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Hairdressing education and sales:


Regular postings of fresh new topic’s.

                                       Sales or sharing?

A place to share thoughts review hair colour and products.

This topic is worthy of both discussion thought  and comment for it effects each and every one involved in the Hairdressing Industry.

Having Spent a number of years involved in Sales and education or is it? Education and sales: It’s so hard to know for one supports the other. [ chicken and egg what comes first] One side sales drives the education machine funding allowing technicians and educators into salons to share and demonstrate. On the other hand without the support of good education the sales go flat. Salons. Stylist lose interest, use products incorrectly getting bad results blaming the product! It is my view. That if you really trust and have belief in a product it will sell it self. If your educated a product how and why it works. If you have a passion for it, it’s easy to talk about it sells it self.

Why so much pressure on sales why fear education?

In salons many stylist hate education up dates. They look at educators as know it all’s They attempt to put then down show them up  in some cases resent them Why ?  FEAR!

Most salons change colour lines because of dissatisfaction with the product. If it does not perform well in reality the fault is with the stylist technician. But hey! It’s always easier to blame a product than take an honest look in the mirror! Tuff harsh words but true. I don’t know how many salons I’ve visited that so need education support but the staff the manager will not allow it. I also think that many sales representatives have very little respect for what a good passionate educator can do.product knowledge classes or in house training vents can make such a difference to a salon.

Why because they fear letting any one see that they don’t know everything! who does? The fact is Sales are Sales. Education is just educating. On how to correctly use and get the best out of the product that sharing knowledge giving support to the salon to the sales person to the staff this can only serve to improve. Standards. Skill. Knowledge. Why all the problems? Ego, Insecurity, Fear? or just an un-daunting need for control!  All things that are rife in society but for some reason really run rampant in the Hair beauty industry.

We have salon managers and owners who fear educating there staff to much. We have staff who hate to admit they have an issues or don’t understand. Will not admit that they want or need more education, skill and knowledge. We have professional Colour companies who market them selves with being professional. But flood the market with home colour kits. With little or no care for the effect on the high street salon The stylist trying to make a living build up a clientele not to mention the damage long term use can do from use of home colour.Building  passionate committed team that works together an want education is key to success.

Colour Companies that offer education to some to degree but maybe not fully transparent when it comes to formulation ! Maybe not totally honest about all the chemistry of any given product need to know bases! misleading. We have schools Colleges, Academy’s. All offering a level of training but! How qualified? How up to date are those trainers? How much do they really care? How skilled are they? How current are they? How they look! How professional are they/

We have young people coming into the industry with a false idea of how successful they can be. How much there is to learn. How long it takes to be a success. We have Stylist who reach a level of qualification and then sit back knowing everything knowing nothing? Why is this? so many skills to learn so many tools to understand?

We have all these different governing bodies have you ever tried contacting them to ask for a meeting or some information? good luck with that one. Am I out spoken? Well maybe but it’s done it’s said to create discussion, to open up debate, to see who really cares! Not to be politically correct.We have to raise question sot find answers.

I have over the years worked with  many like minded passionate industry professional and they are all of the mind that things could be better standards raised, knowledge shared. education improved so what can we do how can we make a difference?

How can we encourage an exchange of knowledge and information. disclosing of product information in an open transparent manner.  One with sales teams working with and supporting education. Stylist who constantly want to up-date. Teachers trainers. Who really care how to encourage the young stylist to have higher standards, skill, who pride themselves in levels of Service and consultation. This is possible by net working sharing reaching out. We have so many mediums available to us  this is such a huge multifaceted Industry. It’s exciting vibrant. It’s constantly growing, changing evolving, whilst at the same time standing still.

The Linked in professional hairdressing net working group is established in the hopes of attracting like minded people to join share and debate.

Many thanks Mike B2MR

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The Changing face of the hair industry. Can you keep up?

Back2myroots : A place to share thoughts and grow idea’s. B2MR

The Changing face of the hair industry. Can you keep up? Are you ready and on the ball?

Owning a salon. Working in a salon being a part of a team. Maybe your renting a chair in a salon have your own business?  Maybe your a small freelancer working from a home salon business. A mobile stylist. 

