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challenges and change in the hair industry .

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              Is there need for change in our industry? 

                                  ‘If so’

                How can this change happen?

Sadly although it can happen by itself when this happens it’s not normally good and positive change. It’s a change that happens slowly over time normally caused by neglect and complacency.

Rather than point out areas that need to change or be addressed i think it better to look at the big picture and how positive on going change can and will impact our industry. Not every one is open to change some might even be dead against it but it happens with or without some guidance and direction when this happens it can become quiet chaotic and seem very random and uncoordinated.

The hair industry has so many facets that it becomes quite hard to think about it as a whole I think of it more as many smaller units that are all linked under one umbrella ‘our industry’.

From Salon ownership.To Distributor.To Manufacturing. These might be considered the three main arms with other avenues leading off and yet connected within the industry.

This might be Stylists. Training education. Product knowledge. Product education. Platform work Product promotion. This would then break down again into others area. Colleges.Academy. Salon training. Product educator Sales person. Artistic team member and so on. Many avenues to many to split them up.

What has changed over the years? Certainly government involvement in standards and levels of training by the setting up of training standard bodies creating over legislation has this been for the better good of the industry? For both the standards and indeed for the types attracted into the profession? Are the right people steering controlling and setting mandates for our industry?

The number of colleges and academy’s. The standards they teach  the number of students they produce qualified each year. Is it now just a business and  way to control unemployment numbers? Should they work more closely with the industry at grass roots levels the salon and business owner the end consumer of the trainee’s.The industry expected to employ these constantly growing number of newly qualified professionals.

Manufacturers the products they produce, they way they market them. Do they respect our industry or dictate to it? Should they be more transparent about the products they expect us to use and promote. The salon business. Is on longer seasonal. The demands from stylist are different. The way we can connect with our clients is different. what clients demand is constantly changing. The age of expected discounting is consuming many salon and spa owners.

I do not have al the answers to the points raised but i do know that over the years we have allowed these changes to influence our industry. These changes some good some not so good now effect and influence our profession greatly. Judging by the number of industry professional voicing opinion globally on various professional group forums the need and want for change is growing. Build up a Linkedin professional profile join a some groups become active.One such group ‘professional hairdresser knowledge networking group’

There are many passionate motivated professional who work tirelessly to try and raise awareness and have a voice. Every salon every spa has the power to make change happen. How. By starting in your own salon with staff and owner collaboration with innovative thinking. By taking action start to think about and discuss the things your ant to change have a vision and work towards it salon owners stop competing with each other by our discounting each other you are hurting your selves some time competition is not healthy it’s distractive and negative.

Start in salon training develop your team have high standards start hold the manufactures accountable for the products they expect us to use. Join discussion groups share your voice have opinion.When things are not acceptable say so communicate openly with staff. learn and understand how to use social net working and multi media to your advantage. Encourage personal development as well as salon and team development. Take back control of your business and so a little bit of our industry by being educated skilled and professional. Being informed having knowledge is power having opinion and sharing views is powerful.

Finally the internet and the information available we cannot trust everything that is posted to be totally true we owe it to our sleeves and those we work with or influence to do a great deal of research to make sure the facts that we are presented with are correct. To be willing and open for change and challenges to embrace all the new possibilities available to us.

The internet is a marketing tool as well as an information high way so we have to all learn to navigate it and stay current and up to date!

I hope that this starts up some discussion and gives me some feed back.

Mike B2MR.


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Hairdressing. Commitment,Attitude,Image,Vision.

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A somewhat contentious subject: But worthy of discussion and debate I’m sure we will not all agree !!!

but that is healthy.

I don’t know if this is a global issue but it certainly is an issue in the countries I have worked in. Is it an issue where you are.  Its a topic that I dwell on given my passion for our industry.


Commitment. Attitude. Image. Vision:

Why do so many young people start training and give up. Or just turn to it not knowing what else to do. in some cases just getting pushed into it just because of lack of academic qualification. Hoping it’s an easy meal ticket! to a not to demand profession.

Why do so many stay in the industry poorly trained? Little or no motivation complaining acting out and being totally un-professional. Why is this?

I’m hoping this will create discussion because like so many issues in our industry it’s one that is sort of pushed aside never really addressed or looked at.

In these economic times we seem to heading down that path that has been trodden many times apprenticeships programs for youth employment. incentives for salons to take on trainee’s. Is it just another way of playing with unemployment figures or real industry commitment.

Then we have the colleges and the day release system. The standards of what is being taught is out of touch with reality. So bogged down with paper work health and safety issues. The tutors in many cases are un motivated and out of touch .The students having failed in the academic world don’t now want to be in class room setting. How will this ever change if never addressed.


