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Blunt lines of a scissor hair cut.

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I  raise this question with all these variation on the Bob shape. Why is it when really short  up to the hair line Bobs are created are the lines so harsh?  In so many cases these cuts look like a line has been done with a pair of Clippers why such a harsh blunt line? What ever happened to softness working with growth pattens, considering hair growth so it does not look lop sided  stick out as in grows back?



What ever happened to considering jaw line does the client have a neck can she ware this blunt look. In so many cases little thought is given to.  How this look would work with any given client it’s a mass produced look. Without much consideration for. The clients hair. Her face. Her size!  yes can she carry it off will it look good? Is it an advert for your creative skill and talent????????

A line can be blunt dramatic but still have some softness and texture to  it. We need to consider the texture of the hair the way it grows and how it lies.

 How will it look on the client can they carry it off ?

Why not push your self. Challenge your creative talent with those shears scissors or that razor we are blessed now days with so many techniques and amazing tools that we really can push the envelope

of creativity.


Not only do we have at our disposal amazing tools. We also have and creative skill the techniques we have the freedom. A freedom that allows us to explore  hair as a medium to create shape from and texture

Maybe it’s time to up grade those. Scissors. Shears or that Razor. Maybe it’s time to up date those skills push the envelope. Really learn how to play with hair create some amazing natural free form shape maybe it’s time to take a course learn something new and exciting!



Be brave be bold but consider that shape. How it moves how it falls. Create a shape that stands out, for the hair cut is your walking bill board! your client is your future your success, give them your best

Mike B2MR



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Hairdressing.Training challenges:

Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR regular postings of fresh new topic’s


Investing in oneself!

sharing my vision

What does investing in oneself really mean?  Is it costly?  Is it worth while?  Let me tell you, investing in oneself does not have to be financial –  it could simply be time well spent!  We must all look in the mirror and be honest about what needs attention or adjusting, but the real key is knowing, from the bottom of your heart, what you truly want and where you want to go.  Your vision. your dream,your quest.


This of course does not mean that financial expense is not part of this. Sometimes parting with hard earned cash is the driver and the motivator. to seek help, do the work, reap the rewards.


This help comes in many forms. It could be helpful books, seminars, courses, presentations, demonstrations. The key is to have a vision of what you want, where you want your career to go.


Think of your career as a bus journey. Lots of people on board with you, but hey, you’re the driver, take your eyes off the road and oops.

                                       Are you in the driving seat?


The things we do define us. It’s these things that motivate, and inspire us. Question who you are, what you do, what really empowers you. The challenge is to ensure you have the right knowledge and tools to feel empowered. That feeling of positive affirmation will help you take charge and live your dream.


Courses, be they technical, hands on, shows, or demonstrations, are all very worth while.

However the real motivator is being creatively challenged, getting excited, having fun at work and in your life.


Over the past months my personal mission has been to build an internet presence: networking, learning to write a blog, creating a professional hairdressing group. Although at times frustrating and very challenging, it has forced me outside of my comfort zone, a place none of us like to be. Over this period I have had the great fortune to meet, share thoughts and ideas,with some really positive like minded people. These are inspirational, passionate, industry professionals.They have a vision. These are the people I want on my bus to learn from, share with, take a journey with.


Creating something new, learning something new, is not easy.  At times it can be frustrating, scary, emotional, but with time, patience, commitment, it can be so rewarding.


You can invest in yourself by sharing with others.Yes! Sometimes we have to put out, give something away to get so much more back. It’s the balance of the way things work.




Teaching and sharing. These are the keys to success and personal growth. What is the point in knowing lots if you don’t share? For me it comes under one umbrella, ‘experience, strength, hope.’ These three things in some ways can define who we are, what we want.


What do you want? What are you prepared to do? What lengths will you go to to fulfill your vision?


You also need to look around you on the bus. Who do you want on this journey, who needs to get off at the next stop! Some will get off along the way. That’s life and that’s ok.

                                  people get on and off along the way!

It is my firm belief that people come into our lives for a reason. Some times it’s a lesson we need to learn. Some stay around for a while, but eventually they get off for they are on their own journey.

A very few are in for the long haul. These are the people who we exchange more than thought and vision with. We exchange energy, that motivation, that excitement, that passion, when you just know that you both get it. A key lesson learned, experience shared, same vision, same dream, same journey,  although few and far between they are gold dust.

Has this happened to you? If not, it can, it should, it will. Be ready, willing, and able.

