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Wedding day hair consultation, service. Are you up for it?



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As Stylist’s having the honour  to work with a client on her wedding day should be seen as an honour.For it is such a special day in the eyes of any bride to be. But this honour should not be taken lightly or seen a away to make some extra cash!!! Are you good enough are you up for the task and all that can and will face you . Emotion stress family pressures. Creating that perfect look.

As stylist’s we all our basic skill and knowledge we then have the things we love that we excel at could be colouring cutting. How often do we think about our weaknesses? How often do we face  the fact that we need to learn new skill or up date what we have?

Wedding hair has to be of those really skilled in the art of dressing hair! Are you?



How are you at putting up hair? do you have the skill? The patients. The Creativity?

The skill re leave college and any said academy with are for the most part so basic colouring cutting and Up-do’s a safe set to get you bye but i implore you take the time to hone these skills especially if you intend on promoting your self as a wedding up-do specialist and charging accordingly.

I think that as mentioned so many times the initial honest consultation is key to success honest sharing a vision working out a time table for practice sessions colouring if needed a calender to work with.

Stress to your client that the first session is getting a feel for the hair how it moves lies bends folds, yes it does all this , I firmly believe that hair indicates where it wants to lie how the shape forms all we have to do is watch feel.


A wedding a day a celebration possible the one of the biggest days in any Womens life For any couple a huge day life changing a huge commitment the start of a new journey a new chapter.

All this aside for a women it’s so much more it’s the event the ceremony. The reception. It’s fancy dress it’s being the center of attention princess for a day!

Taking the social side and relationship side away for a moment to talk about wedding hair, One can not talk about wedding hair without considering the following. Dress. Makeup Headdress. Theme. Size of event,  Location. Number of guests. Budget. Brides expectations.Oh and HAIR!

Being involved in a wedding is very special it can be stressful for a stylist because of all the stress and expectation around the event, so first question can you cope? Do you like doing wedding hair?

If the answer is no! Take my advise. Don’t get involved it’s not fair , it’s about so much more than a big money day!! It’s emotional, It’s charged with stress. As stylist’s we need to be in control cool calm collected.


                                         It’s Wedding day:

A day to celebrate if well planned rehearsed short cuts can lead to nightmares!

This is of course written from a hair point of view but the same can follow through planning of this special day.

Planning for hair starts with knowing the date the time frame having a consultation agree some understanding of a look plan a schedule to work towards make sure that you and your stylist are on the same page you feel confident in what they suggest. [don’t feel bullied]

First of all the colour for the big day if hair colour is part of the look these days normally it is to some degree. During the consultation discuss vision goals expectation, how many times will we have to colour   from this first meeting until the day.

For me High-lights should be done to grow out as naturally as possible tones and shades that work with skin tone eye colour the hair’s natural base shade.

If we are talking colour is it all over solid are we thinking highlights?

To the look

Make sure your stylist likes putting hair up, also get a quote for the big day like all aspects of weddings the price suddenly goes £££££££! I don’t agree with this i think as a stylist it’s part of your journey with your client! hey I’ve given them the up do a wedding gift!

So many stylist resort to hot irons curls and those nasty little white flowers! work with what you have consider will it last all day last through all those pictures. weather is also an unknown!

The way the hair is arranged and done on the day of the wedding is an integral part of the perfect look  Remember that all eyes will be upon the bride from the moment she steps from the wedding car and walk to the aisle towards your groom. So it is important that she looks stunning from top to bottom.

As a hairdresser consider how your clients looks! consider the dress, the neck line a look that compliments and makes her look her best!


As stylist we have a huge responsibility here we can make or ruin this day no pressure ha!

So much to consider to help make the bride look and feel her best consider bone structure the dress cut high collar or plunging  in some cases we might even have to advise on a look in a tactful manner if weight is an issue. The only goal is to make the bride look great feel great your the professional  honesty consultation practice all key to success.


Same thing applies when choosing a hairstyle for you to wear on your wedding day but with an extra factor to consider. Aside from the shape of your face, your wedding hair style and your hair accessories should also be in harmony with your wedding dress for the perfect bride’s look.   

