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Sales and selling in the Hair salon


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                                           Sales or sharing?

A place to share thoughts review hair colour and products.

This topic is worthy of both discussion, sales and selling in the salon for it effects each and every one involved in the Hairdressing Industry. 

It’s also very topical at this time of year when retail sales in salon increase in the run up to Christmas. Many salons bring in extra retail stock and gift packs. From a client point of view some of these deals can be very good value. I think that offering these value packs to clients with out excessive mark up is a greta way of saying thank you for your custom.I worked in one salon  that gave free gift wrapped shampoo to every salon client as a thank you. A great idea.

Having Spent a number of years involved in Sales and education or is it? Education and sales:

It’s so hard to know for one supports the other. [ chicken and egg what comes first]

One side sales drives the education machine funding allowing technicians and educators into salons to share and demonstrate. On the other hand without the support of good education the sales go flat. Salons. Stylist lose interest, use products incorrectly getting bad results blaming the product!

If a client comes to the salon for advise consultation maybe a new look is it selling to suggest a change of look style or colour or any chemical service? No of course not.

But the advise given has to come from a platform of sharing and not from the motivation a bigger bill at the end!  Consultation and back wash time are great places to talk about retail products and hair care.In some cases an assistant can advise you of conversation had team work!

The same applies when they us for recommendation of products for home care and maintenance.YOU we are profession. Clients come to us trusting. Our advise and our skill. To me it is only wrong if your advise is sales motivated you after commission rather than the clients best interests!

It is my view. That if you really trust and have belief in a product it will sell it self. If your educated a product how and why it works. If you have a passion for it, it’s easy to talk about it sells it self.

So why so much pressure on sales why fear education?

In salons many stylist hate education up dates. They look at educators as know it all’s, they attempt to put then down show them up why?  FEAR!

Most salons change colour lines because of dissatisfaction with the product. If it does not perform well in reality the fault is with the stylist technician. But hey! It’s always easier to blame a product than take an honest look in the mirror!

Tuff harsh words but true. I don’t know how many salons I’ve visited that so need education support but the staff, the manager will not allow it.

I also think that many sales representatives have very little respect for what a good passionate educator can do. Why because they fear letting any one see that they don’t know everything! who does? The fact is Sales are Sales. Education is just educating. On how to correctly use and get the best out of the product that sharing knowledge giving support to the salon to the sales person to the staff this can only serve to improve. Standards. Skill. Knowledge.

I also think and in-fact the quotes attached below prove that our industry is full of dynamic passionate professionals and that our clients also care and want to be educated.  So why all the problems?

Ego, Insecurity, Fear? or just an un-daunting need for control!  All things that are rife in society but for some reason really run rampant in the Hair beauty industry.

We have salon managers and owners who fear educating there staff to much. We have staff who hate to admit they have an issues or don’t understand. Will not admit that they want or need more education, skill and knowledge.

We have professional Colour companies who market them selves with being professional. But flood the market with home colour kits. With little or no care for the effect on the high street salon, the stylist trying to make a living build up a clientele not to mention the damage long term use can do from use of home colour.

Colour Companies that offer education to some to degree but maybe not fully transparent when it comes to formulation ! Maybe not totally honest about all the chemistry of any given product need to know bases! misleading.

We have schools Colleges, Academy’s. All offering a level of training but! How qualified? How up to date are those trainers? How much do they really care? How skilled are they? How current are they?

We have young people coming into the industry with a false idea of how successful they can be. How much there is to learn. How long it takes to be a success.

We have Stylist who reach a level of qualification and then sit back knowing everything knowing nothing? why is this?

We have all these different governing bodies have you ever tried contacting them to ask for a meeting or some information? good luck with that one.

Am I out spoken? Well maybe but it’s done it’s said to create discussion, to open up debate, to see who really cares! Not to be politically correct.

I have over the years worked with  many like minded passionate industry professional and they are all of the mind that things could be better standards raised, knowledge shared. education improved so what can we do how can we make a difference?

How can we encourage an exchange of knowledge and information. disclosing of product information in an open transparent manner.  One with sales teams working with and supporting education. Stylist who constantly want to up-date. Teachers trainers. Who really care how to encourage the young stylist to have higher standards, skill, who pride themselves in levels of Service and consultation.

professional passionate creative who freely share experience and views give clients honest advise and help work with them to attain the look and condition they are wanting  the service they are paying us for.

Mike B2MR


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Hair Stylist’s are we the product? service and skill?

