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Cutting and electric clippers.

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When we think about the electric clipper what comes to mind? man’s hair cut tidy up the neck line ?

We have to think beyond that another tool in our box ! another skill in our skills box!

When we think Electric clippers most of us think head shave to some degree and numbered guards. Who make the best clippers.well many different brands but Wahl and Oyster make the  best without a doubt.  I have to say i do like the clippers that are air cooled.

The shot below with the huge Blonde main was cut on stage just using clippers. In-fact the Oyster ones above. Having taken the model on stage with one length hair that was added as extensions prior to going on stage so anything is possible just open your mind.

We don’t have to think head shaving although that can have artistic merit’s one can use clipper’s to do freestyle hair cutting anything from a blunt Bob to scissor over comb work. Yes if you. Understand  weight distribution, form and shape anything is possible. You just need to be creative and challenge your self. Put those scissors down and experiment.

Once we understand angles and weight distribution and so creating shape then the tool we use to do this open up so many possibilities. I truly think that more stylist should use clippers razor’s become professional and skilled using all tools available to us. Part of this is understanding weight as stated . I hope the above diagrams will help.

when we think about cutting with a razor they take over from the scissors or traditional razor is the effect the finished result that different to look at no but the challenge is and was achieving that with out traditional tools so a new skill another fear faced very worth it for both your and your client!maybe not for very curly hair but your in charge!

Explore using electric Clipper’s have some fun start off with willing models but push and challenge your self. Become an comfortable and skilled with all your tool’s.

Again invest in a good set of clippers and if you need them guards. I don’t get paid in any way to provide this material  hence providing both links! Mike B2MR


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elegant sophistication up/do’s next week

elegant evening looks cocktail and christmas parties

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It’s almost party hair season!

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Halloween a distant memory ! now the focus is on the festive season parties looking and feeling great!
Spare a thought for you hair stylist at this time. Juggling appointments trying to fit every one in,it can on occasion get a stressful!
Cocktail parties call for elegant sophistication Glam! Other events can be a little more fun and in some case over the top.
It is always possible to change ones hair for totally new look even just for an evening.
Straight hair can be easily be made to look full and fun! yes big party hair.
All it takes is a little time and thought a little time a little creativity.
Above shots both the same model. big hair for an 80’s theme party.
More formal look can also be had and played with again depending on the client and the event!
I am not suggesting these looks are for everyone. Far from it what i am trying to suggest is playing and both stylist and client having some fun. Being creative dressing up!
Sometime sit can be fun to make a statement stand out be talked about be it good or bad who cares!
of course one can always go a little further to extreme! lets see.
below from the back same model casual up do with some fun added!
Take that curly hair and put it up into a soft romantic up do.
What ever both client and stylists decide make sure that the client is comfortable with the look of course but remember it’s party it’s fun it’s dress up!
Just don’t over do it.
Above shot thanks to Jp Avant garde Vancouver, a shoot we did together.
Embrace the time of year and play hair is a wonderful medium to shape and be get with creative with what ever you taste. I do not expect everyone to like these looks. They are just posted encourage think a little differently about party season and fun.
Manage your time don’t get stressed have fun be creative. encourage your clients to be a little daring.

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Art of the up do.

Welcome to B2MR BACK2MYROOTS! I hope to create a platform that over time will become a place to share thoughts review hair colour and products.

I am pleased to let you know that i have started a professional hairdressing net working group through Linked in.

When I first started in the hair industry the thought of putting hair up being asked to do some ones hair for a graduation or wedding totally freaked me out.

The reason for this was fear! fear of screwing up fear of not knowing what i was doing looking an idiot.

I muddled my way through doing wedding hair but never feeling very confident it was not fun!

That was the way until I met and worked with a wonderful man and now dear friend.

Mr Jon Paul Holt owner of Avant-Garde artistic Studio Vancouver Canada winner of so many awards and accolades. I was fortunate enough to be a member of his Artistic team and learned so much from him. As he challenged me to work with him on photo shoots. and stage shows.

Jon paul taught me to enjoy playing with hair learn from handling it trying to create a look.

As a medium you can create so many styles and shapes. My dear friends from Vancouver  fab hair stylists Jon paul Holt, Ted Mc Kinnon outside Avant-garde Yale town Vancouver Canada. Weather looking for conventional look for a wedding or graduation one must have an idea of what the client wants but it’s also important to have a vision in your mind practice is key.

This series to the left and right were for a graduation a classic look pre coloured low lighted hair using a high lift Blonde on a natural level 4 base.

The low lights compliment the look by giving it texture and showing off the shape.

Building a shape likes this takes a little practice and patients but it’s well worth it.

[note: Using a high lift Blonde on dark hair will always give a very natural low light as it will only lift max of 4 levels depending on developer used. One should consider the pigment base of the Highlift shade ie ash beige violet ect!

A Slightly more Avantgarde look using

a few coloured hair  pieces.

Also using a medium to Sculpture a look to Create a hat look.

Slightly edgy but would work well for wedding or Graduation on some one with the confidence to carry it off.

Never force someone to wear a look that they are not comfortable with!

The key is practice and communication knowing that one has to play and get a feel for the hair and the clients needs and expectations. When playing their is no such thing as failure it’s more a case of taking a journey of discovery a firm foundation to build from.

As stated hair colour can also play a key roll to show off a look give it texture and dimension.

By play and practice you can find the look that works with the hair and suites your client soft and low high with softness so much choice.

Have the confidence to step out side your comfort zone but don’t be made to feel uncomfortable when working with a client for a big event or occasion if their is a difference of opinion of a personality clash my advise would be suggest that you part agreeing to differ if is to short and weddings and big formal events expectation run high who needs that stress!

Unless they are modeling for you for a show or photo Shoot then well it’s your call. enjoy have fun challenge your self.


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