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Wedding day hair, Working with the Bride


Bridal hair:


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Last year I was working with my daughter to find and create that perfect wedding hair Up-do that special look making her feel princess for a day.

I have tried to keep a record of this journey we took together as a stylist in some ways more pressure in others a very special unique position to be in my parting gift to my daughter an Up do forged from love a look worthy of our journey up to this special moment,

                           building a base pony tail scouring pad at crow

As i write this i also reflect on what an important day this truly is and we as stylist should not take this day lightly when doing wedding hair.

With so many years experience in our industry taking on doing my daughters hair has been an interesting journey of reflection on a personal level but also thought evoking in the process the emotion the expectation for a bride of this day,

We as stylist can make this a good day a day to remember or a disaster caught of film video for eternity. so we should not take this on lightly and we have to be prepared to commit to this journey.

                                         starting to work on a shape

The skill re leave college and any said academy with are for the most part so basic colouring cutting and Up-do’s a safe set to get you bye but i implore you take the time to hone these skills especially if you intend on promoting your self as a wedding up-do specialist and charging accordingly.

I think that as mentioned so many times the initial honest consultation is key to success honest sharing a vision working out a time table for practice sessions colouring if needed a calender to work with.

Stress to your client that the first session is getting a feel for the hair how it moves lies bends folds, yes it does all this , I firmly believe that hair indicates where it wants to lie how the shape forms all we have to do is watch feel.

                                 freshly coloured no pre-styling tools

I will post a whole page of looks that just happened as we worked towards our final creation.

Last March my daughter came to stay for the week end to have her colour done and to see if we both felt ok with me doing her hair we had already discussed that if i did not feel comfortable doing it or she was not getting a look she liked getting a stylist in yes! some else would be ok i would be off the hook!!

Well doing her colour has never been an issue but we set aside a good chunk of the day to just play!

So colour done we set about doing some looks she has very long hair I am not big on hot rollers and hot irons trying to create curl I am blow it straight back comb boy build a shape sculpture the hair, building a shape form a foundation a central point or points, I cut hair the same way build on a shape have a vision before i start the same with an up do  weight line shape texture movement.

                                                  Build a firm base

Emily’s hair is only highlighted top section to the crown the rest the underneath is totally natural the highlights low lights blend in perfectly,

                                   This was our result and gave us direction

When starting this type of up do i start with a ponytail on the highest point on the crown maybe even slightly forward i then back comb the roots of the pony tail and get an old fashioned pot scouring pad cut a hole in the center like a doughnut, put the pony through this grip in down tightly my base my height my foundation. this can be located any place you like depending on your vision on our first session we took digital shots after each up do discussed what we liked what we did not like and moved forward three up-do’s alter we had a vision a meeting of the minds this is now about 3hrs worth of playing.

We now had quite the time until our next meeting turned out to be the last week of August now for a final colour and another up-do working from our above look. the key here has been trust i have given thought to our final look and also played around with different sections to create this look.

                                              shape starts to for

What fun final highlights process in the garden i use papers they are waxed on one side you pull them right into the roots they don’t move no folding no squashing product space for expansion no bleeds

four shade one bleach Blonde the rest Demi deposit low lights.

once processed we style blow out and it all starts to come together the thinking the patients all worth it. so now the final look on last practice day i hope that you agree it was worth the trial’s.

in the middle of the shot the thin dark band is a blue streak i made to provide a little edge that something blue.

So now nothing to do until the big day well that was last Saturday so here are a few of the final shots.

This really was a very special exercise for me but i think i have also grown from it both from the process and the hands on experience of being so close to this as such a huge event.

My hope is that in sharing this it may just make even a few reflect on our clients the service the inspiration we can offer the consultation the journey we take the influence we can have.

The trust that is instilled in us and what a privilege it is to be a part of this very special day.

I hope this journey has enjoyable for those who take the time to read it,

A special thank you to Emily for letting me share this with you

Mike B2MR


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Ombre hair colour thoughts techniques!

Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR regular postings of fresh new topic’s

Ombre Colour a technique of going from dark to light.

How can one create this look?  Well firstly I have to state it is dependent on the history of the hair that is being considered for this look.  So it’s back to that consultation or being honest with yourself if doing it as a home project.

Their are many formulations that one can explore and experiment with but one has to consider both target colour and effect required, the tone and shade being used.

Lets use a example of level 6 Natural Dark Blonde. One with previous colour history. One with virgin un coloured  or never processed hair.

The Look tends to be a graduated hair cut works well on longer hair.

In the event of previously coloured hair one would expect to see light ends dark roots, for the sake of this lets not go to complicated. So we will presume grown out Highlights and low lights. This look really does create a grwon out look going from darker to lighter.

One formulation that will take care of any unwanted shade or pigment from previous colour would be

to highlight maybe slightly thicker than finer.

I would suggest using on our pre-coloured hair  three different levels of Bleach decolouriser fading them into each other. How? You may ask.

Well weave out your highlights to desired thickness having mixed three bowls of bleach.

One with 10 volume peroxide  1part powder to 2parts peroxide normally makes good consistency but follow directions.

2nd bowl  20 volume as above mix

3rd Bowl 30 volume  as above mix

I would advise using different coloured bowls or mark each one so not to use wrong formulation.

Ready to go. Weave your streak place on foil, easy mesh, paper, what ever you use. Now paste the 10 volume formulation on the roots and as far out as you like, next paste the 20 vol formulation on the mid lengths again as far as you want. Finally 20 vol on the ends.

You have to keep an eye on this as it lifts. You may have to pull some out before your finished, but that’s ok. Once all done you have to decide on the tone that you want to blend them to.

Two thing are key to this. Don’t do the whole head. Make sure that the lift you get is even down each section and all sections have the same lift.

Think about the pigment you have exposed think about the tone you want use the colour wheel.

Now lets look at virgin hair I don’t think in this instance one would need to use bleach but again personal choice here is my choice and suggestion.

Remember we are sating of with a level 6 natural dark blonde. Things we have to consider when choosing  our formulation. What pigment will come in to play How will it effect our choice of colour.

Using the same highlighting technique as above. Lets play with both shade and lift.

So my choice would be 8A or 9A .why? Well it’s an Ash base so will control any unwanted warmth that being [ orange ] Lets use 10 volume on the roots this will lift one level but will expose warmth even with one level of lift. Mid section 20 volume two levels of lift. Ends 30 volume on the ends. Remember your timing and your formulations.

You could use 20. 30, 40, if you want it lighter. But more lift will bring out more orange. You can also slightly over lap each shade, because although different levels of peroxide all in the same colour camp so no banding.

Take you time think through both. Timing, application, formulation, use the tools available to you. Colour chart, colour wheel. Have some creative fun both with the cut and the colouring technique.

You too could look like a movie star with this technique that allows for stylish casual sophistication.

Link to web site contact information and more blog posting place to leave thoughts comments ask questions. Mike B2MR


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