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Collaboration sharing communication in hairdressing

 Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR 

Regular postings of fresh new topic’s.  A place to share. Thoughts post comments, idea’s. On matters relating to hair colouring, skill and techniques and anything industry related.

                          Any thing is possible you just need vision

It’s is my hope my goal that. Through this web site, blog postings and working on networking with other like minded industry professional we can work together to make a difference. Connecting through Linked-In sharing thoughts comments and topic’s with the two groups those being.

                               The Professional hairdresser knowledge net work.


By using. A variety of social outlets and media groups my goal is to make connection enabling me to share my experience and knowledge.

To be given a platform to help improve the quality of service and raise the standards for both individuals and businesses alike.

To work with a companies who see education as a tool to promote sales, increase business and awareness. Whilst raising the standards and skills of all professional stylist’s 

There are many tools available to us all. Mentoring books designed to offer constructive help and advise. We all of us have a journey and life experience to share with a very varied back ground in our industry I am fortunate enough to have experienced many different aspect of the hairdressing industry. I continue to search for ways to share. to work with others on educational, mentoring and support material. That can be made available to both salons, stylists and trainee’s.

It is my firm belief that the keys to success for the individuals are. Education. Knowledge. Skill. 

These attributes include service skills, communication skills, consultation skills. 

A great sites for information and to net work.



                       Really interesting support material mentoring and support.

Quote /review

In writing Double Your Salon Succes, Karen Lynch shows she has a true understanding of the hairdressing world. She reveals the very essence of what makes for success by identifying the combination of service, consultation and sales that are needed to grow and be current. This book encapsulates so much of what we as stylists forget or take for granted. As Karen shares with us Pamela and Skye’s journey, she takes us on a roller coaster ride from start to finish. She reveals their struggle to make their dream a reality which is at times frustrating and emotionally upsetting and at other times exhilarating. As we read, we think “hey, that could be me; that is so right; what a great idea.” From start to finish, this book is a thought provoking and entertaining read that will leave you wanting to take the challenge to walk a new path to success.

Mike Vallance:


It is also being honest with your self, about who you are, what you want. How prepared you are to work to be the very best that you can be are you up for the challenge.

For a salon and business owner it is all of the above with the added challenges of handling managing staff, working with the general public, being fully focused and committed to building and maintaining a business all the challenges that will arise.

 The highs the lows the daily unexpected that will happen it’s how you deal with them that will define you reflect on you and your business.
For business support a free initial consultation and consultancy information. Check out the web page


                   Find our Group face book page and link to follow on Twitter.



My hope is to find a number of stylist salon owners who are looking to move forward looking for advise some guidance life experience that will assist them to reach their goals and full potential.

to take a journey together that we will all learn from in ways untold from hands on skill to colour theory to service and sales staff training!  through collaboration and sharing

so many ways to communicate and be connected..

                                 sharing knowledge and information

Discover what the keys are to your success. How can i help you? can you help me? many ways to communicate connect share information. I look forward to hearing from you.sharing and growing together.

Mike B2MR



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The hair salon staff relationships attitudes.

Salon atmosphere staff relationships. That creeping in of negativity. Staff competing with each other gossip unprofessional attitude general lack of mutual and self respect? How do we deal with this?

As I write this I am aware that it is not a topic that everyone wants to read about! I question if i should touch on it. But it’s real maybe not so much in the high end big city salons or some of the larger fashionable chains franchises [ not that they are exempt from issues i know that’s not the case]

What motivated this is those small towns and city salons.  The ones where the local college provides the next batch of new stylists all competing to succeed. It is driven by that need to address these social issues. That attitude of not sharing. “The toys in the sand box syndrome”. The cruelty that can be carried on through out ones working life  that of the school play ground bully pack mentality. It exists It’s cruel it’s harsh it’s unprofessional! Spiteful Gossip! delight as a fellow stylist makes a mistake something goes wrong.