All of these are totally respectable avenues to explore within out industry. Over the past years thing have changed hugely. economic challenges the way business is carried out. Seasonal trends. The demands on salon owners and stylist to produce. We have responsibility to our selves our work mates our clients to have a full understanding of all matters relating to health and safety. The legislation governing the safe use and indeed disposal of products keep up to date books and records having qualification, certification and licenses.

On top of this new products . New chemistry . New claim’s are they safe ? We have a duty to find out! New techniques, the challenges of running owning managing a business managing people if quite a lot to deal with.  How do you? Then there is finding time to reflect on. The direction you and your business are going in. Remembering why your in business, what was your vision? What is your goal? The service you offer the standard of work being done. What ever your business model. How often do you take the time to reflect on any of these topic’s in an honest reflective manner?  Do you take the time to discuss new idea’s and ways forward with your staff? do you encourage innovative thinking collaboration creative thinking.

We have to find time take the time to explore avenues to offer help advise guidance.Training up grades,staying current with all aspects of our career and business. Here a few links to check out.                             

Keeping up with education in our chosen field is so important. Education creates excitement because there is always something new to learn. lose the passion lose the drive. become less motivated. Education keeps you connected product knowledge is a must nowadays. Clients want to know that the ingredients and formulations are safe and what we recommending for them to use will work and be value for money. We as stylist need to know cause effect understand what we are using and why.We have to question not knowing is not a satisfactory  excuse for error!

Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook. Twitter. Stumbled upon ,Digg it’ All great tools and  examples of sites that help us connect with others .Those who  inspire us, share what works and doesn’t work. Blog site where people share thoughts views opinions reviews. P
rofessional groups and bodies always good to be apart of Linked In is a great place to share and build a business profile.

We have to be aware and have an understanding of changes in the law and regulations pertaining to our profession Now I’m curious to learn more so. I’m not putting anyone (client, work mates and myself) in danger. Just because one is certified in a new technique it does not mean we have the full picture and trust what we are told as truth set in stone! 

Law’s and regulation are in constant change the information we are given on products how they work and indeed the effects that that can cause are not always clear but the burden to ask the right questions is on us their are no excuses for not knowing or understanding.With a little time and patient we can research products read reviews get full insight into the good and bad what works and maybe what does not the more we as stylist share net work and connect the stronger we become its part of giving back sharing your experience strengths. It is my personal belief that if we know something but don’t share it pass it on then it’s a total waste!

I try to share to promote and sometimes pass on warnings . I try to communicate with others in our industry and to this ends in the space of 6 months an now net working all over the world with other like minded people in our industry. At the end of the day it’s up to you what do you want are you prepared to make the changes needed to stay in the now? Its your journey your adventure!

A topic has arisen that is a follow on from my earlier posting ownership management chair rental. It’s how we look at salary commission based earning or Chair rental. What is a fair rate? What is a fair way to compensate salon owner and stylist ? Without causing decent  or work place break down creating unwanted issues. For the most part stylists after training will move around a few times trying to find a fit a work place that allows them to build up a good client base a place they can earn what they see is a good wage.

In many cases as time goes bye and experience is gained and our stylist starts to get busier bring in more money to the salon. As this happens resentment can set in with regard to ratio of pay to turnover. How can this be prevented? What are the signs of an unhappy Staff! In many cases the staff room gossip signs of apathy lateness. Work standard dropping standard of service suffering.

Most stylist will think about and see things that exist within their work bubble a simple world of I do my clients. They pay X at the end of the day i have brought in X and sold Y yet my take home pay is only 1/2 an X and that’s before i pay Tax, I do all the work it’s not fair my boss should get so much after all what do they do!!

How does or how can commission work?

Commission can be mixture of guaranteed basic and commission targets as a productivity incentive or just commission. What is fair? Well of course as we get busier more established build our client base we can earn more on a regular bases but the thresholds will always be  how many clients can we do how much do we charge whilst maintaining standards and service! It is a natural progression for stylist to look to get a bigger cut of the pie choices start your own business not easier or look at chair rental.

This gets interesting chair rental was when it first came out was quite visionary a stylist pays to rent a chair a space pays X per month and runs a small business within a business. Of course the down side is having to pay that rent whether you are busy or not! having to keep books pay your own tax. stock appointments you are your own little self employed Business. As an evolution of this a new chair rental business scenario has come to my attention.