My reason for this topic is not to just rant about an issue not just to use my blog a platform to moan. It’s to bring up the topic and hopefully put a positive lean on it!

How can it change? What can we do as professional salon owners. How can tutors improve and help to change and or improve things.

Firstly by being honest with all the youngsters thinking of a future in Hairdressing.This means taking the time to discuss with them their goals and dreams find out if the service industry is for !It’s not for every one. Find out how committed they are to study and self improvement.

We need to lead by example.We need to raise standards. We can all make a difference if we are willing and committed.

It’s about giving back. It’s about sharing. Its about being honest. It’s about communication and most of all positive honest discussion.


We have to take the time to honestly explain the training process to young people coming into the profession. Tell what to honestly expect. We have to help them value and respect them selves.

In-fact many Stylist’s could learn from a little reflection on these subjects .They could in many case’s do with some help. I have come across many in our professions with self issues. Maybe our industry attracts this .We all have a story. We come with baggage. We all have a past. We all have a story.

We also all have creative passion. For hair dressing. For being a stylist. Being a colour technician. Being successful.


From being honest with young people coming into our profession. We have to then also look at help and assistance for those either new to the business or struggling. This can be newly qualified stylist’s or salon owners struggling with staff issues and to make ends meet.

We can only do this if we are all honest. If we are struggling we reach out ask and seek help.

Is help available? Are there people that care ? yes yes yes!


My trust in the generosity. The commitment to our industry has never been as strong as it is at this time.

I have had the good fortune and the honour of sharing thoughts view’s with a team in Australia. Cool ha the world gets smaller every year!

Karen and David Lynch have proved to me that showed me that I am not alone in my thinking. That our industry is full of positive hair dressers.They have shown me that. Sharing experience and vision can and is very rewarding.

They run a very Successful business offering help support mentoring. Sharing first hand experience gained from many years committed to the hairdressing profession.

One has to believe that if we truly have a passion for what we believe in do it. Success and rewards will follow. It’s that universal concept of giving something away to get more back!

It is why I write and share so much information and experience. I have faith that it will open doors allowing me to educate and share with others.


Help is at hand in the form of Online assistance .

Offering so much support in every aspect of our industry.

Salon Success Club Online Coaching!


Are these issus you may have ?

  • Use mystery clients in a positive way
  • Employ the right people (at the right time)
  • Market your salon without costing a cent (or very little and it works!)
  • Grow your salon profit and find where all those profit leaks are
  • Turn your reception into a money making machine
  • Have your team on your side – all working together, with you
  • Feel the energy and excitement about your salon business
  • Fill your salon book with top clients
  • Give the experience your clients really want (not what most staff think they’re wanting)…… 
  • Stay motivated every day so nothing stands in your way!
  • Grow your salon business with long term results (so you can relax when you’re not there)
  • Push through the barriers that hold you back
  • Keep your clients returning and referring heaps more to your salon
  • Double Your Salon Sales (yes you can)
  • Coach your team to be star performers
  • Get great results when dealing with team issues
  • Pay your team effectively so you BOTH winand so much more!

                        Get ready to rekindle that excitement of when you first went into 

                        business OR as a new salon owner you’ll feel                                                                                             confident you’ll get it right first time!



Here is a link for you if your ready to get help advise support for both you and your business

Is it not funny how you can start sharing thought’s writing them down and where it can take you. With all the material available to us The tools we need success is possible it takes work and commitment it’s not a free ride.

Be it starting out wanting to train or wanting help to grow improve or indeed expand a business everything is possible.

Books . Dvd’s. On line down loads. Support with real professional. It’s all just a click away. But are you ready? I hope this opens doors for discussion.

Mike B2MR


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Sharing Thoughts


It is my goal to create a platform that over time will become a place to share thoughts review hair colour and products.

“Hi Michael

Thank you for your generous sharing on our community.  As our new site grows I know it will further raise your platform and everything you are passionate about also.  i too share your passion – and particularly love your blogs about consultations.  I am so BIG on consultations we have dedicated a 20 minute education film and training system to it!  It is distributed worldwide and I would love to share that with you sometime.  In the meantime I would like to share one of my blogs with you too – excuse me for being the slow one today – but not sure how put a blog up for your site?  Thanks, Karen :-)”

Robyn Woodcock added a comment to your profile on The Salon Success Club:

Hi Michael….Love reading your blogs and to meet someone who loves our exciting industry as much as we do!
Love the images you have shared to! Thanks a bunch from down under!!!

Mike B2MR


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