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Hairdressing.Net working multi Media resources.

Back2myroots : A place to share thoughts and grow idea’s. B2MR

The Internet  and professional groups for sharing and learning

We live on a vast planet ever evolving and changing yet it’s so small. We all of us are also constantly evolving. The  business the profession the training the skills all like the planet constantly changing and evolving. In so many cases the day today issues we have in the salon with our clients are unilateral.

Service offered. Standards of skill. Education. Training. Staffing. Client retention.

Same issues yet level’s of accepted qualification vary from. Region to region.State to state. Province to Province . Country to country.

What is global accepted is the exchange of views skill knowledge over the internet . A sharing between like minded professional of knowledge and views.

Over the last months whilst working to build up an internet presence and indeed a  Net work of contacts. I have had the good fortune to connect with some wonderful like minded motivated true professional.

What amazes me is two fold.

One the ease of communication on a global scale. With E-mail.  Text. Skype. Video.  It is now possible to by pass the time zones and share thoughts, idea’s, net work. share a vision on a international scale.

It is very apparent to me that some of the huge issues that exist here in the UK within our Industry are alive and well every where.  Why did? How did this topic come up?

Firstly it dawned on me that although it’s such an amazing networking tool It’s emotionless so one has to be careful with the tone of what they write. Also any information shared should be considered before posting not knowing who might read or apply any views thoughts or idea’s shared!

Then it dawned on me that so many young stylist’s training hairdresser’s and indeed Tutor’s could gain so much from joining and being active in some of the industry professional groups. That share thoughts idea’s and topic’s. By having a open honest conversation about issues that arise in the Salon. Be they Service related or skill .Issues of. Image. Communication. Consultation. Or just group issue’s and topic’s raised.

We all need to constantly work on. Self adjustment . Self assessment on what needs a little honest attention. Are you up for this challenge?

Find a professional group become active ask question’s join discussion’s learn grow connect. This goes beyond some of the daily media interaction that we all now use on a daily bases.

Face book. Twitter. Email .Text. It is more focused than these medium’s it’s you choosing a group to share with lean from.

This is not written to promote any specific group so I am not posting any links I would however suggested that even if training consider starting to build a professional profile of your. Skill. Qualification.Certification.Training. This may just over time help you and others  as skill and professional qualification become more accepted and Industry recognised. By professional bodies and salon owners.

For new stylists and trainee’s these sights are a great way to access professional help.ask questions get real hands on answer’s on anything Industry related. So go on re search a group  build a profile and  a net work Tutor’s and educators.

Build a profile and stay current with industry thoughts views and topic’s share it with your students!

Check out a Linkedin as a place to start. Mike B2MR

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A vision for hairdressing and stylists


any thing can happen
Any thing is possible you just need vision

Regular postings of fresh new topic’s.  A place to share. Thoughts post comments, idea’s. On matters relating to hair colouring, skill and techniques and anything industry related.



It’s is my hope my goal that. Through my web site, blog postings and working on networking with other like minded industry professional we can work together to make a difference. Connecting through Linked-In sharing thoughts comments and topic’s with the two groups those being.


The Professional hairdresser knowledge net work.

Care about hair- Colouring education service Uk

By using. A variety of social outlets and media groups my goal is to make connection enabling me to share my experience and knowledge.

To be given a platform to help improve the quality of service and raise the standards for both individuals and businesses alike.

To work with a companies who see education as a tool to promote sales, increase business and awareness. Whilst raising the standards and skills of all professional stylist’s

There are many tools available to us all. Mentoring books designed to offer constructive help and advise. We all of us have a journey and life experience to share with a very varied back ground in our industry I am fortunate enough to have experienced many different aspect of the hairdressing industry. I continue to search for ways to share. to work with others on educational, mentoring and support material. That can be made available to both salons, stylists and trainee’s.

It is my firm belief that the keys to success for the individuals are. Education. Knowledge. Skill.

These attributes include service skills, communication skills, consultation skills.


A great sites for information and to net work.


Really interesting support material mentoring and support.

It is also being honest with your self, about who you are, what you want. How prepared you are to work to be the very best that you can be are you up for the challenge.

For a salon and business owner it is all of the above with the added challenges of handling managing staff, working with the general public, being fully focused and committed to building and maintaining a business all the challenges that will arise.

The highs the lows the daily unexpected that will happen it’s how you deal with them that will define you reflect on you and your business.


For business support a free initial consultation and consultancy information. Check out the web page

you will also find our Group face book page and link to follow on Twitter.

My hope is to find a number of stylist salon owners who are looking to move forward looking for advise some guidance life experience that will assist them to reach their goals and full potential.
to take a journey together that we will all learn from in ways untold from hands on skill to colour theory to service and sales staff training!


We post regular blogs on may topic’s on

platform to share
sharing knowledge and information

also on word press

Discover what the keys are to your success how can i help you? can you help me? so many ways to communicate connect share information. I look forward to hearing from you.sharing and growing together.

Mike B2MR


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Hairdressing reviews comments,Quotes

I just wanted to take some time to thank everyone who has taken the time to follow and leave comments on my blog hairdressing related postings.

This site is growing slowly in viewing and following I also have a web site this is linked to my other Blog site and the linked in groups that i manage. as well as the group B2MR face book page.

To get inspired one needs to relax

If you have time please drop bye.


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