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It’s almost party hair season!

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Halloween a distant memory ! now the focus is on the festive season parties looking and feeling great!
Spare a thought for you hair stylist at this time. Juggling appointments trying to fit every one in,it can on occasion get a stressful!
Cocktail parties call for elegant sophistication Glam! Other events can be a little more fun and in some case over the top.
It is always possible to change ones hair for totally new look even just for an evening.
Straight hair can be easily be made to look full and fun! yes big party hair.
All it takes is a little time and thought a little time a little creativity.
Above shots both the same model. big hair for an 80’s theme party.
More formal look can also be had and played with again depending on the client and the event!
I am not suggesting these looks are for everyone. Far from it what i am trying to suggest is playing and both stylist and client having some fun. Being creative dressing up!
Sometime sit can be fun to make a statement stand out be talked about be it good or bad who cares!
of course one can always go a little further to extreme! lets see.
below from the back same model casual up do with some fun added!
Take that curly hair and put it up into a soft romantic up do.
What ever both client and stylists decide make sure that the client is comfortable with the look of course but remember it’s party it’s fun it’s dress up!
Just don’t over do it.
Above shot thanks to Jp Avant garde Vancouver, a shoot we did together.
Embrace the time of year and play hair is a wonderful medium to shape and be get with creative with what ever you taste. I do not expect everyone to like these looks. They are just posted encourage think a little differently about party season and fun.
Manage your time don’t get stressed have fun be creative. encourage your clients to be a little daring.

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