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Long hair.The up /do variations on pleating

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Having wonderful Long hair can some time be a curse for us stylist’s! What to do with it. How to style it so much maintenance  for the client washing conditioning and yet it can and indeed is the envy of others. Below some examples:

The model with the Blonde hair has a length of hair that is down to her waist, you will see that know matter how long it can still be tamed allow us to be creative have fun.


So Embrace those wonderful long tresses they are the ultimate expression of femininity. Women with long hair have the possibility to create unique and fabulous hair styles with practice some imagination and patients of course you can create virtually any look from sophisticated evening looks to edgy funky looks no restrictions when it comes to styling.

If you are unsure about how to start  maybe get a few basic tip tricks from a fellow stylist.  One who enjoys putting hair up and enjoys sharing. It really takes sitting in front of a mirror and playing once you have an understand of basic looks and styles you will definitely be creating inspirational looks that are unique and your own person design looking fabulous every time.


 Long hair can be used  to create your own personal look identity it becomes part of you part of who you are as important as the right clothes and accessories and extension of both. Sexy romantic edgy soft or slightly harsh it all works it can look gentle soft feminine it can look intimidating give you that air of authority. Long hairstyles can be a tool of seduction and mystery. Due to the modern styling techniques  and the many tools and accessories  available to woman it’s easy to find and create a style that works that you own!


To be able to emphasise natural beauty. Trying a variety of hairstyles is highly recommended because in this way we will be able to discover what styles flatter you the most  and work with both your dress sense and makeup. Allowing you to feel self confident and comfortable with your appearance.

A few basic hair styling skills can literally do miracles by allowing you to completely transform your style.

Our job as stylists is to be able to offer and advise share demonstrate possible looks. Practice the look to refine it so you can re create the style with a high level of finish one that with stands what ever the day might offer.

Wind. Heat. Dancing. Photographs. Public opinion.


Loose hairstyles can also be the perfect compliment and alternative to a full on up do. For those who don’t have time on their side and prefer hairstyles that look polished but with a natural softness without a great deal of effort. But always consider the hair type will the look last the day? The Night?

Remember that what ever we as stylists create represents who we are what we do it’s our advert! Get it wrong no second chances, for any future or potential work or clients.

Loose wavy wavy hairstyles are a highly popular choice among women due to the wonders of modern styling tools and the simplicity of creating curls and volume that can with the right products last for hours  it’s amazing how quickly one have have both volume and texture  to enhance the natural look of the hair in a matter of seconds.

A few loose curls can instantly revive a lifeless flat hairstyle by creating the impression of movement and volume highlighting both the texture and shape of  hairstyle better than by using hair styling products extensively.

Sleek straight hairstyles can provide an incredibly professional and yet modern look slightly seductive  with a hint of mystery. The particular look will help emphasize the facial features so you can really play with that eye makeup it has amazing face-framing abilities a scan a sleek pulled back up do.

With the help of a good  quality flat iron, a thermal protection spray and a hairspray anyone can create perfectly straight hair in a matter of minutes. Despite the apparent simplicity of this  hairstyle, it can still be the  hairstyle that is suitable for a wide variety of events.


If you like classic beauty that Breakfast at Tiffany look then updo hair styles would probably be the best choice for you.

A simple classy chignon or a more complicated up do will give you the sophistication you look for. Top knots and ballerina buns are very vogue and so easy to do a tight pony tail tern wrap the hair around the the tail creating a bun for a polished look cover with fine net!

A total classic the beehive updo is another excellent choice especially for formal events when looking polished is an essential requirement.

The key to this type of up do is being patient and taking your time. Back combing is helps us to create shape and structure but should always be smoothed out for a polished look pins grips should aways be hidden.wisp’s flattened down with spray or light silicone. picture perfect!


For the more informal occasions you might choose to emphasize your playful naughty side by bending the rules going for a more up do messy hairstyles. Nowadays social acceptable it’s an effortless look that is highly valued being endorsed by several celebrities who chose to make entrance on the red carpet wearing cute messy buns.


Half up/down hairstyles are a perfect  meeting of glamor and edgy softness conformity it’s an updo that affords the liberty of movement that a loose hairstyle generously offers. Suitable for all face shapes, half up/down hairstyles allow you to create a slightly Avantgarde look depending on the styling options you use.


Half/up down hairstyles are low maintenance and so practical because a little care and attention at the off set of styling, you won’t have to worry about the about needing to refresh you hair style and carrying a few essential hair products with you will ensure that your hair remains perfect for the entire day.