Have you been? Are you ? Is you salon effected by this? It’s a issue in our industry that exists and seems to stay in house under the carpet. yet it can be and is so destructive to moral! standards! client retention! staff retention and just day to day attitudes.
There is and alway has been competition among stylists, on one hand encouraged as healthy by owners ,But left to it’s own devices and to run it’s own course un checked it can be that staff end up spending more time gossiping about one another instead of supporting each other.Some stylists enjoy in-fact take delight when another stylist screw’s up how sick is that. So much for support team work putting the salon and the client first. Negative feelings and action can occur between others.” I hate it” but if sadly  it’s part of human nature it should be dealt with in an adult manner .

Issues should be addressed dealt with and not allowed to fester. Maybe it’s should have more focus as an issue in the training they program on how to deal with co-workers and customers.
A recent article here in the Uk suggest that still not enough training is given to apprentices in the service industry with regard to communication and what true service really means.
I think working with others and relationships and learning how to respect one’s self and each other should be included
It can be a stressful job for some for any of us at times motivation seems to be on the back burner. ,If you want to be a hairstylist. You must love people and that includes your co-workers.
have a true understanding of what service industry really is .for me and many other industry professionals it’s passion drive motivation and challenges stepping out side of your comfort zone to explore all that this industry has to offer.

Mike B2MR

Quote Mr Steve Polinsky

One of my passions has always been to “teach” the motivating “keys” to helping people “wake up” and succeed out of their “box” . So many stylists are complacent and afraid to approach “strangers”. We are all human, as Mike says, and it takes only a tiny “shift” in our behavior to make a major difference in our careers. You need to “reach out” all the time. As a mentor of mine used to say:”Inch by inch is a cinch”. We’ve heard this before…but we need to have the courage to “start”. Successful stylists and business owners have a natural passion that motivates; an energy that attracts, and a sincere interest in people. These are the things we need to cultivate. Sharing great information and experience is one thing…getting people to use it, is another. I’m still working on the “magic” formula. Will keep you informed.

Thanks Steve

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Hairdressing. Commitment,Attitude,Image,Vision.

Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR: Regular postings of fresh new topic’s



A somewhat contentious subject: But worthy of discussion and debate I’m sure we will not all agree !!!

but that is healthy.

I don’t know if this is a global issue but it certainly is an issue in the countries I have worked in. Is it an issue where you are.  Its a topic that I dwell on given my passion for our industry.


Commitment. Attitude. Image. Vision:

Why do so many young people start training and give up. Or just turn to it not knowing what else to do. in some cases just getting pushed into it just because of lack of academic qualification. Hoping it’s an easy meal ticket! to a not to demand profession.

Why do so many stay in the industry poorly trained? Little or no motivation complaining acting out and being totally un-professional. Why is this?

I’m hoping this will create discussion because like so many issues in our industry it’s one that is sort of pushed aside never really addressed or looked at.

In these economic times we seem to heading down that path that has been trodden many times apprenticeships programs for youth employment. incentives for salons to take on trainee’s. Is it just another way of playing with unemployment figures or real industry commitment.

Then we have the colleges and the day release system. The standards of what is being taught is out of touch with reality. So bogged down with paper work health and safety issues. The tutors in many cases are un motivated and out of touch .The students having failed in the academic world don’t now want to be in class room setting. How will this ever change if never addressed.


My reason for this topic is not to just rant about an issue not just to use my blog a platform to moan. It’s to bring up the topic and hopefully put a positive lean on it!

How can it change? What can we do as professional salon owners. How can tutors improve and help to change and or improve things.

Firstly by being honest with all the youngsters thinking of a future in Hairdressing.This means taking the time to discuss with them their goals and dreams find out if the service industry is for !It’s not for every one. Find out how committed they are to study and self improvement.

We need to lead by example.We need to raise standards. We can all make a difference if we are willing and committed.

It’s about giving back. It’s about sharing. Its about being honest. It’s about communication and most of all positive honest discussion.


We have to take the time to honestly explain the training process to young people coming into the profession. Tell what to honestly expect. We have to help them value and respect them selves.

In-fact many Stylist’s could learn from a little reflection on these subjects .They could in many case’s do with some help. I have come across many in our professions with self issues. Maybe our industry attracts this .We all have a story. We come with baggage. We all have a past. We all have a story.

We also all have creative passion. For hair dressing. For being a stylist. Being a colour technician. Being successful.


