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challenges and change in the hair industry .

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              Is there need for change in our industry? 

                                  ‘If so’

                How can this change happen?

Sadly although it can happen by itself when this happens it’s not normally good and positive change. It’s a change that happens slowly over time normally caused by neglect and complacency.

Rather than point out areas that need to change or be addressed i think it better to look at the big picture and how positive on going change can and will impact our industry. Not every one is open to change some might even be dead against it but it happens with or without some guidance and direction when this happens it can become quiet chaotic and seem very random and uncoordinated.

The hair industry has so many facets that it becomes quite hard to think about it as a whole I think of it more as many smaller units that are all linked under one umbrella ‘our industry’.

From Salon ownership.To Distributor.To Manufacturing. These might be considered the three main arms with other avenues leading off and yet connected within the industry.

This might be Stylists. Training education. Product knowledge. Product education. Platform work Product promotion. This would then break down again into others area. Colleges.Academy. Salon training. Product educator Sales person. Artistic team member and so on. Many avenues to many to split them up.

What has changed over the years? Certainly government involvement in standards and levels of training by the setting up of training standard bodies creating over legislation has this been for the better good of the industry? For both the standards and indeed for the types attracted into the profession? Are the right people steering controlling and setting mandates for our industry?

The number of colleges and academy’s. The standards they teach  the number of students they produce qualified each year. Is it now just a business and  way to control unemployment numbers? Should they work more closely with the industry at grass roots levels the salon and business owner the end consumer of the trainee’s.The industry expected to employ these constantly growing number of newly qualified professionals.

Manufacturers the products they produce, they way they market them. Do they respect our industry or dictate to it? Should they be more transparent about the products they expect us to use and promote. The salon business. Is on longer seasonal. The demands from stylist are different. The way we can connect with our clients is different. what clients demand is constantly changing. The age of expected discounting is consuming many salon and spa owners.

I do not have al the answers to the points raised but i do know that over the years we have allowed these changes to influence our industry. These changes some good some not so good now effect and influence our profession greatly. Judging by the number of industry professional voicing opinion globally on various professional group forums the need and want for change is growing. Build up a Linkedin professional profile join a some groups become active.One such group ‘professional hairdresser knowledge networking group’

There are many passionate motivated professional who work tirelessly to try and raise awareness and have a voice. Every salon every spa has the power to make change happen. How. By starting in your own salon with staff and owner collaboration with innovative thinking. By taking action start to think about and discuss the things your ant to change have a vision and work towards it salon owners stop competing with each other by our discounting each other you are hurting your selves some time competition is not healthy it’s distractive and negative.

Start in salon training develop your team have high standards start hold the manufactures accountable for the products they expect us to use. Join discussion groups share your voice have opinion.When things are not acceptable say so communicate openly with staff. learn and understand how to use social net working and multi media to your advantage. Encourage personal development as well as salon and team development. Take back control of your business and so a little bit of our industry by being educated skilled and professional. Being informed having knowledge is power having opinion and sharing views is powerful.

Finally the internet and the information available we cannot trust everything that is posted to be totally true we owe it to our sleeves and those we work with or influence to do a great deal of research to make sure the facts that we are presented with are correct. To be willing and open for change and challenges to embrace all the new possibilities available to us.

The internet is a marketing tool as well as an information high way so we have to all learn to navigate it and stay current and up to date!

I hope that this starts up some discussion and gives me some feed back.

Mike B2MR.


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Hair colouring and techniques idea’s


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Over the years hair coloring techniques have changed with the times with the demands. From. Fashion trends. The constant demands for new looks for individual looks requiring new techniques and skills, that allow us to create new looks to correct and possible camouflage poorly or badly done hair colour.

In some cases colour that is so badly done or damaged. That the last resort calls for radical action maybe a perky cut or as a last resort a wig. Yes this can and does happen. but it should not it need not! how ever extreme a look it can still have a eye stopping edge and look great!

Formerly lightening/lifting jet-black hair would mean hours of bleaching.This would leave hair in. Poor condition. Unhealthy and over processed. Often with orange red mid-lengths and ends. With yellow roots more straw like than anything close to blonde. In some cases those looking for strawberry blond commonly end up with some shade of red or copper.

We now have some colour removing products on the market. These are worth considering when wanting to go from light to dark but always do a strand test. Get professional advise or a consultation.For those wanting to try a darker shade. Without care thought and attention to the process a Gothic look caused from going to dark can happen. Bad hair, Bad High lights is quite common place!

Modern hair coloring techniques and liberation of colour and appearance have made fire-engine red a fashion trend for some. Instead of a hair coloring catastrophe this can be a acceptable life saver now days when the removal of dark hair fails and a red hue takes over. It’s is possible over time working with your client to change both look and colour. [ above shot and below same model]

Modern hair coloring techniques can when done correctly add true dimension and tone working with the  natural movement and swing of your hair cut and style.

Highlights and low lights are just a few of the choices that enhance both your hair your face style and appearance.  In addition hair coloring techniques include paneling and chunks, semi permanent and Demi permanent colour to refresh and brighten colour as it fades.

Types of Hair Coloring Techniques


Probably one of the first innovations in hair coloring, highlights brighten and add shine. Highlights work best on blonde to warm shades of gold, honey, amber, and reds and can be applied with permanent hair color, but after time should be carried out colour balancing by addressing root issues and refreshing the previous colour with a gentle formulation

Problems can and will arise when continued permanent colour is continuously laid over previously coloured hair.