A stylist rents a chair for a monthly fixed fee but also pays a percentage of their take to the salon owner. Hum! for this the owner provides salon reception sales support motivation marketing skills sounds good its seem’s to be a blend between commission based and self employed. But lets look at this with some bogus numbers.

Lets say our stylist is busy and turns over £1000.00 per week

£1000.00 x 4 = £ 4000.00 Month 50% commission  stylist earns £2000.00pre tax

Now lets look at chair rental 

£1000.00 x4 = £ 4000.00 lets say chair rental £800.00 month  stylist take £3200.00 out of this they have to pay all expenses and Tax, insurance, stock assistance, everything. but the larger take is appealing.

Now chair rental and commission split

£1000.00 x4 = £ 4000.00  then chair rental £ 800.00 month share of commission 50% 50% splits so our £ 4000.00 a month less £800.00 = £ 3200.00 divided x 2 = £1600.00

This would be £1600.00 for the stylist. £ 2400.00 salon owner.

Although the stylist our first example left the salon that was paying commission for a better deal more control a bigger piece of the pie. The down side is booking keeping paying tax keeping accounts. From a Stylist point of view strait chair rental is the best deal but involves a lot more work and commitment from a stylist it’s time to grow up and take responsibility for your self your actions.The example that seems to offer the worst deal from a stylist point of view is rental and turnover split! For this to work the split has to be less on the turnover  to make it as appealing as just chair rental the split would have to be Rent + 25% take fro the salon owner.

By nature Stylist will always want to move on find a place where they feel they are making a fair wage for there skill,  they will always feel they are working making money for the boss or owner it’s natural not always realistic given the costs of doing business. In closing I think it is because of the above options many choose to become home based or mobile stylist.

I do however think that there is a fair balance that affords both salon owners and stylist  away of coming together to work and create a successful business that provides for all the key is communication honesty, discussing goals oh and not being greedy yep being fair you need each other .I hope this is helpful to all those trying to work out a career or business Move. None of the above take into account charging VAT and keeping records and paying revenue for this said Tax. you are in essence a tax collector this Money should be put to one side.

Mike. B2MR


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Bad hair. Bad looks. or None caring?

Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR regular postings of fresh new topic’s


When you see bad hair out in public do you ever think? What was going through the person mind who created that? Or do they know how bad that looks? Did they pay for that?  I do it amazes me what stylist’s can do produce that is deemed acceptable. How low standards can get. What poor standards people accept and thinks looks ok!



The same can be said for dress sense looking in the mirror and thinking maybe not! Or for me this hair do is wrong on so many levels. Its shape well lack of ! Its colour .In this case a stylist has taken three looks and tried to join them together very badly.


I’m not sure if the nape and the nasty line there .The crown and that flat bald like area . Or the weight line carried round to the sides and face.I t’s just wrong. on all levels.

Oh! Perfect a side view to show off what I am trying to point out! No flow. Disconnection it not an excuse for total shapeless mess. The crown area is two short and blunt . Cutting hair short does not create height! or volume. Texture does with shears or a razor and an understanding of weight shape and form, well that and styling.



this to me looks like she stuck her fingers in a light socket.The blonde is a nothing colour dull patchy leopard spotting caused by over layering coloured area’s. no thought has been given to shape look colour not to mentions the clients features and dress sense or lack of.

This is all a classic example of not caring and low standards. In this instance. The stylist not only let’s the client down but also them selves for it is no advert  to produce work like this.


Want more? Ok How about this look:


What does this say to you? Would you produce this ? Would you be proud to say this totally represents my work and who I am ?  Hum not so much ha!

Again really bad choice of colours and look. Whether the client did this her self or paid for it .Well it’s a rat’s nest. Why do people go out looking like this. Because they really take very little time to think does this look good ! do I feel good! If your a stylist looking at this say to your self I am better than this ! If you are  a client then say! From now on I will take time to make an effort to look and feel good.


In closing It is possible to see a look that works that is well done I think that it was the  contrast of these three women all taken at the same location that set this topic in motion.



For me this is a well executed little cut. A really well done colour it work and suites the women. I hope this brings my point home that as stylist’s we have to consider so much not just a hair do. we have to work with and cater for all sorts and types!