From being honest with young people coming into our profession. We have to then also look at help and assistance for those either new to the business or struggling. This can be newly qualified stylist’s or salon owners struggling with staff issues and to make ends meet.

We can only do this if we are all honest. If we are struggling we reach out ask and seek help.

Is help available? Are there people that care ? yes yes yes!


My trust in the generosity. The commitment to our industry has never been as strong as it is at this time.

I have had the good fortune and the honour of sharing thoughts view’s with a team in Australia. Cool ha the world gets smaller every year!

Karen and David Lynch have proved to me that showed me that I am not alone in my thinking. That our industry is full of positive hair dressers.They have shown me that. Sharing experience and vision can and is very rewarding.

They run a very Successful business offering help support mentoring. Sharing first hand experience gained from many years committed to the hairdressing profession.

One has to believe that if we truly have a passion for what we believe in do it. Success and rewards will follow. It’s that universal concept of giving something away to get more back!

It is why I write and share so much information and experience. I have faith that it will open doors allowing me to educate and share with others.


Help is at hand in the form of Online assistance .

Offering so much support in every aspect of our industry.

Salon Success Club Online Coaching!


Are these issus you may have ?

  • Use mystery clients in a positive way
  • Employ the right people (at the right time)
  • Market your salon without costing a cent (or very little and it works!)
  • Grow your salon profit and find where all those profit leaks are
  • Turn your reception into a money making machine
  • Have your team on your side – all working together, with you
  • Feel the energy and excitement about your salon business
  • Fill your salon book with top clients
  • Give the experience your clients really want (not what most staff think they’re wanting)…… 
  • Stay motivated every day so nothing stands in your way!
  • Grow your salon business with long term results (so you can relax when you’re not there)
  • Push through the barriers that hold you back
  • Keep your clients returning and referring heaps more to your salon
  • Double Your Salon Sales (yes you can)
  • Coach your team to be star performers
  • Get great results when dealing with team issues
  • Pay your team effectively so you BOTH winand so much more!

                        Get ready to rekindle that excitement of when you first went into 

                        business OR as a new salon owner you’ll feel                                                                                             confident you’ll get it right first time!



Here is a link for you if your ready to get help advise support for both you and your business

Is it not funny how you can start sharing thought’s writing them down and where it can take you. With all the material available to us The tools we need success is possible it takes work and commitment it’s not a free ride.

Be it starting out wanting to train or wanting help to grow improve or indeed expand a business everything is possible.

Books . Dvd’s. On line down loads. Support with real professional. It’s all just a click away. But are you ready? I hope this opens doors for discussion.

Mike B2MR


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Thoughts and reflection on hairdressing standards:

Welcome to  BACK2MYROOTS! B2MR

I hope to create a platform that over time will become a place to share thoughts review hair colour and products.

I am working on a new topic for next week understanding of tone pigment the colour wheel and law of color as they relate to hair colouring techniques.

So for today i though I would share some thoughts on the hair salon , clients consultation,general standards.

I don’t know about you but as a stylist and some one who i like to think cares about my profession and more importantly the standard of what i produce the finished product that look that i am sending out into the world as an advert fro my skill.

As I walk down the street or go into public places i notice hair i notice style why do i notice so much bad hair.

Anything from really badly done Highlights to banding hot roots over processing faded washed out colour. Why is this?

Surely we cannot blame all this on home hair colour as misleading as the adverts are as poor quality as  some of the products might be as misrepresenting as the information is we cannot solely point all the blame on the saturated home colour business.

We have to take responsibility as well to step up and be honest about our own knowledge expertise  and more importantly what is acceptable to us as our personal standard. Yes standard it’s not all about

££££££ or $$$$$$$  its about being honest it’s about building trust it’s about doing a good job being a professional.

Its having the skills the techniques the training the knowledge the passion.

It’s about know the difference between Ammonia and MEA  about Herbal and Organic colours.

its about colour balancing, it’s knowing your Profession. its about your Client.

How can we expect to win clients back into the salon how can we wean clients away from home colour with honesty knowledge and education with great service and communication skills.

