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31 Mar

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Worth a look an listen a warning be informed be safe.With so much more information and warnings about the side effects from harmful fumes toxic formulation i feel compelled to share theses links  !! Mike

Be professional stay informed don’t put profit over health!

Here is the reason why this products still sells. Why clients still want it. Stylist are still using and indeed recommending it! Ignorance and apathy. none caring salon owners. Toady i noticed a local salon running a promotion on the brazilian blow dry.I went in to see them with some information and links asked if they were aware of the dangers some of these product can cause to both stylist and client asked if they had proper ventilation and were aware of the health issues.
What was the response a polite thank you followed by a rolling of the eyes. with that look of who does he think he is!!! As i left i knew the information was going directly in the bin!!! None caring owner driven by the profit of course uneducated as to the risks and dangers and frankly did not care or wish to know ignorance is bliss. Sadly it will not be a good excuse if and when some gets ill.
How ever much we might care most in our industry as yet don’t care enough. Greed and quick short profit rule the day until more information is passed out more warnings nothing will change however much we discuss and voice an opinion.

Mike B2MR


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