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Training in house or college:


Training your team home or away?

Quite a contentious subject, with so many choices how does someone make a choice of best path to be well trained.

As a Salon owner or manager how do you decide the best way to train and attract new staff and offer them the best training one that will benefit both the salon and potential trainee.

As someone with a focus on self employment maybe home based business, mobile freelance or chair renter,

How do you decide on the best place to train and up date those skills stay current and up to date with products techniques and all matters pertaining to our industry.

With so many Academy’s, Colleges, Hairdressing Schools how do you the salon compete to get apprentice trainee’s?

These institutions especially the private enterprises are designed to teach but more importantly to them make money. they do this by charging the students and charging the models a perfect equation they also get discount from the large colour Companies to promote their products.

As i said a Contentious subject.

The standards taught in many of these establishments can and does vary considerable many of the tutors left salon work for personal reason then decide to teach what they know. My question is did they ever really it make it the salon ! do they really care or is it just a job with the title Teacher!!

My experience with Colleges and Academy’s has been rather dulled by lack of commitment attitude poor standard lack of knowledge or they have just been doing the same thing term after term year after year and are out of touch with reality and products and how they work they don’t prepare their students for the real world they leave college with a huge attitude fake it till you make it they are newly qualified and think they know it all the reality is they have very little salon real life experience need help extra training not that employable. [ oh but they do have NVQ level 2}


As a home based business or mobile stylist if qualified you owe it to your self and your clients to keep up dated and educated  remain current if your goal is to become self employed or mobile then just as important to seek out the best training possible and commit to up dates, working alone can be very lonely and uninspired so keeping in contact with fellow stylists is key to success. look at what training update your local Distributor is putting on take advantage of courses being run.

As a Salon owner/manager you owe it to yourself your salon and staff to offer the very best standard of education service half in salon with days release or do you take it as a salon owner to build and train your team this takes work and commitment can be so rewarding to both you staff and clients alike. Your other option being day release farming the training out an option but leaves little control of skill or knowledge being taught or eventual standard.

To train your own team takes planning hard work commitment but the rewards are huge, so lets take a look at how huge a task is it to train in house.

Planning this coming up with syllabus a realistic time frame to cover all the topic’s to cover all the different skills and tasks to reach the various levels of NVQ qualification.

Having a schedule that works for the salon in the salon for both staff and trainee and Clients, yes get clients involved they are a great source for models and encouragement Remember this is a two way commitment you get the new enthusiastic willing to learn trainee who wants to learn works hard for your part you have to train a share knowledge educate and are responsible to train this person to the highest of standards.

I would suggest targets laid out and agreed upon as training standard to be agreed by all parties laid out weekly, monthly with reviews along the way.

For the help the staff get in the Salon they have to be committed to be part of this exercise to share knowledge, educate to be part of this salon experience part of building the team.

Staff should commit to model nights if any given stylist has a skill or is more qualified in any given field [e.g maybe hair colour] then use this encourage staff to do training updates to get involved as Educators platform artists do in house and out source training.

All of this is great for business staff talk to clients clients share with friends and family that their salon do so much on the education front.

Have clear goals and standards cutting you have to teach the student has to master basic’s before moving on every one learns at a different pace but clear defined levels to ability to achieve should be laid out and agreed upon.

The same should be said for colour and perming. note that with these two subjects both carry great deal of technical information that must be learned chemistry and understanding as well as safety.

The hands on application of product the mixing the timing it goes on and on.

the good news is there is a wealth of information available to us either on line or books that can be purchased to build up a library of knowledge and place of resource,

As we know as hairdressers we don’t like study or reading but to succeed knowledge and education are key.

Examples of the art of hair colouring real hair colourd to look natural from very blonde.

Below Example of colour match for the pre coloured hair extension:

The Team building

This exercise of getting qualified staff involved in training also deals

with problems of not sharing being  a team player issues of EGO a thing that is prevalent with us stylist.

This ego issue can also become an issue when self employed it’s a natural way we can convince our selves that we are good enough know enough not to bother with up dates  a dangerous path to allow ourselves to go down it will eventually effect business and client retention be honest with your self  stay connected with other stylists.

In case of ego it’s a safety barrier we project to hide insecurity or lack of knowledge and or skill so the in salon training helps with these issues.

The incentive for qualified staff involvement could be the salon contributing to training events partially or fully encourage all levels of  entering competition both for the individual and for the salon.

All of the above is possible not over night but over time the rewards are huge both in time and money not to mention how proud you will feel when that kid you took in is a busy successful fully booked stylist on the salon floor.

This as i said takes lots of planning it will have its pitfalls and challenges but its a journey an adventure you and your staff your team can take together.

Do not get lazy and abuse this agreement as cheap labor it does and will come back on you and ultimately damage your Business and staff relations.

For my part with many years and a great deal of experience i would be happy to work with any one thinking of embarking on this in house training scheme.

In closing I think any  newly qualified stylist should think very carefully about going directly from college into any self employed situation get some salon experience in. some client experience  some service experience!!

If you would like to discuss this topic share some thoughts just click on link below for all contact information.

Good luck have fun Mike


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Hair colour the information game:


Created as a source of advise education knowledge skill experience a place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s on matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related.

In a recent exchange of thoughts with a fellow industry professional we were sharing thoughts and comments around policy and what is accepted as common place with professional hair colour manufactures, the practice of deploying clever marketing tactics to promote products in some cases cases certain Ingredients are promoted whilst others are disguised or played down, they work on the assumption that the majority of users or consumers do not know any different when the topic of ingredients are raised and their short / long term effect.

We as stylist colour technicians hairdressers owe it to our selves and our clients to be well informed and try to educate our clients on this subject.

In the same exchange of views the issue was raised as to training knowledge of stylists and interest in products ingredients it was suggested that many hairdressers and colorists do not consider internal knowledge of ingredients an issue. it was also suggested that for a few performance is key but most stylists are content to be part of an industry that  revolves around beauty and creating beautiful color, and the reality of our business is generating results that provide a complimentary service for which people pay a premium.

My view on this is that whilst i agree with this in principle I but don’t see how being informed and educated being able to inform clients openly about any given product would or should effect our creative talent, clients who are paying a premium should be doing so in the knowledge that the person doing the creative work is well informed and educated and not just using products that some corporate entity or large manufacturer has produced a slick advertising campaign for.

It was also pointed out to me that our lives are touched daily with ingredients that would shock most, however this is a commercial world we live in and is based on reality.  but does this mean we should not question does this mean we just have to accept it?

Manufacturers share technologies and ingredients and their resources are limited to what is tried, tested and approved by the cosmetic federations governing safety and usability.

This was and is not the point products that are tested  and certified as safe can be changed when certain elements come together also many ingredients are disguised and represented if different ways.

I am only saying we as professionals have a right to question and decide, we should not assume everything written on the box is gospel, manufactures and corporate concerns should hold professional stylist in higher regard when it’s comes to standards of knowledge and education,

In Closing we can as stylist change this attitude of need to know bases education, demand transparency of chemistry and ingredients and effects from manufacturing by questioning becoming educated ourselves and of course most importantly by use!



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