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Hairdressing career investment in education training.

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Hairdressing  business today the skills we require. 

Over the past few posting and topic’s i have very intentionally focused on topic’s relating to training, motivation, mentoring and aspects of the hair industry.With a view to encourage sharing, personal growth, support for young stylist’s, education. All these are aspects of our industry that interest me greatly.However I will return to topic’s relating to hands on skills and technical issues so please indulge me a little longer,as we explore and encourage self improvement though education courses net working and or maybe working with a mentor or company on skills.

Investing in oneself!

What does investing in oneself really mean? Is it costly? Is it worth while? Let me tell you, investing in oneself does not have to be financial – it could simply be time well spent! We must all look in the mirror and be honest about what needs attention or adjusting, but the real key is knowing, from the bottom of your heart, what you truly want and where you want to go. Your vision. your dream,your quest.

This of course does not mean that financial expense is not part of this. Sometimes parting with hard earned cash is the driver and the motivator. to seek help, do the work, reap the rewards.

This help comes in many forms. It could be helpful books, seminars, courses, presentations, demonstrations. The key is to have a vision of what you want, where you want your career to go.

Think of your career as a bus journey. Lots of people on board with you, but hey, you’re the driver, take your eyes off the road and oops.

Are you in the driving seat? Are you driving your career ? are you in control?

The things we do define us. It’s these things that motivate, and inspire us. Question who you are, what you do, what really empowers you. The challenge is to ensure you have the right knowledge and tools to feel empowered. That feeling of positive affirmation will help you take charge and live your dream. Courses, be they technical, hands on, shows, or demonstrations, are all very worth while.

However the real motivator is being creatively challenged, getting excited, having fun at work and in your life. Over the past months my personal mission has been to build an internet presence: networking, learning to write a blog, creating a professional hairdressing group. Although at times frustrating and very challenging, it has forced me outside of my comfort zone, a place none of us like to be. Over this period I have had the great fortune to meet, share thoughts and ideas,with some really positive like minded people. These are inspirational, passionate, industry professionals.They have a vision. These are the people I want on my bus to learn from, share with, take a journey with.

I have discovered that what we put out of ourselves attracts those like minded industry professional ready to share willing to offer advice. Linkedin and the Group we have  is a prime example of net working at it’s very best. It has grown steadily attracting an international following of almost 530 members spread across the world sharing views and thoughts. It now is a size that embodies what i set out to do connect and share.I now get way more out of it than i put in. All from other  members and the contribution they make. Now i am just the caretaker.

Sometimes taking risk challenging ourselves can be so daunting. But sometimes we have to stop over thinking things and jump in.It’s oh so easy to talk over selves out of anything that might seem uncomfortable or expose our weaknesses. Remember life is a journey an adventure to be had.

Creating something new, learning something new, is not easy. At times it can be frustrating, scary, emotional, but with time, patience, commitment, it can be so rewarding. You can invest in yourself by sharing with others.Yes! Sometimes we have to put out, give something away to get so much more back. It’s the balance of the way things work.

Teaching and sharing. These are the keys to success and personal growth. What is the point in knowing lots if you don’t share? For me it comes under one umbrella, ‘experience, strength, hope.’ These three things in some ways can define who we are, what we want.

What do you want? What are you prepared to do? What lengths will you go to to fulfill your vision? You also need to look around you on the bus. Who do you want on this journey, who needs to get off at the next stop! Some will get off along the way.

That’s life and that’s ok.people get on and off along the way!

who do you want to journey with

It is my firm belief that people come into our lives for a reason. Some times it’s a lesson we need to learn. Some stay around for a while, but eventually they get off for they are on their own journey.

A very few are in for the long haul. These are the people who we exchange more than thought and vision with. We exchange energy, that motivation, that excitement, that passion, when you just know that you both get it. A key lesson learned, experience shared, same vision, same dream, same journey, although few and far between they are gold dust. Has this happened to you? If not, it can, it should, it will. Be ready, willing, and able.

Maybe you’re happier just being a passenger. If so that’s fine, it’s safe, it’s steady. But let’s face it driving the bus must be way more fun! Of course you need to learn to drive first, but eventually you may just end up being the driver, the instructor. A world of possibilities.

How do you get started

Here you are back in front of that mirror. Take a long hard look. Take your time. Be honest with your self. Do some research. See that vision. Embrace it. Now think what steps do I need to take?

We all absorb and process information in different ways. Lucky for us now with the internet. It does not have to be just books that are available to us. Research web sites. Books will always have a place as you research, make notes, line things out, keep notes. A note book is a great constant companion for those thoughts and ideas, a point of reference. Now we also have e-books, all the information on the screen at your fingertips.

Highly recommend, insightful, informative. A must as a companion and guide on this journey.

To action

Be informed, get organised, have an agenda. But make sure however challenging, it’s fun, it’s rewarding. How long will it take? How long is a piece of string? It’s up to you but once started don’t give up however frustrating it might be at times.

The key is be open to change. The path will twist, turn, and have dead ends. The unforeseen can and will happen. Being well equipped, remembering that vision, trusting in all that research are the foundations that you have laid for your future success. Surrounding yourself with the right support group, you cannot fail if you stay true to your self. Honestly evaluate progress, stay focused. Don’t be scared to step outside of your comfort zone, however uncomfortable it might be. It’s all part of the process, the journey.

Enjoy !!! I know I do……………. Mike B2MR


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