Maybe you’re happier just being a passenger. If so that’s fine, it’s safe, it’s steady. But let’s face it driving the bus must be way more fun! Of course you need to learn to drive first, but eventually you may just end up being the driver, the instructor. A world of possibilities.


How do you get started

So here you are back in front of that mirror. Take a long hard look. Take your time. Be honest with your self. Do some research. See that vision. Embrace it. Now think what steps do I need to take?


We all absorb and process information in different ways. Lucky for us now with the internet. It does not have to be just books that are available to us. Research web sites. Books will always have a place as you research, make notes, line things out, keep notes. A note book  is a great constant companion for those thoughts and ideas, a point of reference. Now we also have e-books, all the information on the screen at your fingertips.


Highly recommend, insightful, informative. A must as a companion and guide on this journey.



So to action

Be informed, get organised, have an agenda. But make sure however challenging, it’s fun, it’s rewarding. How long will it take? How long is a piece of string? It’s up to you but once started don’t give up however frustrating it might be at times.


The key is be open to change. The path will twist, turn, and have dead ends. The unforeseen can and will happen. Being well equipped, remembering that vision, trusting in all that research are the foundations that you have laid for your future success. Surrounding yourself with the right support group, you cannot fail if you stay true to your self. Honestly evaluate progress, stay focused. Don’t be scared to step outside of your comfort zone, however uncomfortable it might be. It’s all part of the process, the journey.


Enjoy !!!  I know I do……………. Mike


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standards of hair stylist Training.


A place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s on matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related.

Below I have cut and pasted a blog posted by a student hairdresser it’s colour correction posting . I would like to review it with you in sections. For it highlights some real issues relating to teaching standards and advise given to students and trainees.

Below is the Article as posted :

A lady came in today with some seriously lightened hair. She had about an inch of regrowth, and her hair was about a natural 6 (on a 1-10 scale). Her lightened hair was this color Straw off the charts yellow tinged.

She wanted lowlights to ease the transition while she grows her hair out (as she’s not going to continue to lighten her regrowth).

I started from ear level and weaved horizontal highlights all the way up her head, right up to the top, and it looked great when it was done – but boy oh boy was I off in my original color formula!

Of course, the instructors look over your formulas on paper before you do anything, so it worked out in the end. Here’s what I thought would be best:

1/2 8N (8 natural, in our color line) + 1/2 8.01 (8 Soft Ash in our line) 10 volume developer.

The instructors saw that and said that it would turn her hair green! I thought ash was what you use to counteract yellow, but apparently it’s more for reddish colours. I need to learn my color wheel better.

Quite the colour job and formula : a recipe for green hair?

So my first question is why is someone with no clear understanding of a colour wheel having consultation coming up with a half cocked formula?  

The first formula 8N lies in a blue violet camp so to add ash is adding more blue !

So what the instructors decided on was:

3/4 5N (5 natural) + 1/4 5.3 (5 Gold) 10 volume.

This formula is totally not what I would have thought of. Especially since the client didn’t like how yellow her hair was, I would have thought putting any kind of gold color in would be aweful! And a 5? Surely they’re mad! But of course I kept my mouth shut and trusted they knew what they were doing. (And I do trust them, they’re quite good)

My thoughts:

The instructor formulation adding that amount of 5G to 5N is fear factor it does nothing to the formulation. The 5N being a natural level 5 would mask out the 5G completely when hair is totally over processed why would you lift it more 10 Volume peroxide?

 This would make it more porous damaging it more? This is why the standards being taught are so poor no care attention to detail they should be working with the student through consultation into formulation giving sound advise!

Back with our student:

So after all the weaving, which took forever because I am so slow, we went to wash out the foils and I started freaking out a bit. (On the inside! The outside is always all smiles and “Hmm, everything is exactly how I expected. No surprises here! La-dee-da”)

It looked like halloween colours! Dark streaks of level 5 brown, light yellow streaks of her original hair! Oh no! Where my weaves too chunky? Where the instructors wrong about the color formula?

I hoped it just looked halloween-y because it was wet and brought her back to my station, and started drying her hair. As it dried the worries faded, because it looked surprisingly good. The low lights weren’t actually big thick streaks, they were fairly natural looking, mild low lights. It turned out Ok! I was so surprised by the result, I would not have put a level 5 on her, or used anything yellow-based. But if I had put a level 8 on her it would have been invisible, judging by how light the level 5 looked. Just goes to show that the porosity and condition of the hair plays a huge role in coloring it.

