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Hairdressing questions rasied, thoughts shared

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Question raised thoughts shared

All right, so here’s a question-what kinds of things would you do to motivate stylists to market their art and services so that they make enough money to feel secure…I’m especially seeking ideas on how any of you would get the “motor” started on the long time stylists who are complacent and just do their regular clients (bread and butter) and don’t do anything to expand their business. Ideas?

Hi at last worthy topic. No advert no promotion!
Your question is one that comes up so often. This may sound harsh but your stylist have it in their hands to do what you ask. By being creative offering the highest standards of service the money the success will follow.Complacent stylist are driven by ego this normally is covering fear. Lack of ski, knowledge. Client retention is the key to success and building business, In so many cases salon’s & through stylist seek out new business through advertising and is a known fact that 50% of new clients to a salon never return !! why is this?
Service, skills ,consultation skills, creativity. Make the slackers more accountable for their pay packets. Make them more accountable for them selves. switch from employment to chair rental that sorts out the men from the boys!!,some will fall to the side move on but in the end you have a more motivated driven team.
Encourage training events ,competition work both in the salon and out side, in house training,
In house awards or most improved new client recommendation& retention,create healthy competition, Complacent stylist get lazy clients see this and will move on, taking friends with them. A happy client will recommend five friends they in turn have five friends yes it’s that easy, all we have to do as stylist’s is be attentive to our clients. Sadly lacking
get your clients involved. Questionnaire on service .We professionals provide a place for stylist to work, after a certain point they have to be accountable for themselves we all do. make a decision live with the consequences. thanks  , MikeB2MR

For the stylist reading this exchange. Maybe take the time to digest this.

The things we do define us. It’s these things that motivate, and inspire us. Question who you are, what you do, what really empowers you. The challenge is to ensure you have the right knowledge and tools to feel empowered. That feeling of positive affirmation will help you take charge and live your dream.

Courses, be they technical, hands on, shows, or demonstrations, are all very worth while.

However the real motivator is being creatively challenged, getting excited, having fun at work and in your life.

Over the past months my personal mission has been to build an internet presence: networking, learning to write a blog, creating a professional hairdressing group. Although at times frustrating and very challenging, it has forced me outside of my comfort zone, a place none of us like to be. Over this period I have had the great fortune to meet, share thoughts and ideas,with some really positive like minded people. These are inspirational, passionate, industry professionals.They have a vision. These are the people I want on my bus to learn from, share with, take a journey with.

Get inspired. Connect with driven motivated industry professional. challenge your self.

If you want new motivation take the challenge in this little read.


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This site is growing slowly in viewing and following I also have a web site this is linked to my other Blog site and the linked in groups that i manage. as well as the group B2MR face book page.

To get inspired one needs to relax

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