The consultation your time to shine to sell your self and your knowledge your time to be honest to advise, Its not just about hair its time taken to understand this person how they dress life style not every one is a stylista!  so we have to be able to advise at all levels know and understand fashion but also cater for everyone.

People skills are not taught they come with experience, techniques can be taught but at the end of the day application applying what you have learned  creating that look is down to you,

We all have a responsibility to be informed educated and up to date with both products and techniques!

Are You ? want help advise want to up date improve your skills.

By sharing we can all learn by learning we can all grow take a step towards  personal growth and higher level of skill and knowledge.

Contact me lets see if we can work together to reach that higher level.


For Bio and contact info go  my web site for E-mail link full profile see below:


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Wedding day Hair. Sharing a true story.

Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR: regular postings of fresh new topic’s

A place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s on matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related. Created as a source of advise education knowledge skill experience

                                       preparing hair planning Up-do

As I played with my daughter’s hair whilst trying to find that perfect look for her trying to make her have an elegant sophistication I was drawn to the reminder of the very fact that this for a young women is that child hood dream her dream come true. Hair. Makeup .Beautiful Dress. That happy ever after.

I was also and have been as a Dad. For some time been reflecting on the passing of time how quickly we went to baby bouncer to this. As of now it’s official my little girl is married and all grown up!

Any way I digress but well worth a ponder and a mention.

Moving on we have to remember that peek wedding time for me was around 1978 to mid eighties, remember the hair wash leave perms! The Purdy cut. Blow dried hair  lots of volume. Lady Di look a likes. How topical this of all weeks with a Royal wedding in London. Congratulations to the couple.

                                         Starting to build a shape

One big wedding I attended comes to mind clients name changed ! This particular wedding was a big event months and months of planning and hair growing.

But a true story all events happened: 

The plan here for Lucy was an up do very elegant  it had to show off the family tiara a very Breakfast at Tiffany Audrey Hepburn look. Any way i arrived at this country house/mansion  huge iron gates, gravel drive way oh my good it was a true family estate peacocks running around the chapel was it the grounds,

Parking area allocated, Helicopter paid marked out. Marquee the size of a big top right down to wooden floor laid down and me still not fully comfortable with weddings all the fuss pomp ceremony.

Although I has pretty much conquered the fear of the up do. I had replaced it with the resentment of the event the ceremony! Being on reflection a little discourteous and unprofessional.

I would usually arrive in a pair painters white bib brace work pants or an old aviator flight suit basic casual – work man!  oh they were very fashionable at the time .why did i act this way  I now wonder ! To carry this irreverence on I would have all my kit in a black plastic bag grab it from car arrive with it the slung casually over my shoulder. [quite dreadful] and really un-professional. I did thankfully eventually get over rebellion embrace and enjoy the privilege of being part of this special day. I did  get a camera case for my tools and dress smartly!! In some cases even attended the event with those very special client I would wave the fee as a wedding gift never expected and I loved doing it!

                              slowly work on the hair to create the look

I would intentionally park in the wrong place. In this case walking towards this monster stately home gravel drive peacocks running around.  The huge  stone stairs up to the front no door bell! just about to pound on the door and it swings open! The butler! good morning may I help you. looking down his nose! or so i thought . yes say’s I. I’m here to do Lucy’s hair very well I will inform her you are here the trades man entrance is around the back, Is that your car he then says? yes kindly move it to the allocated car park!

Well now biting my cheek took a little breath and said firstly I am not a trades man I do not do back doors the car is parked so I can get away once done before the wedding starts! So please tell Lucy I am here if she wants her hair done! Again how rude of me! With that an up stairs window fly’s open and loud voice shouts down my name followed by oh so glad your hear come on up would you like a glass of champers!

In I go past the butler still looking a tad put out. Up this huge stair case in these time it was fashionable to slightly different artistic creative yet none conforming so I had a novelty value the plan was do the hair of the Bride I tried not to do the bridal party to many heads ! In this instance it was the Up-do but then i had to hang around until the formal part of the wedding was over and then cut all of her hair off one to shock her friends this was so much about out doing each other bigger and better you know leaving in a helicopter or hot air balloon!

It was also being cut off for the three week beach holiday have to admit she did look better with short hair.

