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For that real Natural Blonde

Creating a natural Blonde:

From a Natural level 6. DARK BLONDE natural level

When we think about lifting hair from a natural level in this example a level 6 dark blonde, we have to consider the natural hair pigment that is going to come into play through the lifting process.

In this case lets look at a natural level 9 touching on 10 {As i have stated in the past to go from a level 6 to 10 with high lift tint permanent colour is expecting a great deal from the product!}

When thinking this process through and considering the pigment we are going to expose it will help us get a realistic target shade and save the risk of shocks from unwanted or expected tone maybe that unwanted orange or yellow undertone.

Their is a science to colouring hair it can seem scary mainly because it looks complicated but trust me it’s a great little exercise to do and learn to trust.

As you may or may not know hair colour is always a balance of shades and tone: lift and pigment exposed:

Everything starts with our Red, yellow, {Blue, then moves onto} orange, green.violet.

The laws of colour apply to hair as we lift as they do with any other colour paint for  example red yellow make orange,  to get rid of orange and make brown we would add green! same with hair!

So lets take a look:

Levels. As we can see on the section of the colour wheel  as we travel from level 6 to level 9-10 we travel from Red orange to undertone to yellow:

Whilst on the other side of the colour wheel below the shades on the opposite side

of the wheel serve to balance or neutralize the unwanted tone!

Balance harmony  think before you colour but know this.

You will not get a light Blonde from Tint if your hair is darker than a level 6natural Dark Blonde. it will always be to Orange brassy !

Enjoy the journey into the world of Blonde but take the time to think!

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