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I find the more I write and think about topic’s to keep my little blog up to date and interesting. The more I reflect on. What it means to me! what I can offer! What can I share to keep them current and interesting:

In working through this thought process it brings me back to the key point of what we all do and offer service.

Yes it’s skill it’s knowledge it’s communication but none of this matters if we don’t offer. Good service and good value for money service. Value for money does not mean discount or cheap just value.

What is the product we market?

It’s our skill, creativity, knowledge. ability to listen to communicate, honesty,

Oh yes and that all important consultation.

We are in the business of offering advise we are also specialist in solving problems!

So we are in a very unique business.

We have a wonderful opportunity to use the many skills gained, utilise the tools at our disposal to do our job to apply our trade. We have the ability to turn a bad day into a good day from disaster into success powerful stuff.

We have to think of ourselves as being totally unique in the service we offer and the skill we have for we are all different we all react in different ways this does not mean we are not part of a team and as such should not share thoughts idea’s we just all have something different to offer a different way of doing things.

The way we present our selves the appearance we project are all part of the personal image package that  is ‘I’ or ‘You’ this initial presentation is very important for it say this is me this is who i am!!!


                                       So what are we selling what are we promoting:

This is easy we sell. Ourselves our skill and talent. Creativity. We are expert in the business of creating image a look experts in finding solutions to problems having answers to question.

Because we are all so very different and as such offer our trade in our own unique way none of us will suite everyone personality issues conflict will always exist so when it happens don’t take it to heart it only becomes personal if you let it! [ so be the bigger person ] a little humility is ok this does not make you a door mat.

Something we as stylist also need to at least be aware of  as gain success get busy get a reputation is Ego just keep it in check a little ego is healthy but to much…………..! not so good.

So to be a good communicator a problem solver what tools do we need? Knowledge is the key here!

Knowledge is power.

With so many different products on the market especially with hair colour both professional and home kits and now an onslaught of new Nano technology [ this new hip term} prior to this every thing was multifaceted, What ever the wording the lingo we have be on top of it we have to be up to date with new products new formulations. How and why they work. How do we do this ?

Education, training up dates, sharing, and by asking questions?? Thing some of us are not so good at!

Remember this the only stupid question is the one we don’t ask!

Be informed have knowledge be a problem solver not a problem maker!

As always thoughts comments idea’s please,


To this ends we are given the challenge some time to correct badly coloured hair this could be from either a poor professional job or a hope colour gone wrong.

Colour correction is a skill knowing how to re-balance a pigment mantle as a stylist only embark on this if you have the skill and knowledge to take on the responsibility. As a client work with choose some one you trust for this journey. Also get an estimate of both cost and timing for said correction. have a consultation be informed.

As a follow on from yesterdays posting after correction care:


Post Home Haircoloring Tips:    [Above pretty bad almost green hair! ]    

                                                            before shot                 

Recommendations post-colour tips: 

It is recommended to wait 48 hours before washing your hair again after the initial color treatment is completed.  This gives new hues time to settle.

Always shampoo with lukewarm water.  Hot water will speed up color fading.

Use hair products specifically designed to protect coloured hair get professional advise.  Remember that some shampoo products designed to add volume will actually “blow up” the cuticle and thus cause hues to fade much faster.  Use products that are specifically labeled as “colour safe”

Shampoo less often.  Even permanent colors will fade faster with frequent washings.

Avoid the use of hot styling tools as much as possible.  Heat from either appliances or the sun will speed up color loss. When possible, air dry coloured strands.

When out in the sun or when swimming in a pool hats! Sun, surf, sand all the S things and pool chemicals may leach out precious tones or in some cases, cause color to fade or even worse, turn brassy or odd shades of green or orange.

Treat colored hair with care and respect invest in good quality products that work within your budget   and remember to deep condition on a regular basis to counteract dryness.

 Resist the urge to recolor again before at least 2 weeks has passed.  Remember, less is more.

 Avoid any other chemical processes for at least one month.  Keep in mind that perms or chemical straightening procedures may cause hair colors to be altered.

I would always recommend doing a skin test prior to any application it’s always best to be safe.


                                                {Above make over from above shot}

With some though sight and thinking it is possible to go from a muddy sludge to vibrant colour just takes time and patients:

In Closing:

If you plan on becoming a home hair colour jockey, consider starting a special journal or notebook so you can write down a record of each treatment.  Note the products that you used and the results.Over time you may discover little tricks that make your colouring techniques more streamlined or successful.

I hope this guide is helpful and saves some of the pit falls that can happen when entering the world of home hair colour and correction if required.

Mike B2MR

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