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Home hair straightening kit

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We just about finish posting warnings and exhausted the discussion on some of the professional keratin based hair relaxing products and how important it is to research that they are safe. formaldehyde free.

We have had ammonia free foaming hair colour. We have had  ammonia free all natural heathy hair colour for home use and application now we have.

I see this advertised

Charles Worthington Salon at Home Straight and Smooth hair straightening kit for non coloured hair.

Charles Worthington Straight and Smooth hair straightening kit, get the ultra-glamorous results of a professional salon straightening treatment from the comfort of your home.

Above is the add  So i thought lets read the instructions lets see what’s in this product. below is what i could find

Get gorgeously straight, smooth and more manageable hair with natural bounce for up to 40 days from Charles Worthington Salon at Home Straight and; Smooth hair straightening kit. Completely safe and easy to apply in just 25 minutes, this patent-pending breakthrough treatment uses Cystamine, a gentle and effective straightening active that re-programmes your hair memory and tames frizz. It’s 100% free from formaldehyde and ammonia. Get the ultra-glamorous results of a professional salon straightening treatment, all from the comfort of your home.

The experts at Charles Worthington have developed Straight and Smooth to help keep your hair straighter for longer. Working closely in collaboration with world-renowned hair expert, Professor Wortmann at Manchester University, the product has been over two years in production to ensure the best results for your hair.

This breakthrough straightening treatment uses cystamine, a gentle and effective straightening active. Cystamine works by re-programming your hair memory so your hair will stay straighter and not want to frizz, even in humid conditions. Our patent – pending technology is blended with proteins and argan oil to leave your hair looking smoother and healthier for longer.

Straight and Smooth is 100% ammonia and formaldehyde free meaning the product is safe to use and gentle on your hair. 85% of women who trialled Charles Worthington Salon at Home, Straight and Smooth agreed it effectively straightened their hair for up to 6 weeks.

Reviews thoughts questions:

As you can read from the above although it eludes to no Ammonia no formaldehyde it does not tell us what’s in it. How it opens the cuticle how it relaxes the hair my guess either Grain alcohol derived Alkaline mixed as  a cream to weigh the hair down keeping it straight in the 20 minute process time it does require neutralising [just like a perm] it’s really a acid perm in reverse not rollers!

I read some reviews not that good sounds rather smelly!

Cystine is what we have in our hair to create curl. We relax the cystine one of the hairs 19 amino acids to make it straight!!!

It might last 6 to 8 weeks that does not mean re do every 6 to 8 weeks !!!!!

It sadden’s me when well respected professional celebrity stylist have to endorse theses none professional products.So much for years in the industry and being a professional. It’s all about the ££££ or $$$$$.

To carry out this procedure one has to put the hair into an alkaline state open the cuticle. We do that with various strengths of Ammonia or with MEA or an alkaline derived from grain fermentation this allows it to be called natural!

Be aware that issues can arise if doing a process like this possible breakage do not do it on pre coloured or bleached hair  any doubts seek professional advise.

I really have the greatest respect for so many of our celebrity stylist they mentor so many. They are looked up to by young aspiring stylists who look to them as professionals these sort of products cheapen that image. Always research any product read reviews before applying it to your hair!

Mike B2MR

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