But life style. The way the client looks. What she wears. Does she really care about appearance. Some women don’t getting a hair cut or colour is just a routine event,We have the skill and ability to make a difference to open their eye’s

Where does all this start With the image we present and the service  the consultation the honest sound advise we offer. can you do you do this ? Do you really care? Don’t be any thing other than the very best you can.Never settle for second best as a Stylist or as a client.  Mike B2MR

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Ultimate Salon Service:


Created as a source of advise education knowledge skill experience. A place to share thoughts post comments, idea’s, on all matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related.

What is the ultimate in Salon service:

It has to be that balance that blend of exemplary Service. Experience. knowledge that point. When all that expertise come together,

Why do clients return  to us time after time ? In some cases year after year. Why do they recommend you to family and friends? They want to share something that for them was very special. That thing you do every time your client returns to you. That interaction those personal things that define you. That you make you stand out as being unique, creative, talented,caring.

The way you are with your clients when they have an appointment with you. That special way you take time to listen and advise.Giving them that honest consultation. This is the time we take to.Make our client feel special for this time. For this appointment, our job, our goal is to make that client feel that they are treated and allowed to feel very special. You have an opportunity to do this to offer this unique experience to every client you have. Every day!

This can be quite demanding. Some might say draining so remember, it’s not about the number of clients you do in a day . It’s about the service your perform and standard of care and attentiveness. If you take care of these and you will be busy and booked every day constantly getting new recommendations,with very solid client retention and loyalty.

It really is that easy concentrate on. The service. The experience recommendation return business will automatically follow. Value your time and the standard of what you do and charge accordingly value for money is a great job well done with amazing service.

This only goes wrong when we get greedy and complacent. Over book leading to keeping clients waiting, taking short cuts, not repeating the same standard of service all the time.

It may sound boring but find the routine that works for you with your client that routine that works from the moment they enter the salon until they leave having re booked that next appointment.

My experience was that I would do the same number of people a day every day i would not fit clients in ever! This was always made clear in a first consultation of course clients will try and get you to fit them in they may say “But i’m special” remind them that all clients are they are a special! and all get the same special treatment . Then you can add. So you see you cannot have some more special than others you have to all be special together.

Remember this. If you fit a favored client in, then some time in your day some one gets short changed kept waiting? I also had a 15 min rule later than that and you would have to re-book why? Well after 15 minutes the next client will be kept waiting or the standard of what is being done will be compromised Once clients know and understand this you have created a level of respect. you will never lose clients over having boundaries and maintaining service.

For the record my business was fully booked weeks in advance I never advertised it was word of mouth only. My business was technical Colour or Colour correction I only ever did three appointment’s a day i only cut hair with razors so quite unique never evenings never week ends all my choice in my own effort to strike a work life balance, something important to me and quite challenging as i am by nature quite an obsessive person and can very easily forget that work life balance,

I was however also a platform artist and educator so had other commitments but always kept clients fully appraised of my away times and schedule for up come shows and training events.

Clients love like to tell friends they have a stylist who travels educates what it really shows is that you are involved in your profession.

I have been reading a book called Double you Salon success  written by “Karen Lynch”. She compares the service we give. What we do with how the client might view the same experience.

After 35 years in this industry I still found it a good gentle reminder that. What we do. What we offer. How we present and perform our skills are for a client an overall package of the experience.

Interestingly this equates to 20% our skill knowledge 80% the Experience yes the service.

We are selling an experience offering the ultimate in Service part of this package is out skill and knowledge.

I would highly recommend this book if you are looking to turn a corner with your business your salon your staff would all benefit from this easy informative read.


Karen and David have a wealth of experience in the Hairdressing Industry and are constantly on the road doing presentations and seminar’s  for more information on there philosophy and who they are take a look at their web site  maybe join in post some thoughts view’s comments it’s called net working.

In closing remember this. There is nothing wrong with being in a service industry some may think they are above being servers that it some how degrades that it suggest menial. I say this comes from Ego.

We all like to be served having an experience. From when we go for dinner we remember that very special caring service, this is how we should be remembered this is what will keep us busy booked and clients returning over and over again.

It is also my belief that we should strive to have a balance between providing the” Ultimate Service” A pampering experience supported with skill and knowledge raising the bar on standards of training and education this can only serve to increase the whole experience. The overall standard thus improving business the work environment and most importantly the client experience

Ultimate Service: Supported with Knowledge, creativity, passion, skill

Mike B2MR


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Reflections on a journey:

Part of my Journey: my adventure. my life.

