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Success as a hair stylist it’s in your hands!

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As a stylist we strive to become a success to be fully booked to get new recommendation to earn a great salary to be the best we can. But sadly in so many cases somewhere along the way this changes or never happens why?  What went wrong?  Why do some get so disillusioned even resentful.Why do so many quit the industry! Why do some get by but are full of anger and resentment about both their employer and indeed fellow staff members Why? Time to be honest! It’s time to seek some help? Get re focused and remember why you started on this journey of self discovery looking for creative success. You had a vision a gaol what went wrong?

If this is you!

It’s time for some honest reflection to ask your self some soul searching questions starting with the big one Why? Did you become a stylist? Followed by. Do you enjoy being a stylist? what do you want from being a stylist? What were the goals? What were the aspirations that brought you into this industry? What are you prepared to do to reach your goals and dreams!

There are so many avenues to explore so many skills to gain. There is so much to give and yet so much to gain. Yes you have to give things away to get them back it’s the way of the universe. But all of this comes at a cost nothing in life is easy or free it takes hard work commitment! It takes constant training and updates of all the skills we have. All that we know and all we have yet to learn try and discover. These are challenging times for everyone.Those challenges and demands being day to day running and managing of the salon and staff team members. As stylists working in a salon being part of the team we should be involved in the salons success.

How can we do this? By being and staying positive and upbeat. With so much global uncertainty so much negativity in the news you must think and be positive and up beat both in your out look and in what you project. I have little time for negative attitude or thinking it’s destructive on so many levels both in personal and  work life. These skills cover every aspect of our industry. From those key things that are at the very heart of our daily routine and business success .

Service skills. Communication .Consultation. The experience we offer and create.

We have so many tools available to us to research and study our craft.The Internet the world wide web books. These are really good for learning about service and consultation skills after all Service and clients are our business. We must not forget the other aspects of our trade  the practical hands on creative side this need to be fed and stimulated sharing idea’s with team mates work colleges. We must also make sure we are up to date with product knowledge and technical knowledge.

Just being a busy salon stylist can and will get to be quite routine if you don’t push and challenge your self. It is very easy to get complacent take what we do and indeed out clients and the very fact of being busy as a given ! not always the case. Real success is to challenge your self and continually grow. Fear can hold us back as stepping out side ones comfort zone pushing the envelope is not a comfortable place to be for many of us. Get involved in the salon training nights. Maybe become a platform artist or educator. for major colour company. consider entering some competitions, photographic work .These can be good for both individual stylist and  the whole salon it moral and image.

Remember that the more you give out through sharing skills and experience the more that will come back to you. This career is for you to manage and steer. It’s a journey and adventure you have no idea of what opportunities lie ahead for you. All yours to grasp all you have to do is aim high and challenge your self and those around you. Dont settle for second best. Have high standards. Stay up beat focused. Constantly challenge your self and those around you.

If the above is you if you want to move forward step up the ladder to success then lets connect for an informal chat maybe we can move forward together. Learning and sharing experience.


All contact information is on my web site I very much look forward to hearing from you



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Hairdressing training recently completed? What next.


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Over the new year driving back from Scotland we decided to split our journey and stop over at a  B+B. The place was immaculate very well decorated everything one would look for in a B+B that is until meeting the people running it. It was so apparent that they were not happy or comfortable in the service industry. Boring sterile none creative a real put off. They really did not like people or serving them it was a effort  Don’t be like this!

I write this to point our that we choose our profession but much more we have to love it for it plays and takes up such a huge part of our lives. Trust me when i say if you are just doing hairdressing because it’s a job it will reflect in your attitude and the standard of the work you produce.Ultimately your lack of success. Always be true and honest about wants and expectations!

Time for Action:

Now you have completed your training been through college or an academy done an apprenticeship. Maybe you are in your early years of working in a salon starting to get experience in being part of a team working with the public getting an understanding of the service industry. What does and can the future hold for you?

Most importantly learning about people and understanding giving honest advise. How to listen to them learn the art of consultation. communication. That realisation that you we are the product! How we dress, What we project, our image all the part of the package that says this is me i’m here ready to help and advise! What can i do for you.

