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The up/do. Creative, stylish ,elegant, fun.

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The up/do creative fun and can be a challenge for many.

My hope over the next couple of days is to share with you one look start to finish. Then post a few different looks.

The key to getting the look you want is three fold. Firstly consultation with your client.What type of look she is hoping for what is the event ?What is she wearing? Secondly confidence in your ability to deliver said or requested look. Lastly. Vision and technical ability to create something that will not only look good but will last the evening what ever might transpire!!

Just like all other services we offer. We have to work with order and structure. creating shape and final look is still about structure and foundation building and creating a look that will last look elegant and stylish.

Length of hair type of hair should not be an issue if you know what your doing and work with confidence this comes with practice .

As I post shots of this models hair going up you will see even though it’s really long it’s quite easy to manipulate. Being good at back combing really helps and working neatly be organised.

The look we are creating will be very polished and elegant with height at the crown to achieve this i have started with a high partial pong tail and pulled it through a doughnut to give me a solid base and extra height on the crown. Before starting to wrap the hair around the base i back comb it to give volume smoothing it out with a Mason pearson brush.

With so much hair to work with leaving the brush in the fringe area keep it out of the clients face and will create extra bend or wave for me down the road. When working with such long hair work with it don’t fight it.It tells you were it wants to lie just go with it work with it. play with it to see what looks best

This shot show’s how the shape is coming together the height is forming on the crown we are in control of each section as we place it. It’s starting to be fun! Remembering that we are looking to create a shape with height width and texture.but smooth and elegant.Everything in this look revolves around the central pony tail and doughnut.

Here we are the look is staring to come together we have now incorporated the sides  in the look it shows of both the highlights and movement of the look we have set out to create. We still have some work to do on the crown area and some long hair still to hide and work with.

Almost done now as your can see all that long hair has been used to create a pleated look giving the look lots of dimension and texture .showing off the multi tonal colours. this type of up do will stay up all day and night!

One strand left to play with. We have also added a little with a little blue hair extension just for a little variety.

The last step is to work to put the finishing touches to the look lose any unwanted stray hair’s make sure it tight feels safe and that the client feels confident with the look and how it feels. Does it feel safe and secure and is it comfortable ! Yes no pins sticking in her head!

 Final look soft elegant  and yet think very sophisticated.  total time to do this about 45mins start to finish

not pre curling not hot rollers just blow dried the day before. Back combing and hair spray

I hope that it will encourage you  as a stylist to have some fun and enjoy putting hair up.I hope it helps show you a method and encourages you to play. As a client if you looking for idea’s work with your stylist. Take in pictures of looks like like but be prepared to listen to advise.On how it might look and if your hair is suitable. will it stand the test of time !!! more looks tomorrow


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It’s almost party hair season!

Back2myroots : A place to share thoughts and grow idea’s B2MR.
Halloween a distant memory ! now the focus is on the festive season parties looking and feeling great!
Spare a thought for you hair stylist at this time. Juggling appointments trying to fit every one in,it can on occasion get a stressful!
Cocktail parties call for elegant sophistication Glam! Other events can be a little more fun and in some case over the top.
It is always possible to change ones hair for totally new look even just for an evening.
Straight hair can be easily be made to look full and fun! yes big party hair.
All it takes is a little time and thought a little time a little creativity.
Above shots both the same model. big hair for an 80’s theme party.
More formal look can also be had and played with again depending on the client and the event!
I am not suggesting these looks are for everyone. Far from it what i am trying to suggest is playing and both stylist and client having some fun. Being creative dressing up!
Sometime sit can be fun to make a statement stand out be talked about be it good or bad who cares!
of course one can always go a little further to extreme! lets see.
below from the back same model casual up do with some fun added!
Take that curly hair and put it up into a soft romantic up do.
What ever both client and stylists decide make sure that the client is comfortable with the look of course but remember it’s party it’s fun it’s dress up!
Just don’t over do it.
Above shot thanks to Jp Avant garde Vancouver, a shoot we did together.
Embrace the time of year and play hair is a wonderful medium to shape and be get with creative with what ever you taste. I do not expect everyone to like these looks. They are just posted encourage think a little differently about party season and fun.
Manage your time don’t get stressed have fun be creative. encourage your clients to be a little daring.