So take the plunge experiment have some fun create that look that is so you! be you the client or the stylist.



Mike B2MR                              

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Wedding hair looks and style

Back2myroots : A place to share thoughts and grow idea’s

Wedding hair and the Bride:  Such a big day for any women fairy tale day princess for a day.



Princess for a day every Brides dream and so easily shattered when it comes to the look the style.

As stylists we must take the time to communicate and listen to the bride.Share a vision have consultation and practice.




What we want to see is a happy Bride on her wedding day stress free guests looking on in ore of the bride her dress her hair her make up. The full package.

What a great way for you as stylist to advertise your talent, get recommendations and referrals. Stylist who do not enjoy putting hair up the wedding stresses should not do weddings. Especially if! MONEY IS THE ONLY DRIVER!



Classic looks that stand the test of time and stay in place all day. Elegant soft and practical. An up do can look like apiece of art.


Work with the lines of the dress if possible! in this instance i did not see the dress but lucky for me the effect worked so well.



finally evening looks elegant soft but put up to stay. Showing off colour shape texture and form a classic.



Then we can also have the extreme all is possible maybe not for a bride but for  a look it’s hair have fun

so have fun .push your self work with your clients. Mike B2MR.



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Wedding day thoughts on the journey.


A place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s on matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related.

 First of three wedding postings this week

A wedding a day a celebration possible the one of the biggest days in any Womens life For any couple a huge day life changing a huge commitment the start of a new journey a new chapter.

All this aside for a women it’s so much more it’s the event the ceremony. The reception. It’s fancy dress it’s being the center of attention princess for a day!

Taking the social side and relationship side away for a moment to talk about wedding hair, One can not talk about wedding hair without considering the following. Dress. Makeup Headdress. Theme. Size of event,  Location. Number of guests. Budget. Brides expectations.Oh and HAIR!

Being involved in a wedding is very special it can be stressful for a stylist because of all the stress and expectation around the event, so first question can you cope? Do you like doing wedding hair?

If the answer is no! Take my advise. Don’t get involved it’s not fair , it’s about so much more than a big money day!! It’s emotional, It’s charged with stress. As stylist’s we need to be in control cool calm collected.

It’s Wedding day:

A day to celebrate if well planned rehearsed short cuts can lead to nightmares!

This is of course written from a hair point of view but the same can follow through planning of this special day.

Planning for hair starts with knowing the date the time frame having a consultation agree some understanding of a look plan a schedule to work towards make sure that you and your stylist are on the same page you feel confident in what they suggest. [don’t feel bullied]

First of all the colour for the big day if hair colour is part of the look these days normally it is to some degree. During the consultation discuss vision goals expectation, how many times will we have to colour from this first meeting until the day.

For me High-lights should be done to grow out as naturally as possible tones and shades that work with skin tone eye colour the hair’s natural base shade.

If we are talking colour is it all over solid are we thinking highlights?

So to the look

Make sure your stylist likes putting hair up, also get a quote for the big day like all aspects of weddings the price suddenly goes £££££££! I don’t agree with this i think as a stylist it’s part of your journey with your client! hey I’ve given them the up do a wedding gift!

So many stylist resort to hot irons curls and those nasty little white flowers! work with what you have consider will it last all day last through all those pictures. weather is also an unknown!

The way the hair is arranged and done on the day of the wedding is an integral part of the perfect look  Remember that all eyes will be upon the bride from the moment she steps from the wedding car and walk to the aisle towards your groom. So it is important that she looks stunning from top to bottom.

As a hairdresser consider how your clients looks! consider the dress, the neck line a look that compliments and makes her look her best!

As stylist we have a huge responsibility here we can make or ruin this day no pressure ha!

So much to consider to help make the bride look and feel her best consider bone structure the dress cut high collar or plunging  in some cases we might even have to advise on a look in a tactful manner if weight is an issue. The only goal is to make the bride look great feel great your the professional  honesty consultation practice all key to success.

Same thing applies when choosing a hairstyle for you to wear on your wedding day but with an extra factor to consider. Aside from the shape of your face, your wedding hair style and your hair accessories should also be in harmony with your wedding dress for the perfect bride’s look.   

[a great deal of expectation on you the stylist].

So for me I love putting hair up i also like classic looks that stand the test of times! but it’s not for me to do what i like what I feel comfortable with. It’s for me to listen advise maybe do a few different looks until we start to get an idea of the final look, many Brides start off with a preconceived idea born from dreams and in some cases collected from magazines we have to work through this. Practice sessions, honest communication, consultations. commitment to working together to an agreed time frame.

