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What is the hair salon? It’s a place that is so much to so many.

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What is a hair dressing salon?:

Is it just a place to do business? Is it a hub a hive of activity? A place where like minded talented stylist get together to share there talents to gain and share experience.

A place to train and be trained! A place to work your craft build a reputation be a success. It is so much more consider for a client. It’s a place of relaxation. A place to socialise palace to trust, in many cases as stylist we can and do build strong bonds of trust even friendships with our clients,  hey you can go to extreme and marry one I did!!

For a salon to succeed be a successful Business so many factors have to come together.

So many things to consider Location a key component. Image the very essence of the business. Goals. Vision. Staff. Products. Marketing.

All of the above are key component’s for success is any one more important than another:

A point for discussion what do you think? For me it’s the team, Management and all the staff.

The Team:                    


          right to left: Avantgarde Vancouver:Ted Mckinnon. Mike Vallance  Jon PaulHolt. owner 

Here is an example on the above. Who owns the salon? Who are Staff hard to tell also look at the window interesting! two salon names one space!

Two Salon names. Yes! They share the space it brings the concept of competition being a good thing right to your door.

The owner of this salon is on the right hand side of the shot. He is Internationally acclaimed top stylist from Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Mr Jon Paul Holt holder of so many awards and titles. On the left Mr Ted Mckinnon he has worked with Jon Paul since the mid 9o’s that say’s a great deal.

Ted is amazing at up do work he and Jon Paul have done and do many shows and photo shoots together.  The salon runs and is as a place for like minded stylist to work share and be successful.

How do I know this I’m the guy in the middle. At this time no longer working with Jon Paul but re visiting to catch up spend some time together.

I had the fortune to work with these guys for a number of years it was an honor a place to learn share have fun be creative everything thing a successful salon should be.

I have been writing quite a few of these Blogs mainly for me a way to share and reflect As I write it seems come back to the same underlining key themes.

Education. Knowledge. Honesty and Service. We should never stop learning or wanting too! Never think we know it all! { Sometimes!  Us hairdressers have big ego’s and it can get in the way} 

Success and learning service are our profession. If you don’t like people don’t like communicating why be a hairdresser! Being honest with your self about who you are being honest with your clients really important if you want to succeed.

I read a recent article

One person had written in raising a question about his partners in a salon being more interested in platform work self promotion than being committed to the business:

                                                                                        {back to ego issues }

Having worked for a number of years as both an educator and platform Artist I know how much fun it can be. The rush of walking out on a stage introducing yourself your models you have and own the stage your centre of attention.

                                                                                     {For that brief moment}

Being an educator and platform artist can help you promote both your self and your business. This should be the reason for doing it yes to further your career to gain knowledge to share but don’t get sucked into thinking your really that special.

The big Colour Companies need us to sell promote educate their products but at the end of the the day your Salon is yours.  Yours to build to grow without the constrains dictated to you when representing a large corporate concern.

Use the education experience you gain to share with your staff use your skills knowledge on your clients use the fact that you are an industry expert to your advantage.

Another interesting topic stylist with poor client retention key to business a stylist who is unable to build a client base is questionable. A stylist who gets no returns or recommendations from clients the salon gives them is costing the business money.  {what would you do in this situation?}

This is time for open honest discussion with owner manager staff member: Time for honesty and truth ask the key question why do you think we are in this situation. make them take responsibility set out a plan together to improve set out a time frame for change set a date for review.

Communication is key having said that the individual has to take responsibility for their actions or lack their of, suggest in salon training nights a time to share thoughts idea’s courses education, maybe a course in service handling clients, a little attitude adjustment.

Finally as an owner i would set a dead line for giving them clients, suggesting that after an agreed period a new stylist is being brought in and it will be their turn to be promoted.

harsh maybe but it’s but it’s how to move your business forward.

Choose the best products you can stay on top  of new products:

As new Colour lines come out try them have in salon training and Demo days.

Educate your self and your staff on the products you use then you can  share and educate your clients.

Clients love know that your a true professional share you knowledge that Consultation your time to shine.

These shots are close up’s of hair i have coloured highlights all over colour multi shade highlights permanent semi permanent learn it all

So my view for success surround yourself choose to work with people you like respect and can learn from Motivated talented creative honest stylist, who are also willing to learn to share to help grow the business, develop your team,  work with problem solvers not makers! be the salon for training and education share and reward success with your team be that salon of solutions!

Encourage personal growth and education. stay on top of new products have in salon education events strive to be the best have the best reputation this will create a place people will want to work in clients will want to be a part of.

I hope that this article will be of interest to both stylist owners managers educators and platform artist’s we are all part of a team.


Coloured with Red Copper tone her natural hair level is a 6 dark Blonde.