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Long hair.The up /do variations on pleating

Back2myroots : A place to share thoughts and grow idea’s. B2MR



Having wonderful Long hair can some time be a curse for us stylist’s! What to do with it. How to style it so much maintenance  for the client washing conditioning and yet it can and indeed is the envy of others. Below some examples:

The model with the Blonde hair has a length of hair that is down to her waist, you will see that know matter how long it can still be tamed allow us to be creative have fun.


So Embrace those wonderful long tresses they are the ultimate expression of femininity. Women with long hair have the possibility to create unique and fabulous hair styles with practice some imagination and patients of course you can create virtually any look from sophisticated evening looks to edgy funky looks no restrictions when it comes to styling.

If you are unsure about how to start  maybe get a few basic tip tricks from a fellow stylist.  One who enjoys putting hair up and enjoys sharing. It really takes sitting in front of a mirror and playing once you have an understand of basic looks and styles you will definitely be creating inspirational looks that are unique and your own person design looking fabulous every time.


 Long hair can be used  to create your own personal look identity it becomes part of you part of who you are as important as the right clothes and accessories and extension of both. Sexy romantic edgy soft or slightly harsh it all works it can look gentle soft feminine it can look intimidating give you that air of authority. Long hairstyles can be a tool of seduction and mystery. Due to the modern styling techniques  and the many tools and accessories  available to woman it’s easy to find and create a style that works that you own!


To be able to emphasise natural beauty. Trying a variety of hairstyles is highly recommended because in this way we will be able to discover what styles flatter you the most  and work with both your dress sense and makeup. Allowing you to feel self confident and comfortable with your appearance.

A few basic hair styling skills can literally do miracles by allowing you to completely transform your style.

Our job as stylists is to be able to offer and advise share demonstrate possible looks. Practice the look to refine it so you can re create the style with a high level of finish one that with stands what ever the day might offer.

Wind. Heat. Dancing. Photographs. Public opinion.


Loose hairstyles can also be the perfect compliment and alternative to a full on up do. For those who don’t have time on their side and prefer hairstyles that look polished but with a natural softness without a great deal of effort. But always consider the hair type will the look last the day? The Night?

Remember that what ever we as stylists create represents who we are what we do it’s our advert! Get it wrong no second chances, for any future or potential work or clients.

Loose wavy wavy hairstyles are a highly popular choice among women due to the wonders of modern styling tools and the simplicity of creating curls and volume that can with the right products last for hours  it’s amazing how quickly one have have both volume and texture  to enhance the natural look of the hair in a matter of seconds.

A few loose curls can instantly revive a lifeless flat hairstyle by creating the impression of movement and volume highlighting both the texture and shape of  hairstyle better than by using hair styling products extensively.

Sleek straight hairstyles can provide an incredibly professional and yet modern look slightly seductive  with a hint of mystery. The particular look will help emphasize the facial features so you can really play with that eye makeup it has amazing face-framing abilities a scan a sleek pulled back up do.

With the help of a good  quality flat iron, a thermal protection spray and a hairspray anyone can create perfectly straight hair in a matter of minutes. Despite the apparent simplicity of this  hairstyle, it can still be the  hairstyle that is suitable for a wide variety of events.


If you like classic beauty that Breakfast at Tiffany look then updo hair styles would probably be the best choice for you.

A simple classy chignon or a more complicated up do will give you the sophistication you look for. Top knots and ballerina buns are very vogue and so easy to do a tight pony tail tern wrap the hair around the the tail creating a bun for a polished look cover with fine net!

A total classic the beehive updo is another excellent choice especially for formal events when looking polished is an essential requirement.

The key to this type of up do is being patient and taking your time. Back combing is helps us to create shape and structure but should always be smoothed out for a polished look pins grips should aways be hidden.wisp’s flattened down with spray or light silicone. picture perfect!


For the more informal occasions you might choose to emphasize your playful naughty side by bending the rules going for a more up do messy hairstyles. Nowadays social acceptable it’s an effortless look that is highly valued being endorsed by several celebrities who chose to make entrance on the red carpet wearing cute messy buns.


Half up/down hairstyles are a perfect  meeting of glamor and edgy softness conformity it’s an updo that affords the liberty of movement that a loose hairstyle generously offers. Suitable for all face shapes, half up/down hairstyles allow you to create a slightly Avantgarde look depending on the styling options you use.