My thoughts.

The level 5N used with a 10 volume formulation did not give anything like target colour also over processing the hair more will cause fading this colour will not last. This was a poorly done job over seen by a very poorly trained or none caring teaching professional.

My closing Thoughts:

Students should be taught  and have a full understanding of the colour wheel basic laws of colour prior to doing consultations others wise how can they possible come up with  a correct formulation?

they also need to fully understand lift and deposit the effects of different levels of peroxide and the difference between permanent semi permanent Demi permanent and colour balancing all very basic stuff but key to understanding colour.

In so many cases a little basic knowledge is given prior to being let loose into the practical application of our trade our skill. This can be very dangerous it makes for stylist who muddle through thinking they are skilled and even convince them selves they know everything this is  dangerous this is ‘ Ego’

We as educators owe it to student to deliver the highest standard to education as is possible students have the obligation to look listen learn and strive to reach the highest standard of training.

Education is a very important part of being a stylist. It is one of the most important aspect of giving back and sharing but should be done by those with knowledge skill and passion .

To be a great hairdresser requires continued education and up dating of skills and product knowledge, industry awareness is key to staying up with change  keeping you in touch and relevant. Consistently  getting education will not only keep your skills and knowledge up to date  but your clients will appreciate that you invest both time and money in you ability.

Clients do notice when we try out new techniques be it cutting or colouring . What we have to remember is that we are being watched and criticized, even if its done in silence. As stylists and trainee as hairdresser keep up to date on the latest trends, and hairstyles, colours, techniques will keep you at the top of your game.



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Hairdressing Nightmares: A true life account

Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR lets talk colour and service

Regular postings of fresh new topic’s

As professional stylists we are duty bound to offer. The highest standard of professional skilled knowledge, service, technical ability. To do the very best we can without taking short cuts or rushing and charging accordingly for such service.

So why do so many stylist’s over book, take short cuts, over charge and then wonder why they lose clients. make mistakes!

This is a true account with out any names of either salon or people.

However i do thank the client for allowing me to share this rather harrowing experience.

I was recently asked advise by a friend living over sea’s about going lighter maybe some nice caramel toffee low lights.

My suggestion was seek professional skilled advise from your stylist. Have a consultation. Discuss your goal and optimum colour target. Be honest about past colouring in this instance quite long hair  mid back level sort of Bra strap. Her natural level would be around level 5. The colour used a rich dark brown around level 4. So long term build up would be a issues. Lots of pigment to exposed with build up of darker shade in the lifting process. The roots will lift Blonde very quickly so apply last with low volume peroxide to blend.

Prolonged use of the dark brown colour would. Indicate long term build up of colour mid length’s and ends.

So I suggested that she should ask for strand test. Remove a small amount of hair from the nape area and have it coloured. This would require bleaching but applying from the ends up through mid length finally the root. Once lifted evenly apply toner to even out to desired shade and tone.

Why so you may ask? the ends will lift the slowest and will dictate the end result the mid lengths although coloured less still holding lots pigment. So although it will lift more. It may well throw lots pigment in the lifting process this will tend to be very warm copper or orange.

So armed with all this advise and information off she goes to get her new caramel low lights done.

dark rich brown pre Highlighted attempt
pre having low lights done coloured level 4

Firstly here is the shot of the hair prior to the colouring.

This colouring was always done as deposit only. No lift .when going tone on tone or darker unless you want to add or increase warmth you do not need lifting levels of hydrogen peroxide.

So any build up is just layers of dark pigment. As stated a rich dark brown it matches her skin colour and hazel eyes.

So many salons over book, don’t allow the time and effort to do a job correctly.When things go wrong they may make excuses about the product, may pretend it looks great. It’s how it was supposed to look.

But it’s the client who. Has to be excited love this new look get what she wants and requested.

They have trusted us. Sat in the chair patiently. They asked all the right questions .They gave us time to decide on the best course of action to take. Having supposedly considered all options.

After attempterd Low lights
After low lights

So why does this happen?

What went wrong? what do you see? what do you think?

Remember request low lights. Caramel toffee. Remember suggested strand test. Consultation . Remember I suggested lift from ends in  allow that the mid lengths may throw orange and roots would lift really quickly.

So lets look at this. Firstly I was shocked. Sad. Appalled by this poor quality job. Caused by taking short cuts with very little thought given to the process or out come! A rush job.