Low lights:

A hair coloring technique that adds real depth to hair color.  low lights add darker tones and soften the look of over-lightened hair or add dimension to hair color that looks flat. A skilled stylist can weave up to three different colors into your hair by pulling a few strands here and there through a weave cap for a subtle look or foiling chunks of your hair for a dramatic, trendy look. this process can be applied with various shades can also be very effective when wanting to add darker shades of colour putting darker low lights can add as much dimension and tone as introducing lighter shade.

It is worth noting. That when going tone on tone and darker that a Demi formulation is sufficient when going darker we do not have to lift hair as part of the process. a common mistake made! if you go darker with a permanent colour you will introduce warmth to the chosen shade!


Brightens and enhances old flat hair color by applying a semi-permanent glaze in a richer tone over a permanent shade.

Paneling /Chunks: 

Takes large, random sections of hair and infuses them with new color. or dramatic Blonde it is a hair coloring technique that gives dramatic impact to your hairstyle, often by adding vibrant shades and bright  trendy colors to natural hair color.

Hair Coloring Technique Processes
 that are used most often are highlighting and low lights. Many different methods are used to achieve this effect. It’s my opinion the one that needs the least skill, is when your stylist pulls small strands through holes in the weave cap. The effect is usually a subtle change that enhances your basic hair color the cap tends to not get as close to the root as other techniques and the holes dictate where the highlight goes with a cap only one shade can be applied at a time.


Your stylist places sections of hair onto rectangular sheets of foil and applies color or lightener, folding the foil to keep the color in place and away from other sections. Of all highlighting techniques, foiling can be applied closest to the root. many different techniques and products for this method papers foil it is favored by professionals and colour technicians.

freehand painting:

A great application for textured, natural curls, or wavy hair. Your stylist selects specific areas and hand paints them with color. working with the wave and the way the hair naturally falls this  technique creates a dramatic implementation of a hair coloring technique leaves you with a very “personal” appearance!

It’s important to note that although kits are available for most all hair coloring techniques. Professional stylists have the skill that comes with experience. Especially for hard to color shades like Grey, platinum, and black hair. It would be recommended to consult a professional if you intend to try a new hair color technique at home!  products designed for home use do not perform in the same manner as professional colour and techniques and application come with training and experience.

For many blog topic’s and to leave comment join and follow oh have fun but be professional. thanks Mike B2MR


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Hair salon service and up sales

I am working on an article to cover this topic of up sales and why many stylist’s struggle with the concept of offer advising on other salon services.know as up selling.

Dare to push the envelope

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Furure opportunities in hairdressing

Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR regular postings of fresh new topic’s

sharing techniques


A little self indulgent. But as i write these blogs, post articles. I pause, take time to reflect on what next. Where does the next challenge lie. What direction will my career take me in. Will any more doors open. What opportunities will arise. I trust that if one puts out positive thought, supported with positive action,only good can come from it.

What do I miss? What would I like to do? A hard one to answer to my self, my career to date has afforded me so many opportunities.These just seem to appear, come out of left field. So i have to trust, an opportunity will come out of all this Net working and Blogging.

My passions being, working with others, to share the experience i have gained over the years.This could be Platform work, in conjunction with. Artistic team work, education work or just working with, Individual salons and hairdressers, to improve skill and knowledge. I really think that the keys to successes are different depending on the. Individual, the situations.


If in a salon.

Relationships between. Owner. Management. Staff team. Image. Service. Consultation. Sales skills. Product knowledge. Jointly sharing that a vision.


For the individual stylist.

Education. knowledge. Technical skills. Communication skill. Consultation skills. people skills.  Followed by goals, motivation ,inspiration, creativity.


Opportunities career direction.

Colour technician. Educator for colour company.Platform artist.Artistic team member.



Competition work. Photo shoots. In house model nights and training, product knowledge.

All these above are aspects of our industry. The things that all salons at some point need to look at, they need to address these to stay current. To keep up with the constant changes and demands in our industry.


With so many distributors. Offering products on line, having face book pages, being interactive with clients. Those clients being us the salon owners, the stylist.  The support required is both. Practical. Technical. It’s help and advise, access to demonstrations, education events, knowledge sharing.

The perfect situation would be, to work with a distributor, to share knowledge and experience. Whilst promoting products through. Education. Service and consultation skills,

This i did very successfully. Whilst working with a major distributor, doing platform work and artist   team work, all whilst representing a major colour company. It is my belief that education and sales go hand in hand. Sales funds education, education, stimulates sales. Through knowledge and experience.


At this point. I’m beginning to feel that I having a full understanding of, all the different products sold over the counter, What they do. How they work. This is essential, but one has to stay current,with these ever changing products and the technology they bring.

We have to be able to. Explain and give reason to clients, as to why the service we offer and perform are worth while. That we are the experts. Who understand the chemistry of hair, also understands the down side and indeed pitfalls, that can be associated with, the use of some of these unprofessional store purchased products, be they colour or home hair relaxer’s.

From a clients point view. They can only know what, the adverts and media portray. They don’t know or have the product knowledge, to understand what might happen. What the ramifications could be from misuse, that’s out job. The professional. To advise, recommend, inform. This is not selling. this is doing our job and the consultation correctly. Being totally professional.


So back to me. My next path. My Journey. Will it be. Education, consultation, sharing, promoting Net working, all of these are my hope. This is the way forward for the new year. Using all the experience I  have gained, along with my belief in. Raising both the bar and indeed the awareness of issue relating to our profession.Working with and helping others to grow, to be as successful as they want to be, for it is in every ones hands. To make the changes to grow and succeed.


Share your thoughts vision idea’s, Thanks Mike B2MR




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