Colour used was for deposit only when going tone on tone unless we want to bring the clients own pigment out lift is not required.

Using say 10 vol may have made this even brighter but would create roots issues down the road.

This up do was created to get as much height as possible without it falling down or over.

In this instance two scouring pads were used like doughnuts on top of each other some hair pulled through the hole in the middle this creates the cascading hair from the top the rest is wrapped around allowing free fall providing texture and movement.

Finally from the front view a very loose sexy look  with lots of height but still keeping lots of softness

As the hair falls down.

Putting hair up in this manner with a firm base as a structure will not fall down.



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Hello Mike – nice blog. Way too “expert” for me the layperson/ consumer but nonetheless interesting and educational. kirsten:


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Ultimate Salon Service:


Created as a source of advise education knowledge skill experience. A place to share thoughts post comments, idea’s, on all matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related.

What is the ultimate in Salon service:

It has to be that balance that blend of exemplary Service. Experience. knowledge that point. When all that expertise come together,

Why do clients return  to us time after time ? In some cases year after year. Why do they recommend you to family and friends? They want to share something that for them was very special. That thing you do every time your client returns to you. That interaction those personal things that define you. That you make you stand out as being unique, creative, talented,caring.

The way you are with your clients when they have an appointment with you. That special way you take time to listen and advise.Giving them that honest consultation. This is the time we take to.Make our client feel special for this time. For this appointment, our job, our goal is to make that client feel that they are treated and allowed to feel very special. You have an opportunity to do this to offer this unique experience to every client you have. Every day!

This can be quite demanding. Some might say draining so remember, it’s not about the number of clients you do in a day . It’s about the service your perform and standard of care and attentiveness. If you take care of these and you will be busy and booked every day constantly getting new recommendations,with very solid client retention and loyalty.

It really is that easy concentrate on. The service. The experience recommendation return business will automatically follow. Value your time and the standard of what you do and charge accordingly value for money is a great job well done with amazing service.

This only goes wrong when we get greedy and complacent. Over book leading to keeping clients waiting, taking short cuts, not repeating the same standard of service all the time.

It may sound boring but find the routine that works for you with your client that routine that works from the moment they enter the salon until they leave having re booked that next appointment.

My experience was that I would do the same number of people a day every day i would not fit clients in ever! This was always made clear in a first consultation of course clients will try and get you to fit them in they may say “But i’m special” remind them that all clients are they are a special! and all get the same special treatment . Then you can add. So you see you cannot have some more special than others you have to all be special together.

Remember this. If you fit a favored client in, then some time in your day some one gets short changed kept waiting? I also had a 15 min rule later than that and you would have to re-book why? Well after 15 minutes the next client will be kept waiting or the standard of what is being done will be compromised Once clients know and understand this you have created a level of respect. you will never lose clients over having boundaries and maintaining service.

For the record my business was fully booked weeks in advance I never advertised it was word of mouth only. My business was technical Colour or Colour correction I only ever did three appointment’s a day i only cut hair with razors so quite unique never evenings never week ends all my choice in my own effort to strike a work life balance, something important to me and quite challenging as i am by nature quite an obsessive person and can very easily forget that work life balance,

I was however also a platform artist and educator so had other commitments but always kept clients fully appraised of my away times and schedule for up come shows and training events.

Clients love like to tell friends they have a stylist who travels educates what it really shows is that you are involved in your profession.

I have been reading a book called Double you Salon success  written by “Karen Lynch”. She compares the service we give. What we do with how the client might view the same experience.

After 35 years in this industry I still found it a good gentle reminder that. What we do. What we offer. How we present and perform our skills are for a client an overall package of the experience.

Interestingly this equates to 20% our skill knowledge 80% the Experience yes the service.

We are selling an experience offering the ultimate in Service part of this package is out skill and knowledge.

I would highly recommend this book if you are looking to turn a corner with your business your salon your staff would all benefit from this easy informative read.


Karen and David have a wealth of experience in the Hairdressing Industry and are constantly on the road doing presentations and seminar’s  for more information on there philosophy and who they are take a look at their web site  maybe join in post some thoughts view’s comments it’s called net working.

In closing remember this. There is nothing wrong with being in a service industry some may think they are above being servers that it some how degrades that it suggest menial. I say this comes from Ego.

We all like to be served having an experience. From when we go for dinner we remember that very special caring service, this is how we should be remembered this is what will keep us busy booked and clients returning over and over again.

It is also my belief that we should strive to have a balance between providing the” Ultimate Service” A pampering experience supported with skill and knowledge raising the bar on standards of training and education this can only serve to increase the whole experience. The overall standard thus improving business the work environment and most importantly the client experience

Ultimate Service: Supported with Knowledge, creativity, passion, skill

Mike B2MR


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The hair salon the consultation:

Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR: 

 Regular postings of fresh new topic’s.

