Salon Consultancy

Salon consultancy:

The ‘Three R’s’ 
 That create success.


We all know it, we’re all tired of hearing about it… these are challenging times for small business in the UK. Costs are rising, customers are spending less, and the Groupon culture is destroying loyalty in our industry.

So – what can we do about it? As it turns out, a great deal – it is just a case of perspective, honest assessment and a commitment to change. We learn and we grow from sharing and from.

* Collaboration.

* Innovation.

*creative thinking.



Back2myroots offers an extensive business review and consultancy service wherein I will personally assess the efficacy of all elements of you salon and make sound, practical recommendations based on my findings.

Best of all, my intial consultation is completely FREE with no commitment to continue.

The review will cover:

  • General Salon Practices
  • Product ordering / fullfilment and stock liability
  • Product selection
  • Customer Service / satisfaction assessments
  • Training requirements
  • Salon Marketing / New media initiatives
  • Salon environment
  • Green business assessment
  • Building customer loyalty

This is not a one-off review – and you are not left alone. Beyond my intial free consultation, this process is then structured across a realistic timeframe set-out after initial consultation in agreement with those involved.

Improvements are then measured against a pre-determind set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so that you can see how your business is improving – and reep the rewards.

Timeframe & costs

I recommend one day a month for the first 3-4 months, and then a morning every quarter thereafter as required. Please contact me to discuss your needs and for my rates.

I am genuinely passionate about our industry and it is critical for all of us that we collectively put the best foot forward.

Please note, that as this is a more collaborative approach to consultancy I can only currently offer this service to salons in the Home Counties. but would never turn down an over sea’s challenge


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