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Long hair.The up /do variations on pleating

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Having wonderful Long hair can some time be a curse for us stylist’s! What to do with it. How to style it so much maintenance  for the client washing conditioning and yet it can and indeed is the envy of others. Below some examples:

The model with the Blonde hair has a length of hair that is down to her waist, you will see that know matter how long it can still be tamed allow us to be creative have fun.


So Embrace those wonderful long tresses they are the ultimate expression of femininity. Women with long hair have the possibility to create unique and fabulous hair styles with practice some imagination and patients of course you can create virtually any look from sophisticated evening looks to edgy funky looks no restrictions when it comes to styling.

If you are unsure about how to start  maybe get a few basic tip tricks from a fellow stylist.  One who enjoys putting hair up and enjoys sharing. It really takes sitting in front of a mirror and playing once you have an understand of basic looks and styles you will definitely be creating inspirational looks that are unique and your own person design looking fabulous every time.


 Long hair can be used  to create your own personal look identity it becomes part of you part of who you are as important as the right clothes and accessories and extension of both. Sexy romantic edgy soft or slightly harsh it all works it can look gentle soft feminine it can look intimidating give you that air of authority. Long hairstyles can be a tool of seduction and mystery. Due to the modern styling techniques  and the many tools and accessories  available to woman it’s easy to find and create a style that works that you own!


To be able to emphasise natural beauty. Trying a variety of hairstyles is highly recommended because in this way we will be able to discover what styles flatter you the most  and work with both your dress sense and makeup. Allowing you to feel self confident and comfortable with your appearance.

A few basic hair styling skills can literally do miracles by allowing you to completely transform your style.

Our job as stylists is to be able to offer and advise share demonstrate possible looks. Practice the look to refine it so you can re create the style with a high level of finish one that with stands what ever the day might offer.

Wind. Heat. Dancing. Photographs. Public opinion.


Loose hairstyles can also be the perfect compliment and alternative to a full on up do. For those who don’t have time on their side and prefer hairstyles that look polished but with a natural softness without a great deal of effort. But always consider the hair type will the look last the day? The Night?

Remember that what ever we as stylists create represents who we are what we do it’s our advert! Get it wrong no second chances, for any future or potential work or clients.

Loose wavy wavy hairstyles are a highly popular choice among women due to the wonders of modern styling tools and the simplicity of creating curls and volume that can with the right products last for hours  it’s amazing how quickly one have have both volume and texture  to enhance the natural look of the hair in a matter of seconds.

A few loose curls can instantly revive a lifeless flat hairstyle by creating the impression of movement and volume highlighting both the texture and shape of  hairstyle better than by using hair styling products extensively.

Sleek straight hairstyles can provide an incredibly professional and yet modern look slightly seductive  with a hint of mystery. The particular look will help emphasize the facial features so you can really play with that eye makeup it has amazing face-framing abilities a scan a sleek pulled back up do.

With the help of a good  quality flat iron, a thermal protection spray and a hairspray anyone can create perfectly straight hair in a matter of minutes. Despite the apparent simplicity of this  hairstyle, it can still be the  hairstyle that is suitable for a wide variety of events.


If you like classic beauty that Breakfast at Tiffany look then updo hair styles would probably be the best choice for you.

A simple classy chignon or a more complicated up do will give you the sophistication you look for. Top knots and ballerina buns are very vogue and so easy to do a tight pony tail tern wrap the hair around the the tail creating a bun for a polished look cover with fine net!

A total classic the beehive updo is another excellent choice especially for formal events when looking polished is an essential requirement.

The key to this type of up do is being patient and taking your time. Back combing is helps us to create shape and structure but should always be smoothed out for a polished look pins grips should aways be hidden.wisp’s flattened down with spray or light silicone. picture perfect!


For the more informal occasions you might choose to emphasize your playful naughty side by bending the rules going for a more up do messy hairstyles. Nowadays social acceptable it’s an effortless look that is highly valued being endorsed by several celebrities who chose to make entrance on the red carpet wearing cute messy buns.


Half up/down hairstyles are a perfect  meeting of glamor and edgy softness conformity it’s an updo that affords the liberty of movement that a loose hairstyle generously offers. Suitable for all face shapes, half up/down hairstyles allow you to create a slightly Avantgarde look depending on the styling options you use.


Half/up down hairstyles are low maintenance and so practical because a little care and attention at the off set of styling, you won’t have to worry about the about needing to refresh you hair style and carrying a few essential hair products with you will ensure that your hair remains perfect for the entire day.


So take the plunge experiment have some fun create that look that is so you! be you the client or the stylist.



Mike B2MR                              

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