A place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s on matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related.

How do we respond to the issue’s and demands that face us in today’s salon? How do we get that edge? How can we compete and attract new business and indeed retain our existing client base? How many new clients come through our door only to leave never to be seen again? Maybe instead of constantly trying to attract new business we should concentrate on the business we have. It is a fact that over 25% of clients that visit a salon never return

Well we have been looking into the topic of Service that ultimate salon experience:

This by definition is a total package of pampering making our clients feel very special affording our clients a very unique standard of service. This can be the environment created. The atmosphere, furnishing, image all this key to the overall experience.

This being said we must not detract from the importance of education knowledge and communication all the tools required for the ultimate consultation,  In so many cases the consultation is either very short rushed none caring uninformative?

It does not matter how much time energy and money are committed to the visual surroundings. The comfort level .The service. The overall experience if the  package is not supported by honest caring hands on service from a knowledgeable caring stylist.


The consultation should be your time to shine but it’s also your time to connect with your client  make them feel at ease discover the issues. The history of the their hair what brings them to you.

Discover what you can do for them. How you can take a journey together to reach there desired goals. Discuss condition, image, look find out what makes your client comfortable putting people at ease yet taking control comes with experience. Assure them that everything is possible it just takes time patients and a game plan.

I read one comment that suggested turn the conversation to what they client needs and wants! How can we do this if we do not take the time to discover who they are and what those needs and wants might be! We have to take the time to ask all the right questions and listen to the response, it’s not about us or what we think is needed it is up to us to discover unlock those inner needs. The skill is patients and asking the right questions. It is my experience that women do know what they want sometimes by finding out what they don’t want we get an idea of a direction to move toward. So the skills we need go far beyond those of just wanting to do hair. To truly succeed we need to be skilled and versed in so many fields communication public and human relations.

I also think that it’s very important to touch on the topic of boundaries we cannot please every client we cannot take the same journey with everyone. Sometimes after a consultation we just know that this is not going to be a fit have the courage to say you don’t think this will work trust me when I say you get more respect and it will not effect your business to have clear and defined boundaries.

It is not failure to not get involved it is failure to let your EGO say i can deal with this rather than admitting it’s not a fit and adviser maybe a different stylist or salon.


So Lets take a look into our make believe salon: Have that consultation together. This could be you the stylist or you the client!

It could be any where any town on any high street maybe as you read you will think hey that’s me that’s us.

I’m booked into a local salon having been recommended by a friend that the stylist here was very attentive very talented offered excellent service. I’m excited a new stylist a new vision a new look!

My friend had been on a Saturday and said the place was very busy another good indication or so we like to think .

I work Saturdays Tuesday is my day off My appointment booked  i arrive a little before my appointment I hate being late.

It’s 10am as i enter the salon a young lady look up from the reception desk she is on the phone  smiles and indicates i should take a seat.

It’s early i know but the places is empty! The receptionist look up having finished on the phone and says can I help you. I inform her who I am and that I have an appointment with [ stylist ]   she looks at the book vague look on her face then says oh sorry she is not in today. I have booked you with [new stylist] not the one recommended, Oh that’s a shame I was recommended, oh they never work Tuesdays.  Hum. So why was I not told this when I made the appointment? Instant unease. Two very young looking stylist appear from the back of the salon talking with each other as they get nearer to the reception I am introduced to one of them as your next client [ warning lights are going off]

This young person takes me to a chair stops chewing her gum long enough to introduce her self to me and say what are we doing  for you today all the time talking to me in the mirror looking at her self. any of this familiar to you as stylist or client?

Time to leave  !!

Are you laughing yet of course this is not you! is it? but trust me it happens all the time and then stylist wonder why they loose business and clients, Yes maybe a bit extreme but i have seen this situation many times.

So what should this experience for our client be this person who we want to build a relationship with this person the we hope will recommend us and the salon for the service and skill we provide and offer.

The Service. The consultation when linked, they are both key to success.

From the moment a client enters into a salon the experience begins those first impressions the look the feel of the place the atmosphere.

That first greeting that welcome normally receptionist or a salon staff member who job is to meet and greet. This is a hugely important role if given this role, don’t turn it down it’s a way to hone your people skills.

With new clients some salon will have a questionnaire this is great for both stylist and client it show the salon cares it puts the client at ease whilst waiting for her appointment maybe whilst having a coffee or tea.

From a stylist point of view it gives us back ground information so we can ask the right questions during our consultation without information how can we give sound advise.

Once this has been filled out as a stylist I think it’s important to come a meet your client introduce your self to the client you should already know your clients name this should be on your personal day agenda sheet.

