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Spring is in the air. Thoughts for wedding day hair

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Wedding day hair for the Bride: The biggest day the happiest and hopefully one of the most memorable days of her life. As Stylists we play  a big part of making this day a big success.We have to remember that the look we create will always be part of the record of this special day. Consultation with the bride having a relationship having a clear understanding of vision look that the bride to be has in mind. We have to remember that we are the professional. Should we advise if a look is not the right?  If the style is not suited because of hair type or indeed general look? Yes of course our job is to sympathetically advise and guide the bride to be. This should all come out of the Consultation and indeed practice sessions.

A place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s on matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related.

Working with our clients to find and create that perfect wedding hair Up-do that special look making her feel princess for a day. has many challenges an diet can be such a rewarding journey for al concerned. Stressful, emotional, A journey embarked  working to discover and create that perfect look and style!

I have tried to keep a record of such a journey I took as a stylist in some ways more challenging than most maybe with more pressure than most. In another  way a very special unique position to be in. My parting gift to my daughter an Up do forged from love a look worthy of our journey up to this special moment. Her wedding day

As I write this and reflect on what an important day this truly is. I wonder  how many of us as stylist really take the time to consider what a privilege it’s is to be a part of this an dhows seriously we take it .For it is not just another up do another wedding another way of making some extra cash!

I will share with you practice session not always pretty but it’s how one gets feel for the hair how it will go up looks that w evan create it’s play time. With very long hair one has to have this practice time not just to find a look but also to get the timing right! In the case of my daughter we were dealing with very long and quite fine hair hair.

We also have to consider colour and work back from the wedding date to make suer it looks it’s best on the day. I would suggest in most cases the colour should be done about a week prior top the day!

Below first session as  have indicated sharing all so not saying they are all perfect or ideal it’s part of the process.

 Having played around with the looks above and below we ruled out braids and anything to bitty so we established what we did not want progress. through consolation listening and patients.

The out takes session one we decided to busy and disjointed and no braids! moving on: next we start to play with the idea of pleats and buns again exploring options. We decided both these looks we liked the swirl but not big enough and just a little to much going on again we agreed on this whilst look at digital shots on the comp of each look. takes time but well worth itbelow the last look we dismissed as being a little to much like a french pleat! as classic but not for this look.


As you can see quite a few looks and styles created explored and ultimately rejected!  patients on both sides is a must, the bride can and indeed may become emotional it’s stressful process. But  so very well worth while. All the looks show off colour texture but just missed a little something  until one just pooed out! It is my opinion that some of these up do looks area  very messy .I wanted to share the experience so had to post them to show the journey we took.The out takes and how it evolved it does not just happen. even top stylist practice a look so it looks easy and it works! No we are getting closer to a look and both feeling better!


These last two were the end of day one and i think show quite the journey of how things evolve shapes form ideas come to life below the find; look on the day.Note i did not see or know what the dress would be like i put her hair up prior to seeing her.

These last two shots above:

show off a look but they also show texture and show off the highlights oh and the beauty of the bride to be. Whilst doing this exercise we had i deal i would not see the dress but would find a look that would do it justice. We discovered on the day the the pleat and the texture created  worked the same way as the fabric of the back of the dress Master the art be creative have confidence enjoy creating remember it’s not always about money the rewards can be so much greater!!

Sharing a few other looks with you:

shot from the back lots of texture also showing off the low lights in her hair this adds texture and movement.

finally having some fun with some very long amazing red hair you just have to play explore have fun be creative working with your client enjoy the journey the experience the challenge.

Mike B2MR


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