[a great deal of expectation on you the stylist].

So for me I love putting hair up i also like classic looks that stand the test of times! but it’s not for me to do what i like what I feel comfortable with. It’s for me to listen advise maybe do a few different looks until we start to get an idea of the final look, many Brides start off with a preconceived idea born from dreams and in some cases collected from magazines we have to work through this. Practice sessions, honest communication, consultations, commitment to working together to an agreed time frame.


We can also advise the bride to be. On places to research looks, there are a lot of hair style pictures which they can collect and review from fashion magazines and online sites.

Online sites may be more preferable as they have special features that allow you to determine your facial  shape. You can choose from model matching your personal facial features and skin tone or you can also upload your photo and try out different hair styles. This may sound extreme but in the end it all helps!

For long hair and a dress with elaborate back details, i would normally try and advise an up do for  it last longer and stands the test of time but again we have to consider the the brides wishes the hair type as well,

The hair may be curled for a more romantic bohemian medieval  look but i would not suggest this on fine hair that takes hours to curl and may well not last the day. It may also be braided with flowers then swept off the neck to be able to move freely and look fresh up to the reception.

For short hair, tiaras would be a wonderful accessory to wear in place of a veil. Other alternative accessories to make short hair stunning for the wedding are dazzling hair pins or a flower clipped to the hair or stuck behind the ear.

So in this instance having decided on an up do, things to practice and consider

First stage build a base so it’s firm and feels comfortable at this point note how the colour works with the look if hair, having prepared the hair we now have to play at this point there is no right or wrong it’s getting a feel for the hair playing finding that look!


First attempt above ok but not quite the look I am hoping for a little saggy a little tight but loving the high-lights and low lights they work very well together blending really well with the un-coloured area underneath, after a third attempt you should start to get the look soft yet sleek with lots texture shows off the colour and it works with the client our Bride to be! so it’s a process your involved in it’s not just taking a booking for a wedding without being involved. it not fair to you or the Bride.


So finally how does our bride to be feel this is key are they HAPPY? if not take it down start again or agree to call it a day but book another session.


As a stylist or client if you cannot get the look you want or don’t fell comfortable find some one else or try another stylist.

As a stylist or client if the chemistry is not their pull out Wedding days are full of stress do you like that can you cope with it!

As a foot note the above has been fun to put down as an exercise but think on this.



How much more pressure can be on any stylist? Well consider being father to the bride and Stylist and my ex-wife is attending! No pressure!!!!!

We did find the final look but i will post that in the coming days as this is wedding hair week.

After all that practice take it down relax oh and your left with all that volume! and a smile .

One hopes it’s a good day all round.

Mike B2MR

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The Key to Hair stylist success:


regular postings of fresh new topic’s


Lets assume you have finished your training and are now fully qualified depending on where in the world you live some form of testing examination will have taken place. Here in the Uk that would be either having done an apprenticeship with day release to college. Or may be you went to College then worked in a salon to gain work experience. finally maybe you paid and went to private academy.

What ever your chosen career path you should in the Uk walk away with a NVQ qualification level, 2 or 3.  This basically means you have reached a standard of ability to satisfy the examination board.

Here is the reality your hairdressing career is now about to start. put everything you have learned to one side and open your mind  to the real world. Be prepared to offer assistance in the salon to any one and every one watch listen learn. Become a team member make your self invaluable to the salon and your work mates.

Use this time to hone your people skills. your communication skills, Consultation skills, the art of service. applying your talent to the clients your will be working with and serving them.

Over time as a junior stylist you will start to do clients and hopefully build up a follow a loyal clientele

one that request your services and recommends you to others. This is how you establish your self in the salon it’s up to you. No one else is responsible for your success. Non  one else is responsible if you fail! The hairdressing world is very competitive so be prepared for some knocks some good days some stressful days.

Once established what next think about your clientele the type of people they attract. Maybe you get a lot of recommendation because you are good with curly hair [maybe you have curly hair so you understand it] maybe you are getting recommendation for your colouring or highlighting skills.

Every one has one aspect that they excel at, either because you really enjoy it or just get it.What ever that thing is capitalise on it.

