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The dynamic’s of business. In the hair salon

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Owning a salon. 

Running a successful business has many challenges yet equally can be so rewarding. You get out what you put in. As a salon owner you have to wear so many hats. Think about all the jobs you do out side of hands on hair. How do you ever find time to service your clients. Like so many salon owners is it a juggling act. Do you wish you had another pair of hands or could delegate more? Are you a leader able to delegate or are you one who keeps a tight hand on the reins? If so could this tight rein be holding you back?

Why do I raise such questions?

The dynamic’s of a hair salon are quite complex for many reason’s it can run either like a well oiled machine or it can stumble along never really functioning to it’s full potential.Why is this? What turns function into dysfunction? When or how does it happen?

Vision goals communication:

As a salon owner or indeed as a stylist. When you started in the profession you must of had a vision of what you expected it to be like.

A vision for your salon your business that perfect salon. As a stylist maybe it was the path you had plotted for your career, your success. Take a moment are you still realising that vision or have you compromised got slightly derailed? Don’t be discourage it happens without even noticing! Why? Because we are to busy being busy.We lose focus we forget the plot.

Dysfunction creeps in due to. Loss of vision. Lack of strong leadership. Communication breaks down. Collaboration between team members breaks down. Negative competition creeps in. This leads to break down in morale and so effects the working environment and atmosphere. Client can and do pick up on this! This can be cause loss of client retention and so decline in business.

What is required is positive interaction and communication! as above maybe not!

Can this be avoided?

Yes of course it can. I’m not suggesting that this is the case in every salon.What i am suggesting is it can so easily happen.To avoid this sometime professional help is required an outside opinion on how things are looking and running. This takes courage. This takes a honest look in that mirror ask your self the questions. Is my vision a reality? It’s hard to be honest with yourself!!

Are you as the owner leader manager communicating with your team? Do you have the right team. Are they on board with your vision? Have you ever shared that vision with them? As a staff team member are you getting the support you would like? Is your vision of being a stylist on track? Are you a team player?

 Do you have? Regular meeting. Do you openly discuss CHANGE and IMPROVEMENT! Are you honest with each other.

Sit together have an open face to face discussion:

What is required for change:

What is required for change to happen. Honest constructive Dialogue. Collaboration. Want for change. Vision supported with Innovative thinking. Willingness to work together through the challenges to make change happen. ‘COMMITMENT’.

Working in a salon being a part of a team.

Maybe your renting a chair in a salon have your own business? The above still applies,Not all competition is healthy it can become negative and destructive for all parties! We have responsibility to. Our selves. Our work mates. Very importantly our clients. To have a full understanding of the salon our workplace our shared vision our goals .To help each other reach these goals.TEAM WORK!

Then there is finding time to reflect on.

The direction you and your business are going in. The service you offer the standard of work being done. What ever your business model. How often do you take the time to reflect on any of these topic’s in an honest reflective manner? We have to find time take the time to explore avenues to offer help advise guidance.Training up grades staying current with all aspects of our career and business. Seeking out and getting help and advise when required.

On top of all this. New products. New techniques. The challenges of running owning managing a business are is huge. Not to mention the managing of people staff issues it’s so much to deal with. How do you? Help is at hand. All you have to do is seek it out be ready and open for change! The challenges it can bring!

Help can be found in many forms, to help and guide you on a journey to reach your true business potential.It is a partnership in as much as you still have to work face challenges make some decisions. You are guided mentored and encouraged supported all the way. Online support both audio and visual downloadable material.weekly updates and check in. Such a worth while programme that will inspire you and your team onto bigger and better. How do i know I did it!

 Any questions please feel free to email me or post a question i will respond. Are you ready for. A new look at what you do, how and why. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? are you ready for a challenge?

Mike B2MR


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The hair salon staff relationships attitudes.

Salon atmosphere staff relationships. That creeping in of negativity. Staff competing with each other gossip unprofessional attitude general lack of mutual and self respect? How do we deal with this?

As I write this I am aware that it is not a topic that everyone wants to read about! I question if i should touch on it. But it’s real maybe not so much in the high end big city salons or some of the larger fashionable chains franchises [ not that they are exempt from issues i know that’s not the case]

What motivated this is those small towns and city salons.  The ones where the local college provides the next batch of new stylists all competing to succeed. It is driven by that need to address these social issues. That attitude of not sharing. “The toys in the sand box syndrome”. The cruelty that can be carried on through out ones working life  that of the school play ground bully pack mentality. It exists It’s cruel it’s harsh it’s unprofessional! Spiteful Gossip! delight as a fellow stylist makes a mistake something goes wrong.

Have you been? Are you ? Is you salon effected by this? It’s a issue in our industry that exists and seems to stay in house under the carpet. yet it can be and is so destructive to moral! standards! client retention! staff retention and just day to day attitudes.
There is and alway has been competition among stylists, on one hand encouraged as healthy by owners ,But left to it’s own devices and to run it’s own course un checked it can be that staff end up spending more time gossiping about one another instead of supporting each other.Some stylists enjoy in-fact take delight when another stylist screw’s up how sick is that. So much for support team work putting the salon and the client first. Negative feelings and action can occur between others.” I hate it” but if sadly  it’s part of human nature it should be dealt with in an adult manner .

Issues should be addressed dealt with and not allowed to fester. Maybe it’s should have more focus as an issue in the training they program on how to deal with co-workers and customers.
A recent article here in the Uk suggest that still not enough training is given to apprentices in the service industry with regard to communication and what true service really means.
I think working with others and relationships and learning how to respect one’s self and each other should be included
It can be a stressful job for some for any of us at times motivation seems to be on the back burner. ,If you want to be a hairstylist. You must love people and that includes your co-workers.
have a true understanding of what service industry really is .for me and many other industry professionals it’s passion drive motivation and challenges stepping out side of your comfort zone to explore all that this industry has to offer.

Mike B2MR

Quote Mr Steve Polinsky

One of my passions has always been to “teach” the motivating “keys” to helping people “wake up” and succeed out of their “box” . So many stylists are complacent and afraid to approach “strangers”. We are all human, as Mike says, and it takes only a tiny “shift” in our behavior to make a major difference in our careers. You need to “reach out” all the time. As a mentor of mine used to say:”Inch by inch is a cinch”. We’ve heard this before…but we need to have the courage to “start”. Successful stylists and business owners have a natural passion that motivates; an energy that attracts, and a sincere interest in people. These are the things we need to cultivate. Sharing great information and experience is one thing…getting people to use it, is another. I’m still working on the “magic” formula. Will keep you informed.

Thanks Steve

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