“I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mike when I became discouraged with the assembly line hair care environments that I frequented religiously every five weeks. I trusted Mike right from the start and that was the beginning of a wonderful three year relationship. He had a fresh and honest perspective, was always on time and was a true professional. Mike demonstrated integrity with his fee structure and provided excellent one-on-one care. I highly recommend him to potential clients.”
Bonny Blank

“Mike cut and coloured my hair for some years.  He was always highly knowledgeable, professional and fun. He believes in doing the right thing for your hair, often advising clients to wait while their hair recovers before colouring again.”
Karen Jackson

“I was a client of Mike’s for over five years. He is a very talented hairdresser who will take the time to make your hair the best it can be. He is honest and explains why he thinks a style would be best for your hair. He chooses colours that complement your skin tone and make you look radiant.”
Sheila Szonyi


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