Whilst living on Vancouver Islands West Coast Of Canada i was a Colour Educator and platform artist for L’anza International based out of Calgary i contributed to the producing of both education material and programs launched for there new hair colour in Western Canada.

A truly Multifaceted colour line: exceptional quality the best i have ever used:

The Colour it self was fascinating to hence getting involved It gave one the ability to partially or fully remove the Ammonia from the product thus making it a colour line that could be Permanent, Demi permanent, semi permanent, and toner all from one tube!

Remember this was around then year 2000 it was a time when Nano Technology, Muti faceted were the new descriptive words rolling off the tongues of  sales  reps,

This colour line truly was the first company to employ Nano technology in it intense colours and additive shades,

4 levels of Hydrogen Peroxide 1x Demi Activator, the Translucent activator would fully or partially dissipate the Ammonia depending on the mixing ratio turning the product into a true semi permanent or toner a real break through.

In Canada it was known as Belavance here in Europe it’s known as Tint and Tone it comes out of Germany with Italian pigment. Paris based.

Some of the application options:

As Permanent, Demi, Semi, Toner.

4 levels of developer, 1 Demi lotion, 1 Translucent activator,

Whilst doing this education and sales job and when not on the road traveling between Vancouver Island BC and Winnipeg Manitoba:Canada.

I worked alone I had a colour correction consultation business built totally on word of mouth i spent my days correcting colour issues be they badly done professional work by stylist technicians or disasters from home colour kits,

My mandate with clients was we would take a journey together it could take up to a year it may not involve colour until such times as the hair could and would hold said colour. { if it sank in a glass of water from strand test they would have to wait until it floated}

Clients had the option always to stay and work with me or go get some more quick fix medication else where most stayed many very happy i still exchange e-mails with clients in Canada now they still ask if i’m coming back.

This business was a huge success it kept me busy it constantly challenged me and is why i have such a low opinion of the standards being taught and what is acceptable to some stylists and technicians and the service they offer clients

When thinking about some of the quick fix 10 minute colour i shudder not only at the chemistry of such products but also what is the rush! why rush I always gave the example and consider a colour formulation as being like baking a cake.

If one follows the correct recipe the cake should turn out perfect if in a rush so i turn the oven up to say 500 degrees its going to burn not work hair colour is the same assessment of the hair condition, consultation formulation timing simple!

But then in a rush heat is added it might be bleach it might be colour either way heat and colour don’t mix you put a plastic bag over colour then maybe you can use the heat loss from the head.

Put a plastic bag on then under a steamer or hood dryer the bag gets hot creates condensation the moisture forming in the bag is coming from the colour or bleach with bleach it will dry out not be able to expand go flaky cause banding uneven lift with permanent colour, heat can and will make the formulation separate so lift and deposit will be effected.

With regard to my knowledge and qualification  my career is a mixture of experience education and a seeking for knowledge I had the good fortune to spend some time once with an amazing lady called Pat Drake her knowledge was quite amazing she pushed buttons with me asked question about i needed answers.  I have had the good fortune to teach basic colour through to colour correction i have diploma in advanced colouring  and many colouring awards and certificates but still feel  when it comes to Chemistry I still have a great deal to learn as it constantly changes and one hopes improves but i feel i really do understand colour -pigment- tone lift -deposit undertone understanding the relationship between what we have what we expose and what out target is whilst considering the hair structure the environment we are working in and what is possible respect the rules the law of colour!

Working for L’anza was on the education and sales side of our industry i have tested products and given reviews but not directly with development or manufacture it might be an interesting Challenge, I’m still in limbo trying to find where i belong and what i should be doing and with whom.

I feel i have so much to offer both from experience and motivation but i don’t fit the normal mold this i accept and am quite content with! [just a well really]

Interestingly the issue about oil and silicone in all these new colours with MEA instead of Ammonia the new INOA colour is as oil driven colour! time will tell as to whether it really is the wonder product that its being marketed as like so many new or re invented products hairdresser are hungry for new things to promote to sell i wish they would take the time to ask the technical questions of these companies.

my goal in writing this my first article is to raise questions about topics i find of interest but also to hopefully inform others and in doing so make new contacts.