Yesterday I was having Lunch with my dear friend a very talented man MR Jon Paul Hold owner of the Avantgarde artistic center Vancouver Canada. He was her in the Uk for a short visit he is very well know in North America a huge talent check out his web site see his work.


Whilst having lunch taking about past shows we had done together member’s of staff what they are now doing.We got onto to the topic of specialisation and the key to building and staying busy. That is finding that thing that defines you. Even if your an all rounder one thing will stand out.

For me although most of what i write a great deal of my knowledge is on hair colouring both application and technical knowledge.This is what i like to educate and share with others, if I am  really honest my skill and passion is  free style razor cutting. understanding how to create shape and form without cutting straight lines allowing hair to move and fall the way it grows and flows.

Once you have polished up those skill started building up your client base.Take time to think about the clientele your are building the clients your are attracting you will find a common skill that binds these clients to you.What is that skill what is it that you do that attracts your clients. work it out and use it capitalise on it.

Decide that you are going to Specialise in this  chosen skill and service within your salon. Maybe it’s putting hair up. Do some extra course invest in your self.

Some stylist hate putting hair up so if it’s your skill you can gain from it whilst offering a service and helping out a work mate.

As this chosen skill grows and the word gets out you will attract more and more. keep updating all your skills but always go that bit extra to stay on top of what it is that defines you.

The more in demand you become the more specialised you become the more valuable you become the rewards for this will naturally follow. cool ha .

As a specialist in your field doors can open for you. Maybe education others or working for a product company. Maybe photographic work or competitions.

What ever door opens consider you options and choices before making a decision.Once a decision is made you have to go with it live with the consequences. Don’t always just be driven by money the quick reward!! just let that naturally follow as it will.

Creativity. Passion . Drive . Motivation these are the things to focus on. never get to big for your boots leg EGO take charge remember who you are where you started out share and give back to others as success comes. become a master of your craft.

Mike B2MR


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standards of hair stylist Training.


A place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s on matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related.

Below I have cut and pasted a blog posted by a student hairdresser it’s colour correction posting . I would like to review it with you in sections. For it highlights some real issues relating to teaching standards and advise given to students and trainees.

Below is the Article as posted :

A lady came in today with some seriously lightened hair. She had about an inch of regrowth, and her hair was about a natural 6 (on a 1-10 scale). Her lightened hair was this color Straw off the charts yellow tinged.

She wanted lowlights to ease the transition while she grows her hair out (as she’s not going to continue to lighten her regrowth).

I started from ear level and weaved horizontal highlights all the way up her head, right up to the top, and it looked great when it was done – but boy oh boy was I off in my original color formula!

Of course, the instructors look over your formulas on paper before you do anything, so it worked out in the end. Here’s what I thought would be best:

1/2 8N (8 natural, in our color line) + 1/2 8.01 (8 Soft Ash in our line) 10 volume developer.

The instructors saw that and said that it would turn her hair green! I thought ash was what you use to counteract yellow, but apparently it’s more for reddish colours. I need to learn my color wheel better.

Quite the colour job and formula : a recipe for green hair?

So my first question is why is someone with no clear understanding of a colour wheel having consultation coming up with a half cocked formula?  

The first formula 8N lies in a blue violet camp so to add ash is adding more blue !

So what the instructors decided on was:

3/4 5N (5 natural) + 1/4 5.3 (5 Gold) 10 volume.

This formula is totally not what I would have thought of. Especially since the client didn’t like how yellow her hair was, I would have thought putting any kind of gold color in would be aweful! And a 5? Surely they’re mad! But of course I kept my mouth shut and trusted they knew what they were doing. (And I do trust them, they’re quite good)

My thoughts:

The instructor formulation adding that amount of 5G to 5N is fear factor it does nothing to the formulation. The 5N being a natural level 5 would mask out the 5G completely when hair is totally over processed why would you lift it more 10 Volume peroxide?

 This would make it more porous damaging it more? This is why the standards being taught are so poor no care attention to detail they should be working with the student through consultation into formulation giving sound advise!