Firstly the the blonde on the roots to eye level really does not work for her. It sucks the colour from her skin and is just a nothing dull boring shade of blonde.

The mid lengths did not lift as much so formed a colour bar, a very bright copper orange the dark pigment lifted out. Finally the mid lengths and ends they only lifted a little so still look solid and dark very little lift.

There is no way by just applying toner this can or could be fixed.  It was doomed to fail. This was caused by some one being lazy, applying bleach de-colouriser roots to ends and just hoping that it may all lift evenly or at least enough to colour balance it! Hoping that whatever pigments exposed could be evened out with a toner. In doing this the tones made the blonde dull had little effect on the orange and well the ends ! Hum Hoping is not good enough!!

The strand test should have been carried out in advance of the appointment. The strand test shown and discussed with client then the process carried out correctly with a great out come.

Why oh why do we allow this to happen? Why do we let our selves down . Is it lack of time?  Is it Easy money? well hardly if now you have to fix and re do! Lack caring. I really hope this creates some thought and feed back.

This can be fixed. I have advised the person in question what to do. She is having it re done later in the week . I am hoping she will let me have shots of finished job and i will then post and discuss the out come and process.

Enjoy the topic let me know your thoughts as always post comments i will respond

Mike B2MR


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platform work razor cut

Techniques being shared

razor cutting

Training Skill Motivation:

Can any of us honestly say we know everything you are on top of your game? fully motivated on a daily bases giving your all?

Or like most of us you have off days or are you having more off days than on? is going to work hard work is being at work real work maybe even to the point of resentment?

If you missing that excitement that creative buzz, passion, drive, motivation, then something is missing what could that be?

Well now it’s time to be honest what ever you work situation environment might be Salon, Self employed, in the case of the salon sometimes its so easy to get wrapped up in the moment that training product updates fall the way side.

If you self employed taking the time to invest in your self also gets put to the side normally because of time and money issues then we convince our selves that we are doing ok we are up date it’s so easy for us to make excuses, but at the end of the day we are hurting our selves our business we are also and most importantly letting our clients down standards of service drop.

With new products constantly coming onto the market it’s so important to be informed and knowledgeable both for your own sake and that of your clients.

Keratin hair relaxing products, new Ammonia free colour lines, this would be classed as product knowledge, then skills techniques from colouring to cutting then we have the technical side of the equation the how and why’s sometimes gets neglected.


discussion on stage


Final we have informal seminar’s that are structured to help with salon management, team and staff motivation, Service Consultation and sales.

It is my Opinion that all of the above should be reviewed and although not possible to address all  topic’s at once a plan should be drawn up to keep your business you staff  healthy and strong call it business and personal inventory or attitude adjustment.

Bad habits form slowly over time but fear not, habits can be broken just takes a willingness change a recognition of habit and indeed skill level finally a little work.

It can take as little as three weeks to break habits and start a journey onto a new path of self discovery talent and skill building sharing.


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Wedding day Practice session:


Created as a source of advise education knowledge skill experience a place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s on matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related.

For the last year i have been working with my daughter to find and create that perfect wedding hair Up-do that special look making her feel princess for a day.

I have tried to keep a record of this journey we tool together as a stylist in some ways more pressure in others a very special unique position to be in, my parting gift to my daughter an Up do forged from love a look worthy of our journey up to this special moment,

As i write this i also reflect on what an important day this truly is and we as stylist should not take this

The out takes session one we decided to busy and disjointed and no braids! moving on:

we decided both these looks we liked the swirl  but not big enough and just a little to much going on again we agreed on this whilst look at digital shots on the comp of each look. takes time but well worth it

below the last look we dismissed as being a little to much like a french pleat! as classic but not for this look.

As you can see quite a few looks explored patients on both sides but well worth it all the looks show off colour texture but just missed a little something  until one just pooed out! It is my opinion that some of these up do looks area mess but i had to post them to show the journey one take sand how this evolves it does not just happen. even top stylist practice a look so it looks easy and it works!

these last two were the end of day one and i think show quite the journey of how things evolve shapes form ideas come to life

these last two shots show off a look but they also show texture and show off the highlights oh and the beauty of the bride to be. Whilst doing this exercise we had i deal i would not see the dress but would find a look that would do it justice.

We discovered on the day the the pleat and the texture created  worked the same way as the fabric of the back of the dress

Master the art be creative have confidence enjoy creating remember it’s not always about money the rewards can be so much greater!! Mike B2MR


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