We can also advise the bride to be. On places to research looks, there are a lot of hair style pictures which they can collect and review from fashion magazines and online sites.

Online sites may be more preferable as they have special features that allow you to determine your facial shape. You can choose from model matching your personal facial features and skin tone or you can also upload your photo and try out different hair styles. This may sound extreme but in the end it all helps!

For long hair and a dress with elaborate back details, i would normally try and advise an up do for  it last longer and stands the test of time but again we have to consider the the brides wishes the hair type as well,

The hair may be curled for a more romantic bohemian medieval  look but i would not suggest this on fine hair that takes hours to curl and may well not last the day. It may also be braided with flowers then swept off the neck to be able to move freely and look fresh up to the reception.

For short hair, tiaras would be a wonderful accessory to wear in place of a veil. Other alternative accessories to make short hair stunning for the wedding are dazzling hair pins or a flower clipped to the hair or stuck behind the ear.

So in this instance having decided on an up do, things to practice and consider

First stage build a base so it’s firm and feels comfortable at this point note how the colour works with the look if hair, having prepared the hair we now have to play at this point there is no right or wrong it’s getting a feel for the hair playing finding that look!

First attempt above ok but not quite the look I am hoping for a little saggy a little tight but loving the high-lights and low lights they work very well together blending really well with the un-coloured area underneath, after a third attempt you should start to get the look soft yet sleek with lots texture shows off the colour and it works with the client our Bride to be! so it’s a process your involved in it’s not just taking a booking for a wedding without being involved. it not fair to you or the Bride.

So finally how does our bride to be feel this is key are they HAPPY? if not take it down start again or agree to call it a day but book another session.

As a stylist or client if you cannot get the look you want or don’t fell comfortable find some one else or try another stylist.

As a stylist or client if the chemistry is not their pull out Wedding days are full of stress do you like that can you cope with it!

As a foot note the above has been fun to put down as an exercise but think on this.

How much more pressure can be on any stylist? Well consider being father to the bride and Stylist and my ex-wife is attending! No pressure!!!!!

We did find the final look but i will post that in the coming days as this is wedding hair week.

After all that practice take it down relax oh and your left with all that volume! and a smile .

One hopes it’s a good day all round.

Mike B2MR


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Wedding day hair

Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR regular postings of fresh new topic’s


When thinking about the dress the look the princess for as day dream hair makeup dress must all come together to show off the Bride on this her special day


style of dress fabic texture





Style and sophistication

Mike B2MR


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Wedding, Updo’s. graduation, Alternative

Up Do and alternative looks

When I first started in the hair industry the thought of putting hair up being asked to do some ones hair for a graduation or wedding totally freaked me out.

The reason for this was fear! fear of screwing up fear of not knowing what

i was doing looking an idiot.

I muddled my way through doing wedding hair but never feeling very confident.

That was the way until I met and worked with a wonderful man and now dear friend.

Mr Jon Paul Holt owner of Avant-Garde artistic Studio Vancouver Canada winner of so many awards and accolades. I was fortunate enough to be a member of his Artistic team and learned so much from him. As he challenged me to work with him on photo shoots. and stage shows.

Jon paul taught me to enjoy playing with hair learn from handling it trying to create a look.

As a medium you can create so many styles and shapes.

My dear friends from Vancouver  fab hair stylists Jon paul Holt,

Ted Mc Kinnon outside Avant-garde Yale town Vancouver Canada.

“Your blog was very informative. We love it! well, from Ted & Tia.”

Weather looking for conventional look for a wedding or graduation one must have an idea of what the client wants but it’s also important to have a vision in your mind practice is key.

It is my intention to add another page on looks for weddings for me this is quite topical as i’m working with my daughter to find a look that works for her. I am keeping a photo log of practices we have and will post at a later date.

This series to the left and above were for a graduation a classic look pre low lighted using a high lift Blonde on a natural level 4 base. The low lights compliment the look by giving it texture and showing off the shape.

Building a shape likes this takes a little practice and patients but it’s well worth it.

[note: Using a high lift Blonde on dark hair will always give a very natural low light as it will only lift max of 4 levels depending on developer used. One should consider the pigment base of the Highlift shade ie ash beige Violet ect!

A Slightly more Avantgarde look using

a few coloured hair  pieces.

Also using a medium to Sculpture a look to Create a hat look.

Slightly edgy but would work well for wedding or Graduation on some one with the confidence to carry it off.

Never force someone to wear a look that they are not comfortable with!

Unless they are modelling for you for a show or photo Shoot then well it’s your call. enjoy have fun challenge your self.

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