Back with our student:

So after all the weaving, which took forever because I am so slow, we went to wash out the foils and I started freaking out a bit. (On the inside! The outside is always all smiles and “Hmm, everything is exactly how I expected. No surprises here! La-dee-da”)

It looked like halloween colours! Dark streaks of level 5 brown, light yellow streaks of her original hair! Oh no! Where my weaves too chunky? Where the instructors wrong about the color formula?

I hoped it just looked halloween-y because it was wet and brought her back to my station, and started drying her hair. As it dried the worries faded, because it looked surprisingly good. The low lights weren’t actually big thick streaks, they were fairly natural looking, mild low lights. It turned out Ok! I was so surprised by the result, I would not have put a level 5 on her, or used anything yellow-based. But if I had put a level 8 on her it would have been invisible, judging by how light the level 5 looked. Just goes to show that the porosity and condition of the hair plays a huge role in coloring it.

My thoughts.

The level 5N used with a 10 volume formulation did not give anything like target colour also over processing the hair more will cause fading this colour will not last. This was a poorly done job over seen by a very poorly trained or none caring teaching professional.

My closing Thoughts:

Students should be taught  and have a full understanding of the colour wheel basic laws of colour prior to doing consultations others wise how can they possible come up with  a correct formulation?

they also need to fully understand lift and deposit the effects of different levels of peroxide and the difference between permanent semi permanent Demi permanent and colour balancing all very basic stuff but key to understanding colour.

In so many cases a little basic knowledge is given prior to being let loose into the practical application of our trade our skill. This can be very dangerous it makes for stylist who muddle through thinking they are skilled and even convince them selves they know everything this is  dangerous this is ‘ Ego’

We as educators owe it to student to deliver the highest standard to education as is possible students have the obligation to look listen learn and strive to reach the highest standard of training.

Education is a very important part of being a stylist. It is one of the most important aspect of giving back and sharing but should be done by those with knowledge skill and passion .

To be a great hairdresser requires continued education and up dating of skills and product knowledge, industry awareness is key to staying up with change  keeping you in touch and relevant. Consistently  getting education will not only keep your skills and knowledge up to date  but your clients will appreciate that you invest both time and money in you ability.

Clients do notice when we try out new techniques be it cutting or colouring . What we have to remember is that we are being watched and criticized, even if its done in silence. As stylists and trainee as hairdresser keep up to date on the latest trends, and hairstyles, colours, techniques will keep you at the top of your game.



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Hairdressing Nightmares: A true life account

Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR lets talk colour and service

Regular postings of fresh new topic’s

As professional stylists we are duty bound to offer. The highest standard of professional skilled knowledge, service, technical ability. To do the very best we can without taking short cuts or rushing and charging accordingly for such service.

So why do so many stylist’s over book, take short cuts, over charge and then wonder why they lose clients. make mistakes!

This is a true account with out any names of either salon or people.

However i do thank the client for allowing me to share this rather harrowing experience.

I was recently asked advise by a friend living over sea’s about going lighter maybe some nice caramel toffee low lights.

My suggestion was seek professional skilled advise from your stylist. Have a consultation. Discuss your goal and optimum colour target. Be honest about past colouring in this instance quite long hair  mid back level sort of Bra strap. Her natural level would be around level 5. The colour used a rich dark brown around level 4. So long term build up would be a issues. Lots of pigment to exposed with build up of darker shade in the lifting process. The roots will lift Blonde very quickly so apply last with low volume peroxide to blend.

Prolonged use of the dark brown colour would. Indicate long term build up of colour mid length’s and ends.

So I suggested that she should ask for strand test. Remove a small amount of hair from the nape area and have it coloured. This would require bleaching but applying from the ends up through mid length finally the root. Once lifted evenly apply toner to even out to desired shade and tone.

Why so you may ask? the ends will lift the slowest and will dictate the end result the mid lengths although coloured less still holding lots pigment. So although it will lift more. It may well throw lots pigment in the lifting process this will tend to be very warm copper or orange.

So armed with all this advise and information off she goes to get her new caramel low lights done.

dark rich brown pre Highlighted attempt
pre having low lights done coloured level 4

Firstly here is the shot of the hair prior to the colouring.

