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What is a hair cut:



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What is a hair cut?

Shape, form, creativity, Skill. Vision Style. Yes all of these


What is really required is a total Understanding of

Structure and weight distribution. How hair falls and moves. How to create a shape.


Do you have this understanding? Do you ever give time and thought to the process of what a hair cut really is?  What effects are possible? The looks.The style.


The process requires us as stylists to look beyond the very basic techniques taught when training these in so many cases just about give one a very basic knowledge of how to cut hair create form and shape.

They teach basic one length hair cuts the classic Bob and then techniques to layer said cuts.


Cutting hair is an art form. Training and pushing ones self to become creative to understand different hair types hair growth patterns.

A hair cut is so much more than just taking sections and cutting off certain amount of length or bulk.

A hair cut is. Shape. Dimension. Creating a look . Being the creator of a style. Being an artist.

A hair cut should flow even if disconnected. Asymmetric cuts. All require. Skill. knowledge. Passion. Motivation.


I think updating these skills is as important as keeping up colouring skills technical knowledge and product knowledge.

Knowing how to use all the tools available to us.

This understanding has to include knowing what using these tools can do to a shape.

Thinning shears. Texture shears. I see so many stylists using these tools removing bulk thinning hair. Who when asked cannot give explanation to the effect these techniques have on shape and form.

Sliding techniques. Razor cutting techniques my personal favorite. Castling techniques.

We have to as a professionals strive to become skilled in all these fields.


In closing I have used this term on many occasions but think it is one of those that cannot be used to Much.

You cannot cut a strait line on a curved surface!

So why do we? Why is this still to this day taught? The standards and methods of educations need addressing.

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