Face up to challenges embrace them think of the salon as a stage your a key player maybe the star attraction though i would rather be a key player!!!

You have trained for this new chosen profession worked hard don’t get disillusioned in those early days of understanding the dynamic’s of. How a salon runs and works. Why do so many new young stylist leave become disillusioned or stay with it but with resentment and anger. Because of high expectation in those early years as a junior stylists, when trying to be excepted and get established in a salon.

What next is the world really your Oyster ? Can you really make it big can all your dreams come true happiness wealth success? or what ever else you dream of attaining! what is the key. Is it possible? I think with hard work commitment and realistic vision everything is possible.

Hard work this involves continued updating of skills and technical ability. Staying focused and motivated. Being a team player. maybe working with a mentor or  stylist you look up to.

Raise that hand ask that question seek out the answers you need Offer that hand as support be a team player. Extend that hand it say’s follow me you can trust me!

The one and only answer is you and you alone can either put in the work be honest with your self about your ability your passion. What you are prepared to do to succeed possibly excel above others to have that edge.

So you can either blame others for. Poor training blame your self for not pay attention or be really honest with your self and enter into a program of self discovery and skill improvement.

A journey to improve your hands on skills lean how to understand what true service is. Are you ready to put ego aside invest in your self and your future. Become fully booked successful and enjoy your career get the rewards that hard work commitment attention to detail can afford you.

The biggest change of career for young stylist comes in the first three years after training graduation this is a sad waste of talent skill training time and money.

Be positive and up beat face and embrace challenges don’t let your career go down the toilet!

below model use din a photo shoot whilst working with JON PAUL HOLT  Avantgarde Vancouver Canada.

It does not have to be this way with professional help and guidance you can succeed establish your self as a highly qualified expert in the hairdressing industry.

As a stylist maybe you are struggling, making a living but bored, uninspired feel like each day is just a repeat of the previous one. If this is you then you need help need to have a inspiration goals target a formulation to turn things around and succeed.

If this is you we should talk work together come up with a workable realistic plan to get you on a road to success.

With over 35 years of experience what ever you needs and requirements what ever skills you need to improve on a program to work from and with can be designed, call it personal hands on help a sharing of experience

Are you Interested. I would very much like an opportunity to work with individuals small groups or salon’s. In so many cases stylist fail salon’s fail through fear of asking for help and guidance don’t let this be you. mentoring is sharing of experience and knowledge brain storming of idea’s.

Fear and Ego are not your friend fear is only a fear until faced then it falls away lifted and can move forward face new challenges.

The real keys to your success are you the choices you make .

Service .Consultation .Communication. skill .Knowledge. Education up dates staying current.

Often we forget the the little things those simple things that make a difference. We lose or forget why we entered in to the world of Hairdressing, fashion style. We forget how to talk, to communicate all fundamental but how easy to forget. It’s time for a refresher !

The above link is just that an easy read that could very well change your life change. How you do things. How you look at things the very essence of what drives and motivates you ! now that could be worth a read. a challenge worth taking.

As step by step guide to increased success increased sales that easy! no quite you have to do the work!

Mike B2MR

For links, contact information, help advise a place to comment.


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Hairdressing standards. Who sets them?

Back2myroots : A place to share thoughts and grow idea’s. B2MR

Who set them? We all do each and every one of us! 

Some thoughts on Standards

Hairdressing standards are they so different. Whether you are in the salon or out side the salon. The standards we live bye, what is acceptable to us is a very personal thing and yet these standards have a knock on effect both in your hair career and life in general.

Are these standards that are taught to us? If so is some one else responsible ‘CAN WE LAY BLAME’ some where else. ! No.

Yes whilst we are training standards of qualification are set and level’s have to be reached. A certified level of achievement reached be it from a College. Academy. Apprenticeship.  Having attained the certification this recognised standard then what?  Do you sit back thinking thats’ it i’m qualified or do you carry on training and learning .Thus raising your standard. Or over time do you lapse into taking short cuts, not staying current and so lowering or allowing your standards to drop?

