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Salon products. Retail stock and sales

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How do you as a salon owner decide what products to carry: What will you staff embrace believe in enough to use and sell?

*Is it the Brand?

*Is it the packaging?

*Is it smell?

*Is it cost?

As a retail product when marked up will it be profitability? Is it an all natural earth and environment saving product? How do you decide. Do you trust the sales Rep?

This is big business: you have to get it right on so many levels!

*How much can you mark it up?

*Will it sell? Does it have appeal?

*Do the staff like and support this product?

*Is the support education good?

How much stock do you have to carry? It’s so easy to get sucked in remember many product lines change packaging to re invent it and increase future sales. If you carry to much stock you may get left with old product! Carry only enough stock for a month at a time.Try to pay on 30 days and this way your don’t have money sitting on the shelf. Get staff involved, pay fair commission or incentive. Don’t mark up so much that it cannot sell. Stay on top of stock at all times do not let your friendly sales rep do the ordering for you!!!

Do you need some help with this issues or other matters relating to your business and how to make it a bigger success. Check out the links below for some really useful tools designed to help you get your business growing. OnLine support structured to work with you and support you as you work though the challenges of running and growing your business. Are you ready for a challenge? In order to be able to share these links with you for the past Month i have taken the challenge and worked through the material provided by salon success both audio and PDF books downloads.

It does take allocating some time. it’s not a quick fix Magic pill that does all the work for you. It encourages you. To look at what your doing, why and how, It discuses how to change things look at things and issues in a positive light. Very easy to follow and listen to highly recommended . If it was not would it be here? if you require more info drop me a note or leave me a question.

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