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Hairdressing stylits social media use:

Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR regular postings of fresh new topic’s

shairng net working

It is my goal to create a platform that over time will become a place to share thoughts review hair colour and products.

SOCIAL NET WORKING and MEDIA SITES they are here to stay:

What role do Social net working sites play in our lives? How do they effect the sharing of? knowledge and information. How can it help promote our salon and  let us stay connected with our clients?

Firstly I think any one in their mid fifties and over have had a huge learning curve to contend with all the constant changes in technology.

Although we have grown up with this technology as it has developed and grown. The younger generation have grown up knowing nothing other than, a mobile phone a computer and the world wide web,

With the onset of computer technology, mobile phones, the internet and the way we share and research information. Our lives have been changed forever. The way we do business, communicate, research information, changed forever.

The fact that we can  promote our business with a web site designed to promote the image we want to project, link our blogs to Twitter or create a specific group page on face book.We have the ability to post comments join in this is all so instant and positive and a great way to connect and review comments and thoughts, share information

I write on this topic because of comment made on my blog. It has been suggested that certain topic’s that I write and post, should not be linked and posted on some of the sights and various media applications available to us. Those being. Face book,Twitter, and other groups and sites. Some general sites, some of the sights posted by companies for sharing.

I work very hard to net work and share information. I read material posted by others. I leave comments some times good, some times not so good, but always honest and thoughtful. I actively invite communication the sharing of views and thoughts.

Just because a topic is posted it does not mean it has to be read. More and more businesses and individuals post blogs and have a social net page. From the Salon owner, to distributors, to stylists. From Tweeting to sending texts,we stay informed current connected. Now days having a social page and by sharing information and allowing posting of relevant information. We connect, we net work.

This gives us huge exposure but also means we have to be on top of our game. As a medium it so easy to get your word out share thoughts knowledge education.

From a business point of view just being able to net work with other like minded individuals has to be good to long term exposure for your business, the ability to net work and share.

To suggest that net works and specific group are only formed to improve business based on making money is very narrow minded. I think that sharing connecting moving forward is far more key to success than just worrying about the money making aspect of any group?

‘That’ ‘whats in it for me train of thought’

Today in the Hairdressing profession the ability to share knowledge, business idea’s, style, education,

for stylists, mangers, owners alike to meet net work and share views thoughts concerns,to be honest and transparent.

For clients to research products and looks share experience read reviews.

My experience of using the web has connected me with some wonderful passionate professional driven and motivated. It has allowed for sharing of views thoughts and cross promotion of material. The link below is a classic example of net working getting connected ,just need to be honest and have an open mind.

This for me is all the reason why i write my hair dressing blogs net work and post views and reviews.

Thanks Mike B2MR.

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