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Wedding, Updo’s. graduation, Alternative

Up Do and alternative looks

When I first started in the hair industry the thought of putting hair up being asked to do some ones hair for a graduation or wedding totally freaked me out.

The reason for this was fear! fear of screwing up fear of not knowing what

i was doing looking an idiot.

I muddled my way through doing wedding hair but never feeling very confident.

That was the way until I met and worked with a wonderful man and now dear friend.

Mr Jon Paul Holt owner of Avant-Garde artistic Studio Vancouver Canada winner of so many awards and accolades. I was fortunate enough to be a member of his Artistic team and learned so much from him. As he challenged me to work with him on photo shoots. and stage shows.

Jon paul taught me to enjoy playing with hair learn from handling it trying to create a look.

As a medium you can create so many styles and shapes.

My dear friends from Vancouver  fab hair stylists Jon paul Holt,

Ted Mc Kinnon outside Avant-garde Yale town Vancouver Canada.

“Your blog was very informative. We love it! well, from Ted & Tia.”

Weather looking for conventional look for a wedding or graduation one must have an idea of what the client wants but it’s also important to have a vision in your mind practice is key.

It is my intention to add another page on looks for weddings for me this is quite topical as i’m working with my daughter to find a look that works for her. I am keeping a photo log of practices we have and will post at a later date.

This series to the left and above were for a graduation a classic look pre low lighted using a high lift Blonde on a natural level 4 base. The low lights compliment the look by giving it texture and showing off the shape.

Building a shape likes this takes a little practice and patients but it’s well worth it.

[note: Using a high lift Blonde on dark hair will always give a very natural low light as it will only lift max of 4 levels depending on developer used. One should consider the pigment base of the Highlift shade ie ash beige Violet ect!

A Slightly more Avantgarde look using

a few coloured hair  pieces.

Also using a medium to Sculpture a look to Create a hat look.

Slightly edgy but would work well for wedding or Graduation on some one with the confidence to carry it off.

Never force someone to wear a look that they are not comfortable with!

Unless they are modelling for you for a show or photo Shoot then well it’s your call. enjoy have fun challenge your self.

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