour to professional. The Client. Who has put henna on her hair buts wants to switch to professional permanent colour! Could she? Should she? or He! what would be your advise? would it be drive by the sale of a corrective service or honest advise?

                                  Having that edge offering that bit more! 

After building up a strong client base with strong client retention. Do you ever wonder why? Every five to six weeks you have a somewhat quiet week with not a lot booked? You start to ask yourself the question? What am I doing wrong? Am I losing my touch? Well let’s see.

We have all had one of these. That crazy Saturday could be any day you fitted all those extra clients in. You were on a role and had a huge money day.

You call your boss and say. Guess what I did today. You leave work on cloud nine thinking that’s it. Every day could be like this. I really feel I have made it.

Now let’s just think about this and break it down. Was it really a success?

You took short cuts. You compromised your clients who had services booked. You kept clients waiting. You rushed through things. Guess what – you lost clients. Instead of running the show you created chaos and did not give your regular clients your full attention and service. They go else where – and yes. They go with their 5 friends. By having a crazy busy day it cost you. Short term gain meant long term loss. The key is service, attention to detail, and making that client feel special.

                                                       That 6 week Lull!

You will never get beyond having a 5 to 6 week lull until you look beyond the quick hit money-making day.Take care of the clients offering the highest standard of Service.Your takings your wages will follow. Sitting around does not look good for business nor does it inspire clients. If your not busy then get busy! as some young trainee’s pointed out to me yesterday.There is always something to do. to look and be busy!!!!!!

                                               Consultation key time:

You need time for the consultation. This is your time to shine. The time that reassures your client that they are special That you are considerate and that you understand their needs and wants. Your client sees you are prepared to take that extra time to use your knowledge to make them feel comfortable and safe in a professional’s hands. It is this service that gets you talked about and recommended. It is this standard of exemplary service that leads to both client retention and recommendation . Those communication and consultation skills.

A great tool to help you improve those skills take an honest look at the way you treat your clients is this little Gem of a book soon to be available through both web site and blog site. Are you ready to take the challenge!

Good luck strive to be the best you can. Mike B2MR


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