I do have a blog started as a place to put down thoughts ideas but as it grows in content as i research more on the internet add new topics I find that its a wonderful tool for sharing my hope is that if any one reads this they may take the time to check it out comment add thoughts and ideas net work my blogs,

I have now started a group  professional hairdresser net working with linkedIn take a look lets discuss topic’s also joined Global Hairstylist Association.

I have met and continue to meet some wonderful people all like minded all with a passion to share and inform to offer advise and help the world gets smaller as we explore avenues to meet and share, Twitter Face book we can share and indeed promote each other a growing global body of knowledge skill and passion.

Net working meeting making new friends  all key oh and having fun,

This is me ! Mike B2MR


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Hairdressing,Passion,vocation ,challenges

It is my goal to establish a platform to share the creativity, knowledge, and technical Skills:

I have experienced so many aspects of the hair industry with both fellow stylists. and so many wonderful clients many who over the years have become good friends

Let me tell you a little about my professional background.

I began my training as a teenager doing my apprenticeship in London Mayfair working in a very busy, high profile salon while continuing to expand my training with other top London salons.

From there I moved to London’s Chelsea – Kensington area to manage a salon, becoming a director and shareholder there before moving on to own and run my own salon in London Clapham district.

In the late 80’s I made the move to Canada, starting off on in Ontario and ending up on the West Coast in Vancouver. After many years great years there we made decision to fly back across the pond to resettle here in the UK.

My introduction to the hairdressing world in Vancouver on the Canadian west coast was after a meeting with Mr Jon paul Holt owner of internationally acclaimed Avantgarde Artistic Center  in the down town area of Yaletown after this meeting i was fortunate to be offered a job this was the start of a very special friendship and life long friendship.

Whilst working the the salon i became more and more involved in  Avant garde hair salon on photo shoots and hair shows.

Whilst at Avantgarde we did hair shows such as the Alternative Hair Show at the Royal Albert Hall in London, Fashion Cares in Vancouver put on as a fund raiser for aids research by Mac make up Salon International a main show event for the Canadian hair industry as well as participating in all the national trade shows throughout Canada.

I developed an interest in this area of the industry and got more and more  involved in competitive work. Within my first year I was a runner up in the L’ Oreal colour competition for British Columbia.

A pivotal point thus far in my career came when I decided to focus

my career on education and stage work in addition to continuing my hairdressing business specializing in corrective colour work,

I became the West Coast Education Consultant and a Platform Artist for L’anza Canada,  based on Vancouver island working throughout Canada and on occasion in the USA on photo shoots and shows, putting together collections for upcoming seasons and training and working with a team of advanced talented stylists.

I continue to challenge myself and learn more I also became involved in the teaching side of hairstyling and have been teaching in salons and professional hairdressing colleges for the past few years.

My passion for the industry remains strong and I have continued my work as a professional hairdresser to keep my skills up-to-date and learn about this ever changing craft. I began this venture to inspire clients as well as new and existing stylists with the view to sharing my knowledge and creativity with others and raising the standard of hairdressing and training and finding like minded stylists to work.

I am also very interested in hair colour how and why it works, as i research more and more i discover so much about the how the why but also the way that companies represent there products as being safe natural herbal it truly is quite remarkable, I think its key that we all strive to understand both the product how they work what they do trusting trusting the sales rep is not enough ask questions seek out informative education material strive to become an expert.

whilst Blogging and responding to articles and reviews it amazes me how many stylist recommend products make bold statements with out the slightest knowledge of the chemistry. trusting in what they have been told to this ends my real interest is in the science of all these natural product these herbal organic hair colours, i have yet to find one that does not have a chemical disguised in it’s formula.

Some of the Major hair colour companies are very good at hiding facts or projecting the image they want us to project and sell to our clients.

Ammonia free all Natural, Organic, Herbal do you really know how they work ? would you like to know.

Henna and natural stains and colour how good are they really what are the down falls?

I write my Blog but hope it will open the door to some new exciting avenue of knowledge and sharing.

I can work with small groups /salons or individual stylist on any skills and ways to improve business and client retention you can contact me via my web site.

Mike all hair done whilst on the Avantgarde artistic team thanks Jp


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