This scenario can happen so easily as you allow your standards to drop so it will reflect in the work you produce. This will lead to loss of client’s, this will lead to resentment at work, Loss of earnings so loss of self esteem. You may then start to not take care of your appearance start coming into work late. Resenting those around who have ‘Higher Standards’. This can happen so easily. Avery dangerous road to go down and not  a journey i would recommend.

We are all responsible for. Who we are. What we do. The standards that are acceptable to us the choices we make. The consequences we then have to live with. We cannot blame other’s for poor choices made

nor can we let or allow negativity to take over this can be so disruptive that and unhealthy’ Ego’. or self will run riot!

Be it the work we produce the way we act and project ourselves aim high to be the best you can!

The same chain of events can happen in the salon if the owner or manager is not fully focused and leading by example.

I say leading and not managing a wise friend quoted ‘A manager has staff, a leader has followers’ [thanks Karen] .

To lead by example is to show the way for other like minded team members to follow. This way you grow together you set and raise the standard together thus supporting each other moving forward in a direction together. Allowing standards to drop getting complacent in the salon, not having education up dates and training for ‘ALL’  staying current keeping up appearances.  Not maintaining a professional team can lead to staff team member dissatisfaction and so business disruption or breakdown.

The key here comes back to Image. Communication.Vision. Goals and yes Standards.

We have so many tools to help and assist us now from the ground up mentor’s tutors at college. In the work place the doors of communication should always be open and swing both ways.

Then we have professional help. This we can seek out on line so easily discussion groups. Industry support groups such as HABIA here in the Uk. If in college you head of dept. It’s ok for any of us to ask for help and advise.

Professionals willing to share there experience and knowledge committed to raising Industry standards.

A few links to check out.

In Australia if your reading this want some help and advise.

Contact Karen at                                        

In the United states Kathy.                         

HABIA uk                                                  

Here in the Uk Mike.                                  

You see so many ways for us all to raise standards both for ourselves and those around us. We all without exception need to be honest with our selves about our standards of what is acceptable to us both in the work lace an din our lives for the two are so connected.

Mike B2MR


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Hairdressing. Skill, talent, creative, motivated,certified.

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                                                         razor cutting

                                  Training Skill Motivation:

Can any of us honestly say we know everything you are on top of your game? fully motivated on a daily bases giving your all? keeping up to date and current?

Or like most of us you have off days or are you having more off days than on? is going to work hard work is being at work real work maybe even to the point of resentment?

If you missing that excitement that creative buzz, passion, drive, motivation, then something is missing what could that be? Time to take a look in the one on one with who you see time!

Well now it’s time to be honest. What ever you work situation environment this might be the Salon.  Maybe your self employed. In the case of the salon sometimes its so easy to get wrapped up in the moment to busy, that product training updates falls to the way side.

Your just starting your training stay focused don’t take short cuts ask questions listen learn practice have high standards,  Aim to be the best you can never stop learning and challenging your self,

If you self employed taking the time to invest in your self also gets put to the side normally because of time and money issues. If this is the case then we convince our selves that we are doing Ok. We are up date it’s so easy for us to make excuses.The only problem with this is at the end of the day we are hurting our selves and our business we are also and most importantly letting our clients down standards of service drop.

With so many new products constantly coming onto the market it’s so important to be informed and knowledgeable both for your own sake and that of your clients.

Keratin hair relaxing products, new Ammonia free colour lines. This would be classed as product knowledge. Then  our skills techniques from colouring to cutting then we have the technical side of the equation the how and why’s sometimes gets neglected finding time just to reconnect with others share idea’s stay informed. Even with the new home use products from foam colours to home straightening kits and relaxers!


Final we have informal seminar’s that are structured to help with salon management, team and staff motivation, Service Consultation and sales.

It is my Opinion that all of the above should be reviewed and although not possible to address all  topic’s at once a plan should be drawn up to keep your business you staff  healthy and strong call it business and personal inventory or attitude adjustment.

Bad habits form slowly over time but fear not, habits can be broken just takes a willingness change a recognition of habit and indeed skill level finally a little work.