Half/up down hairstyles are low maintenance and so practical because a little care and attention at the off set of styling, you won’t have to worry about the about needing to refresh you hair style and carrying a few essential hair products with you will ensure that your hair remains perfect for the entire day.


So take the plunge experiment have some fun create that look that is so you! be you the client or the stylist.



Mike B2MR                              

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Wedding hair looks and style

Back2myroots : A place to share thoughts and grow idea’s

Wedding hair and the Bride:  Such a big day for any women fairy tale day princess for a day.



Princess for a day every Brides dream and so easily shattered when it comes to the look the style.

As stylists we must take the time to communicate and listen to the bride.Share a vision have consultation and practice.




What we want to see is a happy Bride on her wedding day stress free guests looking on in ore of the bride her dress her hair her make up. The full package.

What a great way for you as stylist to advertise your talent, get recommendations and referrals. Stylist who do not enjoy putting hair up the wedding stresses should not do weddings. Especially if! MONEY IS THE ONLY DRIVER!



Classic looks that stand the test of time and stay in place all day. Elegant soft and practical. An up do can look like apiece of art.


Work with the lines of the dress if possible! in this instance i did not see the dress but lucky for me the effect worked so well.



finally evening looks elegant soft but put up to stay. Showing off colour shape texture and form a classic.



Then we can also have the extreme all is possible maybe not for a bride but for  a look it’s hair have fun

so have fun .push your self work with your clients. Mike B2MR.



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Wedding hair look thoughts

Coming next week some looks and thoughts on wedding hair and formal looks and style.

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Wedding day Hair. Sharing a true story.

Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR: regular postings of fresh new topic’s

A place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s on matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related. Created as a source of advise education knowledge skill experience

                                       preparing hair planning Up-do

As I played with my daughter’s hair whilst trying to find that perfect look for her trying to make her have an elegant sophistication I was drawn to the reminder of the very fact that this for a young women is that child hood dream her dream come true. Hair. Makeup .Beautiful Dress. That happy ever after.

I was also and have been as a Dad. For some time been reflecting on the passing of time how quickly we went to baby bouncer to this. As of now it’s official my little girl is married and all grown up!

Any way I digress but well worth a ponder and a mention.

Moving on we have to remember that peek wedding time for me was around 1978 to mid eighties, remember the hair wash leave perms! The Purdy cut. Blow dried hair  lots of volume. Lady Di look a likes. How topical this of all weeks with a Royal wedding in London. Congratulations to the couple.

                                         Starting to build a shape

One big wedding I attended comes to mind clients name changed ! This particular wedding was a big event months and months of planning and hair growing.

But a true story all events happened: 

The plan here for Lucy was an up do very elegant  it had to show off the family tiara a very Breakfast at Tiffany Audrey Hepburn look. Any way i arrived at this country house/mansion  huge iron gates, gravel drive way oh my good it was a true family estate peacocks running around the chapel was it the grounds,

Parking area allocated, Helicopter paid marked out. Marquee the size of a big top right down to wooden floor laid down and me still not fully comfortable with weddings all the fuss pomp ceremony.

Although I has pretty much conquered the fear of the up do. I had replaced it with the resentment of the event the ceremony! Being on reflection a little discourteous and unprofessional.

I would usually arrive in a pair painters white bib brace work pants or an old aviator flight suit basic casual – work man!  oh they were very fashionable at the time .why did i act this way  I now wonder ! To carry this irreverence on I would have all my kit in a black plastic bag grab it from car arrive with it the slung casually over my shoulder. [quite dreadful] and really un-professional. I did thankfully eventually get over rebellion embrace and enjoy the privilege of being part of this special day. I did  get a camera case for my tools and dress smartly!! In some cases even attended the event with those very special client I would wave the fee as a wedding gift never expected and I loved doing it!

                              slowly work on the hair to create the look

I would intentionally park in the wrong place. In this case walking towards this monster stately home gravel drive peacocks running around.  The huge  stone stairs up to the front no door bell! just about to pound on the door and it swings open! The butler! good morning may I help you. looking down his nose! or so i thought . yes say’s I. I’m here to do Lucy’s hair very well I will inform her you are here the trades man entrance is around the back, Is that your car he then says? yes kindly move it to the allocated car park!