This colouring was always done as deposit only. No lift .when going tone on tone or darker unless you want to add or increase warmth you do not need lifting levels of hydrogen peroxide.

So any build up is just layers of dark pigment. As stated a rich dark brown it matches her skin colour and hazel eyes.

So many salons over book, don’t allow the time and effort to do a job correctly.When things go wrong they may make excuses about the product, may pretend it looks great. It’s how it was supposed to look.

But it’s the client who. Has to be excited love this new look get what she wants and requested.

They have trusted us. Sat in the chair patiently. They asked all the right questions .They gave us time to decide on the best course of action to take. Having supposedly considered all options.

After attempterd Low lights
After low lights

So why does this happen?

What went wrong? what do you see? what do you think?

Remember request low lights. Caramel toffee. Remember suggested strand test. Consultation . Remember I suggested lift from ends in  allow that the mid lengths may throw orange and roots would lift really quickly.

So lets look at this. Firstly I was shocked. Sad. Appalled by this poor quality job. Caused by taking short cuts with very little thought given to the process or out come! A rush job.

Firstly the the blonde on the roots to eye level really does not work for her. It sucks the colour from her skin and is just a nothing dull boring shade of blonde.

The mid lengths did not lift as much so formed a colour bar, a very bright copper orange the dark pigment lifted out. Finally the mid lengths and ends they only lifted a little so still look solid and dark very little lift.

There is no way by just applying toner this can or could be fixed.  It was doomed to fail. This was caused by some one being lazy, applying bleach de-colouriser roots to ends and just hoping that it may all lift evenly or at least enough to colour balance it! Hoping that whatever pigments exposed could be evened out with a toner. In doing this the tones made the blonde dull had little effect on the orange and well the ends ! Hum Hoping is not good enough!!

The strand test should have been carried out in advance of the appointment. The strand test shown and discussed with client then the process carried out correctly with a great out come.

Why oh why do we allow this to happen? Why do we let our selves down . Is it lack of time?  Is it Easy money? well hardly if now you have to fix and re do! Lack caring. I really hope this creates some thought and feed back.

This can be fixed. I have advised the person in question what to do. She is having it re done later in the week . I am hoping she will let me have shots of finished job and i will then post and discuss the out come and process.

Enjoy the topic let me know your thoughts as always post comments i will respond

Mike B2MR


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Training education choices challenges:

Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR regular postings of fresh new topic’s          stage work semiar



With so many options and choices when it comes to training and updating skills  how do you decide where to get the best training the best value for money?


Is it through your distributor and in conjunction with one of the major professional companies?

Is it courses seminar’s

Saving to go see the odd platform artist.

Maybe you just don’t bother you know it all you know enough many stylist have this view done my training don’t need any more.


We should never stop learning and challenging our selves and their are so many avenues to explore not just your hands on skills

What direction would you like to see your career going in.

Platform work, Artistic team member, Technical educator, Salon owner, Teacher, maybe your passion is competition work, maybe something more down to earth successful and busy we all have different goals dreams aspirations.



avantgarde Up do work

What ever it is with help you we can only improve with help and sharing experience with each other

with so many products on the market offering new improved chemistry we must have the knowledge and understanding of them to decide if they are what we want do what we require.

In the economy the challenges of building up a successful clientele are more demanding we have to have a edge we have to be able to justify why what we offer what we do is much better that that home colour application we have to be able to explain why.

We have to have the people skills, the service skills, the consultation skills, the communication skills,

do you have all these are you at your best all the time?

When we see in the new’s for the most part people rate happiness as 5.4 that’s plain sad is your glass half full or half empty we are in the business of filling that glass of helping people feel and look better

can you do you do that?

team work show event


I have spent many years having lots of training my goal is to share that with others who would like to learn and share my experience both technical hands on, but also the personal the people skills the salon skills the things that make clients want to come back the things that make the salon run smoothly a great place to work create and have fun yes fun  hairdressing has to be fun!!


So often we get lost in just trying to busy you should not have to try! If you are on top of your game doing a great job being creative offering great service  you should not have to worry about that appointment book your client retention and so your pay packet.