                                           Shape starts to form

The Up-do went quite smoothly fear had been dealt with many practice sessions so it became easy I looked like I was in control yes a big act! yes but key to keeping the bride relaxed as she trusts what I’m doing.

The hair is up. Make up on I get to help with the dress. I forgot to mention hairdressers get away with murder when it comes to dressing the bridal party the thinking being we are all gay. Half naked top less did not really matter I would help get into do up the dress do up buttons  arrange the train.

If a photo session was called for spread out dress for different shots take charge.

                                         different look and shape

                                  shape from texture form

This was as I have indicated a huge and formal wedding so photo’s on the stairs in the main hall now with all the staff looking on yes butler too!!ha ha revenge was mine as he admired my work!

The chapel was in the grounds but i now find out a horse and carriage ride away the guest and the press are all there! Father. Dad. Lord of the manner giving her away nice chatty man but no way is he going to help her in or out of the Carriage with that dress I now have a new role help her into the carriage load very carefully the long silk train careful not to wrinkle it then load myself climb in on the floor! Oh yes the only way this works is if i have my head up the brides underskirt well.

How to get to know your client and bride ping her garter! The fathers asked if I am ok on the floor ? slightly nervously tells me how thankful he is for my assistance. Yes I assure him that I am fine it’s not every day that I get to put my head up a brides skirt! He laughed this was going well,we had broken the ice.

Lucy giggles ! I asked  how do you think the groom would be if he knew I had my head up the dress of his soon to be wife! ha ha

Well once at the chapel the door is opened foot man opens the door ! The step folded down I appear from under the dress the press taking pictures help the bride down spread out the train the and formality of the this splendid event returns. But for a brief time in that carriage it was funny we were equal drawn to together by the event and the situation. She looked amazing. I was proud of the look Dad was very proud.This is what weddings are about Princess for the day.

                       finally a shape that works for me and the Bride.

The rest of the day went with out a hitch I hung around had a walk in the grounds I don’t do weddings.I was always invited as a guest but hey I am doing a job and being paid very well paid so would not cross the line of business and pleasure maybe why I never dressed for the event!

The time came the dress came of the hair came down and I had 20 mins to cut all her hair off into a funky sort wash and go look hair flew all over the room nothing like audience to encourage you to through hair around we went from half way down her back to maybe 2inches in a very short space of time, again all done what a transformation she now puts on her going away suit all done. Just as she is leaving to rejoin the reception I get a big hug a kiss and many many thanks your amazing oh and send Daddy the bill won’t you!!

I’m on my way another wedding another day another story The butler opened the door as I left with my plastic bag of tricks and the car is still out front! a good day.

With planning fear can be over come and for me with a bit more time embracing and enjoying the event the brides special day for it was not about me it is and was about the bride her day!

In my case now my daughters big day maybe this day was what it’s all been for experience.

I have on a number of occasions become close friends of a bride and it would be fitting to give her as a wedding gift my time and service as my thank you for her support over the years, for me these gestures make what we do so worth while,  A long way from the hairdresser rebel!

Why today to post this article.Well it was this wedding day experience. This open welcoming family that opened my eye’s to accept that it’s the Brides day it’s a Dad giving away his daughter be it a Lord or a normal working class person. Its the same My role is to be professional to think how much of an honor it is to be a small part of this day. It was this day the boundaries of class distinction and stigma came down for me.

It was the day I started to enjoy embrace and attend the Weddings of my clients when invited.

I became a better and more professional hairdresser and person.

In closing we as stylist have to remember that we offer a service it’s our skill and creative talent that we are relying on. But we must remember that humility and understanding the magnitude of the day will keep us grounded and sympathetic to the Brides and her families needs in what can be a very emotionally charged day.

Again Congratulations to the Royal couple

I have very much enjoyed re living this day and sharing it with you.

Mike B2MR


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Consultation your time to shine:


It is my goal to create a platform that over time will become a place to share thoughts review hair colour and products.

The Consultation your time to shine:

I’ve been a fully trained stylist for over 20 years have been fortunate enough to have experienced many aspects of the hairdressing Industry.