Well now biting my cheek took a little breath and said firstly I am not a trades man I do not do back doors the car is parked so I can get away once done before the wedding starts! So please tell Lucy I am here if she wants her hair done! Again how rude of me! With that an up stairs window fly’s open and loud voice shouts down my name followed by oh so glad your hear come on up would you like a glass of champers!

In I go past the butler still looking a tad put out. Up this huge stair case in these time it was fashionable to slightly different artistic creative yet none conforming so I had a novelty value the plan was do the hair of the Bride I tried not to do the bridal party to many heads ! In this instance it was the Up-do but then i had to hang around until the formal part of the wedding was over and then cut all of her hair off one to shock her friends this was so much about out doing each other bigger and better you know leaving in a helicopter or hot air balloon!

It was also being cut off for the three week beach holiday have to admit she did look better with short hair.

                                           Shape starts to form

The Up-do went quite smoothly fear had been dealt with many practice sessions so it became easy I looked like I was in control yes a big act! yes but key to keeping the bride relaxed as she trusts what I’m doing.

The hair is up. Make up on I get to help with the dress. I forgot to mention hairdressers get away with murder when it comes to dressing the bridal party the thinking being we are all gay. Half naked top less did not really matter I would help get into do up the dress do up buttons  arrange the train.

If a photo session was called for spread out dress for different shots take charge.

                                         different look and shape

                                  shape from texture form

This was as I have indicated a huge and formal wedding so photo’s on the stairs in the main hall now with all the staff looking on yes butler too!!ha ha revenge was mine as he admired my work!

The chapel was in the grounds but i now find out a horse and carriage ride away the guest and the press are all there! Father. Dad. Lord of the manner giving her away nice chatty man but no way is he going to help her in or out of the Carriage with that dress I now have a new role help her into the carriage load very carefully the long silk train careful not to wrinkle it then load myself climb in on the floor! Oh yes the only way this works is if i have my head up the brides underskirt well.

How to get to know your client and bride ping her garter! The fathers asked if I am ok on the floor ? slightly nervously tells me how thankful he is for my assistance. Yes I assure him that I am fine it’s not every day that I get to put my head up a brides skirt! He laughed this was going well,we had broken the ice.

Lucy giggles ! I asked  how do you think the groom would be if he knew I had my head up the dress of his soon to be wife! ha ha

Well once at the chapel the door is opened foot man opens the door ! The step folded down I appear from under the dress the press taking pictures help the bride down spread out the train the and formality of the this splendid event returns. But for a brief time in that carriage it was funny we were equal drawn to together by the event and the situation. She looked amazing. I was proud of the look Dad was very proud.This is what weddings are about Princess for the day.

                       finally a shape that works for me and the Bride.

The rest of the day went with out a hitch I hung around had a walk in the grounds I don’t do weddings.I was always invited as a guest but hey I am doing a job and being paid very well paid so would not cross the line of business and pleasure maybe why I never dressed for the event!

The time came the dress came of the hair came down and I had 20 mins to cut all her hair off into a funky sort wash and go look hair flew all over the room nothing like audience to encourage you to through hair around we went from half way down her back to maybe 2inches in a very short space of time, again all done what a transformation she now puts on her going away suit all done. Just as she is leaving to rejoin the reception I get a big hug a kiss and many many thanks your amazing oh and send Daddy the bill won’t you!!

I’m on my way another wedding another day another story The butler opened the door as I left with my plastic bag of tricks and the car is still out front! a good day.

With planning fear can be over come and for me with a bit more time embracing and enjoying the event the brides special day for it was not about me it is and was about the bride her day!

In my case now my daughters big day maybe this day was what it’s all been for experience.

I have on a number of occasions become close friends of a bride and it would be fitting to give her as a wedding gift my time and service as my thank you for her support over the years, for me these gestures make what we do so worth while,  A long way from the hairdresser rebel!

Why today to post this article.Well it was this wedding day experience. This open welcoming family that opened my eye’s to accept that it’s the Brides day it’s a Dad giving away his daughter be it a Lord or a normal working class person. Its the same My role is to be professional to think how much of an honor it is to be a small part of this day. It was this day the boundaries of class distinction and stigma came down for me.

It was the day I started to enjoy embrace and attend the Weddings of my clients when invited.

I became a better and more professional hairdresser and person.