Having the Skill the knowledge being up to date with products both for professional salon use and retail recommendation , Having an understanding of how over the counter colour works being able to explain this to clients all key to that success. having your NVQ qualification is a great start but it is not enough it’s a starting place a foundation from which to grow

Having a salon  but not staying current not inspiring your team will in the end lead to decent.thinking your busy enough and know everything is frankly dangerous and driven by ‘EGO ‘not a healthy place to be.

This is not a lecture just some honest sharing  some insight from many years in our ever changing ever challenging industry it is driven from wanting to share wanting to see the standards be high remain

high for us all to be professional creative and passionate about our work our profession what is a huge chunk of our lives.

interested lets chat and take a journey together many ways to connect.

Via the web site

Via the Blog


Linked in Professional hairdresser group

Face book B2MR group page


Become a follower become a leader become active!! how do you want to connect?

Mike B2MR



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Hairdressing and Salon Service?

Hairdressing and the Service Industry:

Why a picture of an empty restaurant ?

Why a picture of a busy busy Restaurant?

My Blog is about hairdressing, products, but also about about the service we as stylists provide.I some case the service we don’t offer!

Whilst talking with my daughter the other day she was telling me about a restaurant she visited with a group for a Pre-booked Sunday Lunch, Highly recommended they booked well in advance arrived on time place was over booked service was really bad it was chaos,

Arriving for lunch at 1pm still having desert at 4.30pm! how does this relate to that Salon Experience?

Quite simply: After this experience after this restaurant was highly recommended would my daughter and the party she was with return or recommend this place this experience?

The answer is a Big NO! so can you see where we are going with this?

The Salon is no Different how many times are we on a role that busy day fully booked up and yet we keep fitting people in that busy day becomes an exceptional day! or so we think but was it?  In these very competitive times offering exceptional Service that totally special experience is key to having and more importantly retaining clients and indeed getting new recommendations.

So that Busy day: A salon should be fun full of life, interaction, friendly, inviting, the problem with that busy day that big money earner it’s a short term view to success and reaching a consistent level of steady bookings.

When we over book, keep clients waiting we compromise the service in some cases we take short cuts, we have to seek the help of others, we might get an assistant to do a colour application that we normally do or that blow dry, we have all done this but it does not go unnoticed trust me your client does notice.

{Having that policy of booking and sticking to it  gains respect sets boundaries}

So on reflection: Although it was a busy day a big earner it was chaos you fitted new clients in but at the end of the day how many did you loose? a happy client recommends an unhappy client does not!

You will never reach a level steady busy days with good client retention when you take short cuts and over book. Money should not be the motivator! concentrate on the client the busy days the higher salary will follow! other wise that busy salon will start to look like this!

Whilst the Salon down the road thrives! maybe with your now moved on Clients! should this happen to you it’s time to reflect on what you are doing how you are doing it and what your real goal is!

We all have to sometimes take a look in that mirror and remind ourselves that no one is indispensable and that service and the client retention Recommendation are key to success.

Consultation: The Key to success is the time you take with that consultation it is important to note that a consultation should not be limited to new clients that little bit of time spent for that quick review with a returning clients puts then at ease makes them feel special.

This is your time to introduce your self to put your client at ease share thoughts ideas, educate them with your knowledge,  Most Importantly be Honest!

In some cases this honesty could be a recommendation that a colour service at this time might not be a good idea but conditioning and working toward that service would.  Trust me this works! you have been honest explained why this may not be a good idea you are building trust,respect, A relationship!

As an example when we get hair like this, on the left slightly over processed looking dull. Condition refresh recommend products: Discuss realistic goals set out time frame book that important revisit all stuff we know all stuff we forget about!

I moved back here from Canada  almost two years ago and still have contact and relationship with clients to this day.

They become friends it becomes a relationship its a journey we take! its  fun!

Things to think about!

* Consider clients skin tone, eye colour, how they present themselves!

*Never put a shade chart on a clients lap and say! What colour would you like today!

*Never Compromise your standard.

*Have Boundaries.

* Honesty is best Policy.

* Take the time to listen

As a stylist do you consider all the above? as the client do you get all of the above?

if not maybe it’s time to  look else where. to get that feeling of being special

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