[yes a list of clients for the day the service they are hoping for and weather they are new or return or recommend clients]   I say hoping for because with out having a consultation all the facts how can we decide what is possible !! we cannot.

Trust me when I say. I have seen many stylist work out their days take /income before the day starts. I have worked with one stylist  who would get into work look at the day sheet and get all the tubes of colour out for that day putting them aside, How could you possible know what a client wants in advance of them of talking with them. How boring ! well this stylist was really very boring personality of a  dead fly!!!

So back to the plot 

First impression count how you look and present your self says who you are its all about the image you project your dress hair makeup! That look that says this is me! what can i do for you?

We have introduced our self walked our client though to our work station this area is representative to who you are how you work , untidy dirty chaos does not work!

With the clip board on your lap sit next to your client eye level eye contact remember you have some information to hand so use it.

Time to talk bond with your client

Not what are we doing today ! ‘How about’

I see from the information you have kindly filled you you had a hair cut 6 weeks ago  how has that been working out for you. How manageable have you found it as it’s grown out. when that leads into what brings you here today how can i help all leading  open ended questions.

This now leaves the door open for easy conversation you have relaxed your client you are starting to build trust.

Personal routine, products used, if chemical service has been carried out on the hair even if not being re done on this occasion it still needs to be touched on for future booking and for advice and comment

Never ever put a colour chart on a clients lap and say what colour do you want today it’s our job as professionals to advise on colour that can work and look stunning.

Having established History and indeed wish list we can move on the recommendations.


Style. Look. Length. Colour. Products. Styling tips maintenance be honest. I like to refer to a relationship as taking a journey together that with patients honesty open the doors to endless possibilities.

In closing having a fully booked day is what most stylist long for consistently busy, but consider when fully booked or over booked we lose clients ! why however good we are the standard of service drops

you took short cuts kept clients waiting, you sacrificed your standards for a few extra £££ or $$$$.

do this and you do more damage than good a dissatisfied  client will go else where taking her friends with her! it’s Service, reliability, Service consultation, Service, skill oh and More Service!!!

Good luck if you need help advise guidance take a three week challenge.check out the site below

Soon to be available in the Uk this insightful easy read talks you through all you need to do to succeed

supported with useful down loads a really worth while investment in your self! or maybe for your salon team!!

Mike B2MR  If you need a little help advise a little one one time maybe you feel you would like your team to step things up need help i’m just a phone call or e-mail away.


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Training and then what?


Created as a source of advise education knowledge skill experience a place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s on matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related.

copy right pending.

Time for Action:

You have completed your training been through college or an academy done an apprenticeship maybe you are in your early years of working in a salon starting to get experience in being part of a team working with the public getting an understanding of the service industry,

Most importantly learning about people and understanding how to listen to them the art of consultation. communication.

You have trained for this new chosen profession worked hard so why do so many new stylist to the industry leave become disillusioned or stay with it but with resentment and anger.

What next is the world really your Oyster ? Can you really make it big can all your dreams come true happiness wealth success? or what ever else you dream of attaining! what is the key.

The one and only answer is you and you alone can either put in the work be honest with your self about your ability your passion, what you are prepared to do to succeed possibly excel above others to have that edge.

So you can either blame others for poor training blame your self for not pay attention or be really honest with your self and enter into a program of self discovery and skill improvement.

A journey to improve your hands on skills  lean how to understand what true service is put ego aside invest in your self and your future. become fully booked successful and enjoy your career get the rewards that hard work commitment attention to detail can afford you.

The biggest change of career for young stylist comes in the first three years after training graduation this is a sad waste of talent skill training time and money.

It does not have to be this way with professional help and guidance you can succeed establish your self as a highly qualified expert in the hairdressing industry.

As a stylist maybe you are struggling making a living but bored uninspired feel like each day  is just a repeat of the previous if this is you then you need help need to have a inspiration goals target a formulation to turn things around and succeed.

If this is you we should talk work together come up with a workable realistic plan to get you on a road to success.

With over 35 years of experience what ever you needs and requirements what ever skills you need to improve on a program to work from and with can be designed, call it personal coaching.

Are you Interested i would very much like an opportunity to work with individuals small groups or salon’s in so many cases stylist fail salon’s fail through fear of asking for help and guidance don’t let this be you.

Fear and Ego are not your friend fear is only a fear until faced then it falls away lifted and can move forward face new challenges.

So often we forget the the little things those simple things that make a difference we lose or forget why we entered in to the world of Hairdressing fashion style, we forget how to talk communicate all fundamental but how easy to forget. it’s time for a refresher !

The above link is just that an easy read that could very well change your life change how you do things  how you look at things the very essence of what drive s and motivates you ! now that could be worth a read.

As step by step guide to increased success increased sales that easy! no quite you have to do the work!

Mike B2MR


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