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It is my goal to create a platform that over time will become a place to share thoughts review hair colour and products.

Working to build up a strong client base built on skill talent and reputation.

Is it alright to say no refuse to take on a client or any given hair colour application or project.

My thinking on this question are based on my own experience of building up a strong loyal following:

It is my opinion that we have responsibility to have a consultation with every client who seeks an appointment having said this a consultation is not an obligation to take any one person on as a client or perform a chemical service.

I have on many occasion stated how important consultation are how it’s your time to learn a great deal about your client and put them at ease about your skill and knowledge. The key to this consultation time is honesty from both parties not always easy and many clients forget or don’t share the full colour history of there hair.

The last business i built up was established totally on recommendation and word of mouth no advertising or promotion i would have a consultation with every potential client wanting a colour appointment i would charge for this time but deduct it from appointment or refund if we did not work together it shows commitment from the client, my business was built on my colour skill and knowledge.

I would sit talk ask questions look, feel, talk about goals aspirations and history and commitment to me taking on a colour client is deciding to take a journey together.

So given that my business was built on my skill and reputation if after consultation and meeting i did not feel that the potential client was committed to taking a journey together then i would not take them on! i do not get involved with the one off quick fix my choice my business mandate my reputation was one of being very honest quite blunt but gets the job done very well!

It is my opinion that my skill and knowledge is my business so if someone just wants a quick fix rather than to work towards a goal then why would i waste my time and reputation.

This sounds harsh but it worked and today this i still keep in touch with many wonderful women who took a journey of correction with  a goal of better colour.

Given that our business is built on recommendation why would we take on a client who is not going to be a full representation of out skill and talent an advert for our skill!

There are many members of the public who bounce between salons, home colour, black, to red to bleach, to highlights, back to home colour! all fine this is personal choice, life is after all about choice and consequences i totally agree with this but as a stylist if i take on a client with a history of over processing and damage as soon as i agree and indeed embark on colouring this head i assume responsibility for everything that has been done to that head, this being the case why would i take a risk unless the potential client wants to commit to a journey that could take up to a year and may well involve working on condition before embarking on applying colour.

As soon as we apply colour on a damaged head it is our responsibility everything that has been done and applied to this head becomes ours! so unless we work the miracle of miracles it will not be a good representation of our work in fact it could do us damage.

[I would always suggest having a client wavier form]

It is a fact that a client leaving the salon happy will recommend you to as many as five fiends an unhappy client can and will damage your reputation. at the end of the day if a colour when finished is not going to be a true representation of your work why would you take it on.

The challenge here is having started on this path sticking to it and not to compromise your standard whilst working toward the building the business you are trying to create built on your skill and knowledge.

Your thoughts comments Mike B2MR


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