In closing we as stylist have to remember that we offer a service it’s our skill and creative talent that we are relying on. But we must remember that humility and understanding the magnitude of the day will keep us grounded and sympathetic to the Brides and her families needs in what can be a very emotionally charged day.

Again Congratulations to the Royal couple

I have very much enjoyed re living this day and sharing it with you.

Mike B2MR


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Wedding day hair, Working with the Bride


Bridal hair:


A place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s on matters relating to hair colouring skill, techniques and anything industry related.

Last year I was working with my daughter to find and create that perfect wedding hair Up-do that special look making her feel princess for a day.

I have tried to keep a record of this journey we took together as a stylist in some ways more pressure in others a very special unique position to be in my parting gift to my daughter an Up do forged from love a look worthy of our journey up to this special moment,

                           building a base pony tail scouring pad at crow

As i write this i also reflect on what an important day this truly is and we as stylist should not take this day lightly when doing wedding hair.

With so many years experience in our industry taking on doing my daughters hair has been an interesting journey of reflection on a personal level but also thought evoking in the process the emotion the expectation for a bride of this day,

We as stylist can make this a good day a day to remember or a disaster caught of film video for eternity. so we should not take this on lightly and we have to be prepared to commit to this journey.

                                         starting to work on a shape

The skill re leave college and any said academy with are for the most part so basic colouring cutting and Up-do’s a safe set to get you bye but i implore you take the time to hone these skills especially if you intend on promoting your self as a wedding up-do specialist and charging accordingly.

I think that as mentioned so many times the initial honest consultation is key to success honest sharing a vision working out a time table for practice sessions colouring if needed a calender to work with.

Stress to your client that the first session is getting a feel for the hair how it moves lies bends folds, yes it does all this , I firmly believe that hair indicates where it wants to lie how the shape forms all we have to do is watch feel.

                                 freshly coloured no pre-styling tools

I will post a whole page of looks that just happened as we worked towards our final creation.

Last March my daughter came to stay for the week end to have her colour done and to see if we both felt ok with me doing her hair we had already discussed that if i did not feel comfortable doing it or she was not getting a look she liked getting a stylist in yes! some else would be ok i would be off the hook!!

Well doing her colour has never been an issue but we set aside a good chunk of the day to just play!

So colour done we set about doing some looks she has very long hair I am not big on hot rollers and hot irons trying to create curl I am blow it straight back comb boy build a shape sculpture the hair, building a shape form a foundation a central point or points, I cut hair the same way build on a shape have a vision before i start the same with an up do  weight line shape texture movement.

                                                  Build a firm base

Emily’s hair is only highlighted top section to the crown the rest the underneath is totally natural the highlights low lights blend in perfectly,

                                   This was our result and gave us direction

When starting this type of up do i start with a ponytail on the highest point on the crown maybe even slightly forward i then back comb the roots of the pony tail and get an old fashioned pot scouring pad cut a hole in the center like a doughnut, put the pony through this grip in down tightly my base my height my foundation. this can be located any place you like depending on your vision on our first session we took digital shots after each up do discussed what we liked what we did not like and moved forward three up-do’s alter we had a vision a meeting of the minds this is now about 3hrs worth of playing.

We now had quite the time until our next meeting turned out to be the last week of August now for a final colour and another up-do working from our above look. the key here has been trust i have given thought to our final look and also played around with different sections to create this look.

                                              shape starts to for

What fun final highlights process in the garden i use papers they are waxed on one side you pull them right into the roots they don’t move no folding no squashing product space for expansion no bleeds

four shade one bleach Blonde the rest Demi deposit low lights.

once processed we style blow out and it all starts to come together the thinking the patients all worth it. so now the final look on last practice day i hope that you agree it was worth the trial’s.

in the middle of the shot the thin dark band is a blue streak i made to provide a little edge that something blue.

So now nothing to do until the big day well that was last Saturday so here are a few of the final shots.

This really was a very special exercise for me but i think i have also grown from it both from the process and the hands on experience of being so close to this as such a huge event.

My hope is that in sharing this it may just make even a few reflect on our clients the service the inspiration we can offer the consultation the journey we take the influence we can have.

The trust that is instilled in us and what a privilege it is to be a part of this very special day.

I hope this journey has enjoyable for those who take the time to read it,

A special thank you to Emily for letting me share this with you

Mike B2MR


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