In the many years working i have been working with clients, I like to think that nothing shocks or surprises me any have shared every issue that a client can bring to the chair.

I’ve seen young women come in with orange roots and white ends. I’ve seen red roots and black ends.  I’ve seen hair looking like a traffic light from violet to blue, colors that usually are reserved for flowers.When I see these mistakes colour failures in some case hair nightmares one cannot help but feel oh so sorry  for the client to which these hair are attached.

Normally when the color mistakes are so apparent the truth is impossible to ignore the poor client is so embarrassed upset and apologetic that one  really wants to help and fix this problem if at all possible.

The client usually admits that it was a money issue a crazy moment or a few drinks with that got out of hand with a friend it seemed like a good idea at the time! found an old box under the vanity and thought it would be a great time at 3 in the morning to “streak” their hair. I don’t have any issues helping these clients for me the challenge is correcting it the reward is success a happy client she made an honest mistake at home and now seeks professional help a humbling experience in it’s self.

Usually they have learned from the mistake  after all we all make mistakes first time one feels sorry for them repeat offenders well they are on their own, most however are more than willing to go through the steps to fix the situation.

Then there are the liars.  I know this is harsh, but usually when you ask someone a direct question and they knowingly misinform you, that’s a lie. As a stylist how can we make an informed decision to fix something when blatantly given the wrong information, in most cases they have been deceived by marketing adverts and promotion that suggest an easy to use instant make over in a box trouble is these kits cannot cover and address every hair situation or scenario it can be complicated! from a stylist point of view we need to know the truth in order to perform the right service.

                              Here is an example of a normal client consultation:


A client is looking for some sort of chemical service, not always a major change; let’s say going lighter.  We will take a close look at the hair during the consultation and figure out what we need to do to get as close to the desired result without damaging the hair.  It is at this time when we’ll ask the client their past history.  whilst at the same time looking and feeling for indications of damage, If we see any sort of banding, we know some sort chemical affected the hair.  It’s a pretty simple fact, hair grows approximately 1/2 inch a month.  If there is a any sort of line of demarcation, we know there was something “done” to the hair,  and we can tell when it happened by how far it is away from the scalp.  When we ask the client why this band exists, they can’t give a reason.  When we’d tell them that something had to be put in their hair to create this band they will not admit to anything.  To be fair with so many over the counter products these days misleading the consumer it is possible that they were unaware the product used would cause this issue.  In some cases one would repeatedly ask the question and they’ll repeatedly plead their innocence/ignorance.  stale mate helps no one!

So here’s some information everyone needs to know.

Anything from a box color to a highlighting shampoo that causes any visible difference in your hair color has permanently altered the hair structure. Sun-In or anything like that, especially highlighting shampoos and conditioners have any variety of alkaline chemicals that diffuse your natural pigment.  Beware of these products since they may contain sodium hydroxide which is relaxer.

Any color from a box that is made from 2 or more components that are mixed together have some sort of peroxide component.  Peroxide oxidizes your natural pigment, so if there is any alkaline in the formula, you will get lift.

Many box colors say that they last 24 shampoos simply put if your color is changed by a box and if you grow out roots, it is not temporary the hair structure has been permanently affected.

When hair is colored or receives any chemical service it is permanently affected till it is is cut off.

You may have correction to re colour blonde hair with brown pigment, it may be a perfect colour match  but the hair still has any inherent damage caused by the initial service in this case going blonde.

So as a client try and be as open as possible the more history the better  their is no advantage in trying to hide any chemical service that you have introduced into their hair.   there is no reason to hide any details no matter what the box says informed decisions are easier to make with all the information at  hand and every thing must be taken into consideration.  When we ask you questions about what has happened to your hair for the past year or so, we need to know everything so we can make the right decisions for your services.

So next time you come in to get any chemical service done be completely honest with your colorist or  as a stylist you are doing a consultation make sure you ask all the right question.

We can read the history of your hair and there is no need for deception.  After all, we have your best interests in mind.  As they say; the truth will set you free. a lie may break your hair!

Our goal is to work with clients to deal with the issue at hand offering the best service possible supported with education knowledge and an honest understanding of what is possible given any situation and history.

Mike B2MR


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