It can take as little as three weeks to break habits and start a journey onto a new path of self discovery talent and skill building sharing.

Stay at the top of you professional be a real master of your craft. Offer the highest standard of Service. Become a specialist in your field take control of your future your career your life.

If you need help I would be happy to talk or work with you or your team.

Mike B2MR


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The salon: Style, standards, Image.

Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR regular postings of fresh new topic’s

The hair Salon and stylists. We all know that the hair industry has many different bodies watching over it supervising it. It has a standards of training that dictate reaching certain levels of government training standards  and qualification.NVQ. We have academies we have trained teaching professionals. Here in the Uk we have insightful bodies Such as HABIA working with government on industry and changes to training requirements and standards of qualification. These bodies exist in most countries. they protect have the industries best interests at heart they given the profession a voice and representation.

We have a wealth of young people attracted to our industry. They have high expectation. They are lead to believe that they can be very successful in some cases reach celebrity status. Sadly this is not always realistic, fee’s and standards of training can be questionable at time. Some apprenticeships scheme’s take advantage of these young people Minimum wage is not a living wage in most instances. This can and does lead to loss of interest and commitment and financial hard ship.

Whilst these days all business is finding it hard to make ends meet short changing training staff members expecting long hors for little reward is just wrong . A fair days pay for a fair days work a considerate boss will create something that is invaluable Loyalty!  Just be fair.when it comes training living wage.

Many of our colleges and academy’s work hard for these young people. Many of the trainers are passionate industry professionals the odd ones are far less motivated, Sadly this apathy can happen in all or any walk of life!

The motives and goals driving some of fee charing schools and academy’s artistic training centre’s does not always have the trainees best interests at heart. So as a trainee do some research ask question’s seek advise.see who is posting questions on groups such as this contact them!

My big question and one i hope to explore in the coming weeks is. Why do standards vary so much from salon to salon? Why is the skill level so varied? Why does so much badly done hair wonder the streets!

My goal is to go into some salons discuss and report on this. Share a true and real version of how stylist see their industry. what their expectations are. That is if i can get past the ego and the untrusting way so many salon’s respond to asking questions or trying to get an appointment to talk about our industry.

Two New salon’s have recently opened in canterbury.within a street of each other I would love to ask about their goal vision ect i have written asking for an appointment  explaining who i am, what i do, even my back ground as yet not reply! I have no hidden agenda

When wondering around my local area. I often take time to look into the salon’s I pass. It’s a habit caused from many years in our industry and a natural inquisitiveness. The questions i always ask my self are as follows:

Is it inviting? Does it say hey worth a look? Does it have kerb appeal?  You see it’s all about image and first impression you only get to make that once.

For me the big no no’s are. Staff standing in and around reception, chatting amongst themselves. Standing out side the front door smoking !!! A window so full of products you cannot see in. In many cases if you have a window work station make sure. The person using the chair is projecting everything that says who you are,what you can do.It’s a stage.

Maybe some young trainee’s practicing  or engaged chatting with stylists all god sign’s in my book!

Decor,Street appeal. Image to be totally honest, so many places look a little sad and little neglected. Sadly the staff look the same, Yes they go to work they do their job, But it’s just that a job.

It should be so much more it’s time for some honest reflection it’s time to make some changes are you ready?

These changes can be in Image. Appearance both salon and staff. Attitude. Service. Consultation. Clients get excited by change and improvements. This leadership from owners managers will lead to staff becoming more involved and committed it can and should be a exciting time.

                                                 It’s all about style Image

We work in fashion we create image. Project that when you get ready for work, You don’t go out partying on Friday night looking anything but your best, So why would you not apply the same attention to presentation of ones self when going to work?

It’s all about. Image that first impression.Be it salon or self

So to be followed up on in the coming weeks! Mike B2MR

whats being said out B2MR

quote  “Jacqueline Norman”

Hi Mike . Love your input- great technical point of view . We can get so blinkered sometimes  getting involved with staff and business issues, Thank You

Quote “Shelly”

Thanks….I really appreciated reading this. The three R’s are very important, love what you are saying…
useful tool to help make those changes. A real gem of a read!

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